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Shtokolov Boris Timofeyevich

( People's Artist of USSR, State Prize laureate)

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Biography Shtokolov Boris Timofeyevich
photo Shtokolov Boris Timofeyevich
Born March 19, 1930 in the city of Kuznetsk, Kemerovo region. Father - Shtokolov Yermakov (1901g.rozhd.), . participated in the Civil War, . In 1938 he was appointed head OSOVIAHIMA and served in the rank of lieutenant, and in September on a false tip-off was declared an enemy of the people and expelled from the party (later, . after much effort, . it was rebuilt) in 1941, he volunteered for the front, . and in 1942 went missing in the battles of Leningrad,
. Mother - Yurasova Elizabeth I. (1904 -...), graduated from the parish school, she studied in high school, took piano lessons. Wife - Shtokolova Nadezhda Petrovna (1929-1990). Sons: Shtokolov Alexander Borisovich (1954g.rozhd.) Shtokolov Timofei Borisovich (1962g.rozhd.).

Boris Shtokolov was the second child in the family, he had four brothers and sisters. After leaving his father at the front had moved in with relatives in Sverdlovsk. At the time, hungry all sold on cards, and, despite the assistance of relatives, family stricken. To help the mother, 11-year-old, Boris had to look for jobs cleaning shoes. At earned 200-300 rubles, he bought a loaf of bread, a piece of butter and gently carried it home wealth.

Even as a child Boris had a good voice, get to him, it seems, inherited from his grandfather on the mother, Ivan G. Yurasova, thoroughbred Tartar. In his youth, his grandfather sang in the choir in the cathedral city of Votkinsk, had a tenor voice of a small but very nice soft tone.

Boris decided to do the singing. At that time he was a high soprano. He successfully passed an audition at the Kyiv Children's Choir, which was evacuated to Sverdlovsk, but because of illness studies had to stop.

Autumn of 1944, Boris because of hunger after a 5-grade left school and went to school yungov Northern Fleet, which was on the Solovetsky Islands. In Arkhangelsk the "wooden" island in Solombala cabin boy underwent a rigorous medical examination, he gave naval uniform: jacket, cap, his jersey.

The road from Arkhangelsk to Solovki was not easy. I had to survive the fierce bombing of enemy planes, long, full of dangers transition in transport "Vyatka", accompanied by the destroyer "Kuibyshev" and the submarine. On the "Vyatka" Boris was appointed commander of a platoon in the company of torpedo electricians. Musicianship Shtokolova handy here. In addition to performing their regular duties, he became Zapevalov company.

There was a victorious spring 1945. After passing the exams, Boris came to the Baltic Sea and was sent to the destroyer "strict". Destroyer, together with other ships and the cruiser "Kirov" participated in the first post-war parade on the Neva River in 1945. Took part in it and Shtokolov.

Not an easy naval service continued. In his spare time, Boris stargaze on the house of my mother, brother and sister. Sometimes during the night watch went up to the wheelhouse to friends radio operators, they took the guitar and singing softly. One warm evening at dusk, when Shtokolov sang with a guitar "Mamma dear, heart broken," his friend when he heard, said: "Listen, Boris, you should seriously learn and act in the Conservatory". It was then to Boris, and it's understanding of what the true meaning of his life - singing.

In Kronstadt Shtokolov learned that for some of the ship's boys came to the parents and with the permission of the Commander of the Baltic Fleet took them home so they can finish school. Behind him is to come there was no one: his father was missing, the mother had four children ... And Shtokolov decided to leave home without permission ...

He managed to get to the Sverdlovsk. There he saw an advertisement for admission to the Air Force Special School N 11, which provides free meals and provided secondary education. After a medical examination, Boris was appointed a cadet. For him it was happiness, because without a matriculation certificate he had no chance of getting into the conservatory, which was at that time his main dream.

In the special school, Boris studied at the vocal circle. During the study he realized that he did not really know how to take notes. The desire to know the secrets of setting rates, respiration, led him to an old teacher at a private. With her he learned his first song "I'm the one who listened to ...". She also taught him the correct posture, behavior, ability to wear a coat.

Autumn 1948 Shtokolov was adopted at the evening department of Ural State Conservatory named after Mussorgsky, on the vocal faculty. Being engaged in the Conservatory, he also passed the exams for 10 th grade.

Graduation Ceremony at the special school was for him the fatal. At the event attended by the commander of troops in those years the Ural Military District, Marshal Georgy Zhukov. He congratulated the graduates on the successful completion of studies. After the concert started amateur. Shtokolov bravely went on stage and sang "Sad willow M. Blanter and" Oh, roads, O. Novikova. Georgy thanked the graduates for the singing and said: "People like you, in the air a lot, but you have to sing". Those words proved prophetic. By distribution Shtokolov got in Serpukhovskoe Air Force Academy, but soon there came the order to the Marshal of the Soviet Union, Mr.. K. Zhukov: "trainee Shtokolova B.T. forward to full-time department Conservatory ". Boris was happy!

Autumn of 1950 Shtokolov entered a stagehand in the theater of opera and ballet: he wanted to be closer to the art of singing, listening to opera singers, professional singers, learn from them singing. At that time he had a baritone, but he really wanted to sing tenor, as he sang his idol Enrico Caruso. He even worked on the system, Caruso, and the results of these studies did not take long to.

Talented student noticed. In 1950-1951 years he became a soloist of the Sverdlovsk Philharmonic, and December 31, 1951 debuted at the scene of the Sverdlovsk Opera and Ballet Theater Lunacharsky in which he happened to work out a soloist until 1959. The summer of 1955 on tour in Kislovodsk Shtokolov first time he sang the aria Mephistopheles. In the same year he sang the role of Gremin, in February 1957 - The Party Susanin in 1958 - the party of Don Basilio and Ramfis in Aida, and in 1959 - Boris Godunov in Rimsky-Korsakov edition.

In 1959 Shtokolov received an invitation from one of the best opera houses in the country - the Opera and Ballet of SM Kirov in Leningrad (now - The Mariinsky Theater), and worked there until 1990.

"The great Russian bass" - it is written about him in many encyclopedias of the world. True theatergoers will remember how, go to the Kirov "on Shtokolova" an introduction to the miracle of vocal. All who heard and saw Shtokolova on the opera stage and in concert, always amazed at not only amazingly beautiful voice, but also admired his undoubted acting skills. The singer has long felt the strings of the Russian soul. His unique voice is equally strongly expressed pain and suffering, the valiant prowess and stoic courage of Russian people. "With this artist I have linked one of the strongest theatrical experience 70 years - recalls the opera director, Honored Artist of Russia Yuri Alexandrov. - When in the finale of the opera "The destiny of man" he, as the soldier Andrei Sokolov took the child in his arms and went into the room, in my eyes dimmed with tears, which, frankly, happens very rarely ... "

. In the Kirov B. Shtokolov played the entire repertoire of the famous theater: a permanent Mephistopheles, sung Party Susanin, Ruslana, Dosifei in Khovanshchina, Prince Galitsky, Boris Godunov (Mussorgsky in the score) and many others
. In all he sang the role in more than 45 operas, classical and contemporary repertoire.

March 19, 2000 Boris Shtokolov celebrated 70-year anniversary. This event was observed at the Mariinsky Theater productions of Sadko Rimsky-Korsakov and by the publication of the next laser disc outstanding singer.

Along with performances on the opera stage Shtokolov many performances and continues to act in concert programs. Here he reveals a subtle, psychologically credible and accurate and illustrator of Russian romance songs and chamber music overseas. Many classic songs in his performance became a true classic, the benchmark. "Foggy Morning", "Chrysanthemum", "Coachman, do not ride horses," "Shine, Shine, My Star" and many other bisiruyutsya concerts B. Shtokolova. The range of his concert activity is immense: Chukotka and the Urals, Leningrad, and South Korea, the leading European opera house and theater to overflowing scored a small rural club room ..

. BT Shtokolov - People's Artist of USSR (1966), . People's Artist of Russia (1962), . Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1958), . State Prize laureate, . Chevalier Orders of Lenin, . October Revolution, . two Orders of Red Banner of Labor, . Order of the Patriotic War II degree, . Honorary Academician of the Slavic and Peter Academies,

All his life, Boris Shtokolov He studied the secrets of the art of singing bel canto, the art of breathing and an open throat. Artist himself came to the many trade secrets, which he shared in his book "Gori, gori, moya zvezda" with the subtitle "How to sing, which was published in 1995. This is a unique textbook masters, addressed to those who seriously want to join the art of singing, and still is a declaration of love to his idol - Enrico Caruso.

Boris Timofeyevich strictly maintains the form, can not tolerate a soft bed. Before rehearsal loves to prolong belt wide belt, as do weightlifters. However weightlifters approaching projectile and the singer - an approach to note. But only the artist knows: the more it is "volatile", the harder it is to take it.

Lives and works in St. Petersburg.

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Shtokolov Boris Timofeyevich, photo, biography
Shtokolov Boris Timofeyevich, photo, biography Shtokolov Boris Timofeyevich  People's Artist of USSR, State Prize laureate, photo, biography
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