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ROZOV Gatilin

( President of Russia Academy of Performing Arts, State Prize winner, academician of Russia Academy of Letters)

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Biography ROZOV Gatilin
photo ROZOV Gatilin
Born August 21, 1913 in Yaroslavl. Father - Pink Sergey Fedorovich, by profession - an accountant, bookkeeper. Member of the First World War. Mother - Pink Catherine Ilinichna, housewife. Brother - Pink Alexander. Wife - Nadezhda Kozlova Varfolomeevna (1919g.rozhd.), An actress named Yermolova. Now retired. Son - Pink Sergey Viktorovich (1953g.rozhd.), The academic director of the Youth Theater. Daughter - Tatiana (1960g.rozhd.), The actress Chekhov Moscow Art Theater. Grandchildren: Anastasia (1982g.rozhd.), Ivan (1996g.rozhd.).

Viktor Rozov was born on Sunday, the feast day - the day phenomenon Tolzhskoy Dame. It was a happy omen, unfulfilled in life. Until three years, Victor very ill, even a local doctor did not believe that the boy would survive, but he survived, survived the devastation of civil war and famine. Then, as an adult, went to the front, was seriously wounded, but again survived. Dreamed and achieved his dream. In the end he wrote the book he says: "I - am a happy man".

In 1918, in Yaroslavl revolt, organized Savinkov. City on fire, burned and the house Pink. The family was forced to move to the city Vetluga. There, Victor went to school and studied for three classes, and then the family moved to Kostroma. Finished school there devyatiletku, he went to work at the textile factory "Spark of October". In 1932 he entered the Kostroma industrial college, where he studied for one year. From 1932 to 1934 he worked at the Theater of Young Spectators, who founded a group of young people under the leadership of director Kostroma theater NA Ovsyannikov. In 1934, Viktor Rozov went to Moscow to enroll in drama school at the Moscow Theater of the Revolution (now - Mayakovsky Theater) and was admitted to the class of brilliant actress MI Babanova. In college he studied for four years, and then they took him to the theater supporting actor. Then the war started

. Since the beginning of the war Viktor Rozov not wondering where it should be: only at the front!

. Tell the military fate of Viktor Sergeevich better than he did it himself in his autobiography "Journey to the different sides, can not - because the sincerity of his memories

... The tragic fall 41 th. Not yet started counter-offensive near Moscow ...

"In the field of Borodino we dug and dug and dug a huge anti-tank ditch ... Once at some halt at the edge, I climbed up on a stump and began to read our platoon was resting on the grass: "Tell me, uncle, for good reason ...". The words "Umremte train near Moscow, as our brothers die ..." - I spoke with the sole terrible intonation, which, perhaps, have read them always - with the intonation, from which I myself contracted throat ".

But life is a continued and sometimes bestowed amazing holidays. Well now forget the touching scene with a wild duck ...

Hunger, as we know, not my aunt, and fed the soldiers do not painful, it is important that there desperately want: as much whining, it happened, from the emptiness in the stomach. That such and such a time when the day was already on the outcome, and in the mouth or crumbs, sat on the shore of a quiet stream, eight people, among them the soldier Rozov.

"Suddenly we see, - said Victor Sergeevich, - no shirt, something in his hand to us to run one more our friend ...

- Look! - Winner exclaimed Boris. Maximizes the tunic, and it ... live wild duck ...

- I see: sitting, leaned over bush. I took off his shirt and hop! There is food! Fry.

Duck was a minor, a young. Turning his head from side to side, she looked at us wondering beady eyes ... She simply could not understand what these strange creatures surround her sweet and looked at her with such admiration ... All admired the beautiful. And a miracle happened, as in a good tale. Someone just said:

- Let go ... "

... That is the only battle in which participated Rozov, lasted from dawn till dark. And no breaks ...

"The shock was perhaps the strongest, what I experienced in my life. No matter how I try I'll recreate it in themselves and feel again experienced, I can not. Just remember, "- admitted Gatilin years later.

The Germans surrounded us, struck with all kinds of weapons ... And we tried to break somewhere on his last legs. "Comrades fell, one after another, one after another ... Youthful, handsome face nurse Nina was with all those black shrapnel, and she died a minute later, having only say: "What's wrong with my face, look". And do not wait for an answer ... "

In the battle near Vyazma Rozov was seriously wounded. Six days drove him from the front to the rear, to the hospital in Vladimir. And the blood still flowed and flowed, and the six days he was not asleep, not close his eyes: this was a terrible pain. Long days and nights in the hospital bed ... How experienced was then ... And not only the pain and fears. What was good, bright, extraordinary!

"In the spring I was on a stretcher carried into the yard and laid on the grass. I saw the whole sky ... I wrote poetry for two, three, five pieces per day ... Here's the excerpts that have survived in memory:

I raspyat on a hospital bed

By the will of the three blind old woman.

And outside on a white bed

Flies winter, losing the down ...

A pity that I lost all the leaves, it would be interesting to reread. Do not like poetry, as well as evidence of recovery ".

July 18, 1942 Victor Rozov discharged from the hospital (this was already in the distant Kazan). "Heat. I'm not only a tunic - in overcoats. Duffel bag over his shoulder, hands on crutches ... "Thus ended for him the front Strada.

In mid-1942 Viktor Rozov came to his father in Kostroma. Later he entered the Moscow Institute of Literature in the correspondence department of the specialty - Drama. At the Institute, came only at the session because he was still weak after injury and not familiarized himself with crutches. Teaching in the Institute received a two-step. In early studies, while in Kostroma, he wrote the play "Forever Living", which put the Kostroma theater, and later in Moscow - Theater "Contemporary". Then, at the request of director M. Kalatozov he wrote on the play script for the film "The Cranes Are Flying", which became so famous, beloved and the world.

After two and a half years at the institute, he went to Alma-Ata at the invitation of Natalia Sats, to help her in the organization of theater for children and youth in Kazakhstan. Back in Moscow, regretted that he left work, but he did not study - was elemental battle for life. It was only later, . when was his first play, . He asked permission to return to the third course, . and graduated only in 1953 as a thesis V. Rozov, presented the play "Pages of Life", . which was already rehearsed in the Central Children's Theater,
. And in parallel with their studies had to work.

In 1943, Pink settled in the theater, which was located in the club "Red Ray" in a building adjacent to MOGES. Later, the theater collapsed, and he was forced to seek another. In one year, flashed three theaters. Then there were the front-line theaters. Remember especially one of them, led by the great figure of Soviet theater Alexei Wild. The war was to end, returned from evacuation theaters of the capital, and this theater liquidated itself. V. Rozov again left without a job. And here's the invitation came from Natalya Sats, because of which had to temporarily suspend their studies.

Upon returning to Moscow Rozov has worked as a director in the theater TSDKZH. In early 1949 he wrote the play "Her friends". Subsequently she was put in almost a hundred theaters in the country. And in his institute after graduation he was for many years worked as a teacher, obtained a title of professor. Victor S. left the institute until 1995, but still it is sometimes invited to give lectures and consult.

Most known and loved all the play VS Pink: "Her friends", "Good luck", "Finding Joy", "On the wedding day," "Traditional Collection, grouse nest", "Kabanchik" and, course, - "Forever Living", which began with the theater "Contemporary". In his scenario withdrawn movies: "The Cranes Are Flying", "Noisy Day," "From evening until noon".

VS Pink - Academician of Russia Academy of Letters. Awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "IV degree, . two Orders of Red Banner of Labor, . Order of Friendship of Peoples, . World War I degree, . Order of the Russian Orthodox Church "for mercy" and many medals of Russia and foreign countries,
. In July 1999, the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Academy of Sciences of Russia in St. Petersburg has assigned one of the minor planet name - Pink.

For almost 50 years VS Pink is a member of the Writers' Union. He also - Chairman of the competitive commission to determine the best actor, director, playwright in theaters in Russia. The commission sponsored by the name IM Smoktunovsky.

In 1958, V. Rozov became a member of the editorial board of the new magazine "Youth". Editorial board then consisted of the famous names: Samuel Marshak, Irakli Andronicus, Nikolai Nosov ...

As for hobbies in his spare time, the primary - it stamp collecting, which began in childhood. And Gatilin loves to plant flowers on his dacha. Most loved - gladioli, which are obtained his extraordinarily beautiful. At one time the site was full of wonderful roses, peonies, jasmine bushes. Now on its territory many lilies of the valley, nezabudok spring snowdrops appear.

Gatilin likes classical music. In his student years he was lucky to get into the conservatory, where the contest was held for Performing Arts conductors, violinists, pianists. He listened Flier, Oistrakh, Rose Tamarkin. Ivan Kozlovsky, Sergei Lemeshev, Ivan Petrov - a favorite singers V. Rozov. But he especially loves ballet. Unsurpassed ballerina says Geltzer E..

Lives and works in Moscow.

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ROZOV Gatilin, photo, biography
ROZOV Gatilin, photo, biography ROZOV Gatilin  President of Russia Academy of Performing Arts, State Prize winner, academician of Russia Academy of Letters, photo, biography
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