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Anninsky Lev

( Critic, writer, publicist)

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Biography Anninsky Lev
photo Anninsky Lev
Born April 7, 1934 in Rostov-na-Donu. Parents: Alexander Anninsky and Anna Alexandrova. His father originally a Cossack from the village of Novo-Anninsky. Mother - from the city Liubech. Parents L. Anninsky was general road: campaign against illiteracy - Education Department. On graduating, the two got to the cornfield Education. Father of the university teachers joined the producers of "Mosfilm". In 1941 he went missing on the front. Mother and stayed for a lifetime teacher of chemistry in college.

As a child Loew went to kindergarten. The parents were at work or mission, and most of the time he spent in kindergarten or in the yard. At the youthful age of attitude, by his own admission, influenced by anyone: Greek myths, historical novels, his father left on the shelf (Stevenson, Ebers, Antonovskaya, etc.), then - Gorky, Tolstoy, Pisarev, Belinsky. Inclined by nature to the logic and systematics in the choice of vital reference, he relied more on instinct and intuition. Sooner acquainted with the writings of philosophers, including Kant and Hegel, and came to the assumption that Marxism - is the iron cage in which safe and through the bars of which "look where you want". Then the cell ceased to exist: he had read Berdyaev, Shestov, Rozanova, Bulgakov, Fedorova, Fedotova.

In the Komsomol age of mischief and curiosity began to look into the church. There is a strange, flood the soul a feeling of happiness, and in any church: the Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant. However, baptism is not succumbed to the epidemic and believers did not.

He graduated from the Philological Faculty of Moscow State University. Choice of profession was not - was the choice of specialty, what was the Russian literature. In Grade 8, with the first essay, Leo decided to take her and only her. And in any professional capacity. If he did not become a literary critic, would have become a teacher Slovesnik. He was ready to do anything: read, work in a museum, a library - just to be in the realm of Russian texts.

Ironically, the first of his own paper was in the genre of cartoons. Images were printed in the university factory newspaper and the newspaper Moskovsky Komsomolets. The first text, the last in print, appeared in the same university factory newsletter autumn 1956. This was a review of the famous publication of the time - a novel by Vladimir Dudintsev "Not by Bread Alone. Then followed by a series of "editorial staff" and exhausting litigation for every word in every publication. Since then, L. Anninsky came about two dozen books and thousands of five (!) Articles. However, the most important of all written, he believes trinadtsatitomnoe "Genealogy", compiled for the daughters and not intended for printing.

After graduation he was assigned to graduate. He pass a competitive examination, but then he was told that the situation has changed and is now in graduate school take only a production. This happened in autumn 1956 - after the events in Hungary, where the "counterrevolution" writers started. Therefore, in the Soviet Union it was decided to "improve the ideology. Instead of writing a thesis, L. Anninsky began to do photo captions in the magazine "Soviet Union", where six months later was fired for "incompetent". Had, in his words, "go to litpodenschiki, and determined that all further creative development of future criticism.

Try it, embrace, and reconcile sopryach. Understand each, to keep internal balance, to give a "human face" that gave fate; resist any poison, deception, delusion, to find the secret freedom - such tasks with L. Anninsky ourselves. His mischief be printed simultaneously in two mutually exclusive journals of the time: in "October" and "New World". It succeeded only once, but scolded him, and there, and there. Gradually, he realized, and even got used to the fact that all solvable, pain insatiable, abacus reducible.

L. Anninsky admitted that he always felt natural in the center of public life, is absolutely fitting into and the state, and behavior in the "social context", but never tried on to any "movement" and "parties". Not excluding the sole, through which the earlier "open all the way". In my childhood was a happy pioneer. Since the YCL were associated best impression of youth: student kolkhoz brigade agitpoezdki, stenpechat, sports. But the party did not want to join. Not entered. Then, in 1990, when all entered ran helter-skelter out of the party, he himself said, "thank you", that run did not have to.

Peru Leo Annenskogo belong to the book: "The core of nut. Critical Essays "(1965)," engagement with the idea. ( "How the Steel Was Tempered" Nikolai Ostrovsky) "(1971), . Vasil Shukshin "(1976), . "Thirty-seventies, the literary-critical articles" (1977), . "Hunting the Lion (Leo Tolstoy and cinema)" (1980, . 1998), . "Lesko Necklace" (1982, . 1986), . "Contact" (1982), . "Michael Lukonin" (1982), . "The sun in the branches (Outlines of Lithuanian photos)" (1984), . Nikolai Gubenko "(1986), . Three heretic,
. Tale of Pisemsky, Melnikov-Crypt, Leskov "(1988)," Culture's tapesty "(" Tapestry of Culture ") (1991)," Elbows and wings. Literature 80: Expectations, reality, paradoxes "(1989)," Ticket to Paradise. Reflections of a theater entrances "(1989)," a curtain of reflected. Literary-critical articles on Georgia "(1990)," the sixties and we. Cinema, which became not become history "(1991)," Silver and niello. Russian, Soviet, Slavonic, the world in the poetry of the Silver Age "(1997)," Barda "(1999) and others, as well as a series of articles in periodicals, radio programs.

Literary process in Russia - the essence of life L. Anninsky, his biography. In turn, this process is inextricably linked with the tragic history of our country. Lev - a connoisseur of literature, recognized critic, examines the process in all its diversity unity. He believes that the great Russian literature emerged as a correlate of Russia Empire. "First, literature brings a fortress powers of mind, . "home" base (Derzhavin), . Then comes the moment balance of personal and imperial started (Pushkin, . Tolstoy), . then the person begins to loosen the state fortress and predicts her death (Dostoevsky, . Block),
. Soviet literature - a reaction to this story: first person violently erased, dissolves in the state, merged with him, there is something called literature in the grand style. Moment equilibrium again becomes a violent revolt against the oppression of the individual state, and there is literature tragic sound (from Mayakovsky to M. from Sholokhov to Platonov and Grossman). The future of humanity will be remembered by turns heroic and tragic sides of the story depending on the fact that humanity is sick ".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Anninsky Lev, photo, biography
Anninsky Lev, photo, biography Anninsky Lev  Critic, writer, publicist, photo, biography
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