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SMELYANSKIY David Yakovlevich

( Director-General Rossiyskogo State Theater Agency)

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Biography SMELYANSKIY David Yakovlevich
photo SMELYANSKIY David Yakovlevich
Born July 12, 1947. in Odessa. Father - Jacob Smelyanskii Timofeevich (1926 g.rozhd.). Mother - Clara Smelyanskaya Davidovna (1929-1985). Wife - Kotikova Tamara G. (rod.07.06.1945 g.). Daughter - Anna Smelyanskaya Davidovna (rod.08.09.1981 g.). Brother - Smelyanskii Timothy Yakovlevich (1959 g.rozhd.).

After school, David Smelyansky went to study in college of industrial automation, but soon threw it away, realizing that this profession is not for him. Entered study in the studio actor at the Odessa film studio and worked as a fitter at the plant. After serving in the army went to Leningrad to enter the newly opened faculty of economics at the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinematography (1969-1972). Finishing fourth course, D. Smelyanskii away at Smolensk work administrator in the Regional Drama Theater (1972-1976). Then he worked as chief administrator, . Deputy Director of the Penza Regional Drama Theater (1976-1978), . Deputy Director of the Leningrad State Regional Philharmonic (1979-1980), . chief administrator and deputy director of the Leningrad State Theater im.Leninskogo YCL,
. Simultaneously, in 1981. Graduated from the State Institute of Theatrical Art im.A.V.Lunacharskogo. In 1982, Mr.. became deputy director and then director of the Drama Theater of Leningrad im.V.F.Komissarzhevskoy. In 1986. DY Smelyanskii moved to Moscow, where he became director of the Moscow State Theater of Miniatures, later renamed the Moscow theater "Satyricon". In this theater, he worked with Arkady Raikin, touring for the first time held in America. In 1990. DY Smelyansky headed Directorate festivals and programs of the Union of theatrical figures of the USSR. In this capacity, he conducted the first theatrical festival im.A.P.Chehova. In 1993, Mr.. was the founder and organizer of Rossiyskogo Theatrical Agency. He is currently Director General Rossiyskogo State Theater Agency (founder - the Ministry of Culture of Russia).

In 1995. initiated the construction of the School of Opera Art of Galina Vishnevskaya, the director of which is currently. David Smelyansky is now one of the most serious Russian theatrical entrepreneurs and theater producers. "Diaghilev our day" called it Mstislav Rostropovich. According to the great musician, he occupies in the Russian theater is a place that served in the American theater producer Joseph Papp - creator of the famous Broadway musicals and the New York Shakespeare Festival ... David first exercised bold theatrical productions on entirely new principles of organized ". Thanks to him in Moscow, after adjustment were created free artistic groups, aimed at producing a specific performance. DY Smelyanskii for them - not the customer and the manager, but an indispensable party to the creative process, inspiration. He - generator bold decisions and unexpected ideas. He - the great provocateur. He, like once Diaghilev, can provoke people to work

. One of the first productions DY Smelyanskogo was a performance of players-XXI "on the grounds Nikolai Gogol (rezh.S.Yursky) with E. Evstigneeva, . A. Kalyagina, . B. Innocent, . C. Jurassic, . N. Tenyakova, . G. Khazanov, . L. Filatov at the Moscow Art Theater im.A.P.Chehova (February 1992),
. Then, together with A. Galin and directed by G. Panfilov at the Moscow theater Lenkom was established performance "... SORRY" with I. Chourikova and N. Karachentsov. Its premiere was held in September 1992. Since then he has become one of the highest-grossing productions: to date it had played more than 250 times. DY Smelyansky organized a tour of the play in Venezuela (April 1995), Israel (June 1995) and in the U.S. (October 1996)

. All the years of professional activity DY Smelyanskii as a producer has completed more than three dozen projects: with the Moscow Art Theater im.A.P.Chehova, . Moscow theater Lenkom, . "Independent troupe Alla Sigalova", . Moscow theater "Okay", . Omsk regional drama theater, . Moscow Taganka, . Gelendzhik Drama Theater Torikos and other organizations,
. Among these premiere performances: "The players-XXI" (MAT im.A.P.Chehova, . February 1992), . "... SORRY" (Moscow theater Lenkom, . September 1992), . King dies "by E. Ionesco (French Cultural Center, . November 1992), . "La Divina" (the memory of Maria Callas, . Moscow theater in Taganka, . with the French Cultural Center and the Independent troupe Alla Sigalova ", . March 1993), . "Behind the Mirror" E. Grameen (with Galina Vishnevskaya and T. Lavrova, . MAT im.A.P.Chehova, . February 1994), . "Conception" (a performance center Daytop Village "(USA) on the new Moscow Art Theater im.A.P.Chehova and the Bolshoi Drama Theater im.G.Tovstonogova), . "Lu" D. George (solo performance with E. Koreneva, . Moscow theater in Taganka, . November 1994), . "Oedipus" by Sophocles (with E. Gerchakova, . Gelendzhik Drama Theater Torikos ", . April 1995), . "The Czech photo" Galin (with A. Kalyagina and N. Karachentsov, . Moscow theater Lenkom, . November 1995) and others,
. DY Smelyanskii organized and conducted a tour of Russian theater performances at the International Theater Festival in Costa Rica: "Othello" ( "Independent troupe Alla Sigalova", . April 1992), . rock-opera "Salome - Jewish Princess" (Moscow theater "Okay", . March 1993), . "Love Don Perlimplina (Gelendzhik Theater Torikos", . March 1994), . Man, . virtue, . gentleman "(Omsk Drama Theater, . March 1996); tour of the Moscow theater Lenkom in Venezuela (1992), . Israel (1995, . 1996.) And the United States 1996, . 1999., . New York - Broadway, . Washington, . Chicago, . Philadelphia, . Boston, etc.), . world tour of the Slovenian National Theater with the performance of "Hamlet" William Shakespeare (rezh.T.Pandur) within the cultural program "Good Will Games 94" (St. Petersburg, . August 1994) and others,

In addition to the foreign tour DY Smelyanskii conducted tours of more than 550 performances of its performances in Russia and CIS. In October 1995, Mr.. with Maestro Rostropovich DY Smelyanskii organized and hosted charity concerts "Not us, . not us, . but unto thy name "(scene of the Great Hall of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory), . collection of which was sent to the Foundation for the re-establishment of Christ the Savior,

In November 1996, Mr.,

In September 1997, Mr.. DY Smelyanskii made by the producer does not have analogues in the world, a grand musical action "Our ancient capital" in the Red Square in Moscow, devoted to 850 anniversary of Moscow (director A. Konchalovsky). The submission was attended by art groups totaling more than 2 000 people, Soloists: Yuri Bashmet, E. Kissin, M. Hammarby, N. Mikhalkov, I. Kobzon, M. Magomaev and chief conductor of the Mariinsky Opera and Ballet by Valery Gergiev. Over 170 million people could watch live television celebratory event for two all-Russia (ORT, RTR), Moscow (MOTC) and the independent (NTV) channels.

In February - March 1999. on the stage of the Samara Opera and Ballet Theater, had its world premiere of Sergei Slonimsky's "Visions of Ivan the Terrible", the producer of which is DY Smelyansky. Work on the project was conducted under the personal patronage of the Governor of Samara Region KA Titov. Music Director and Principal Conductor - Mstislav Rostropovich, . director - Robert Sturua, . The drafting Agency DY Smelyanskogo to provide technical leadership of the reconstruction and modernization of the scene of the Samara Opera and Ballet Theater, . bringing it to international standards,
. In the preparatory period TV channel "Culture" a documentary film, "From the rehearsal - to the rehearsal" of the creative team to create a spectacle, a producer who also became DY Smelyansky. The live broadcast of the premiere of the opera channel "Culture" held March 2, 1999, and about 60 million viewers could see the world premiere of the opera.

One of the recent work of David Smelyanskogo was the organization and conduct in May 1999. "Days of Slavonic Literature and Culture" in Pskov

. DY Smelyanskii - Professor of Russia Academy of Performing Arts - RATI (GITIS), . organizer of Russia's first producer of the course in GITIS (1995), . member of the Union of theatrical figures (from 1973), . President of the Association of theatrical producers in Russia (since 1997), . Member of the Commission on the theatrical creation of the Presidential Council for Culture and the Arts (with,
. 1998)

In his spare time enjoys tennis great. Loves literature (I. Bunin, Vladimir Nabokov, "Silver Age"), jazz and classical music (Mahler, Tchaikovsky, F. Chopin, S. Rachmaninoff), paintings of Kandinsky, N. Benoit, L. Bakst. Of the domestic and foreign artists highlights Raikin, Chaplin, M. Brando, G. Depardieu, Al Pacino. Favorite movies - "Once in America", . "The Godfather", . Gц╤tterdц╓mmerung, . "Blow Up", . "Maria's Lovers", . "Beginning", . Chronicle dive bomber ", . "Go to fight some old", . "White Bird with Black Mark", . pictures, . shot director Paradzhanov and pr,

Lives and works in Moscow. Contact phone: (095) 928-40-38, (095) 923-21-30 Fax: (095) 928-13-88

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SMELYANSKIY David Yakovlevich, photo, biography
SMELYANSKIY David Yakovlevich, photo, biography SMELYANSKIY David Yakovlevich  Director-General Rossiyskogo State Theater Agency, photo, biography
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