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( prose writer, essayist, playwright, director general of the Fund independent award `Triumph '.)

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Biography BOGUSLAVSKY Zoe B.
Born in Moscow. Father - Boguslavsky, Boris L.. Mother - Emma Boguslavskaya Iosifovna. Married Voznesensky, Andrei Andreyevich - poet, academician of Russian, European and American academies, the winner of State Award. Son - Leonid Boguslavsky, working in the field of computer technology.

Zoya Boguslavska - novelist, essayist, playwright, author of important cultural projects in Russia and abroad.

The choice of profession has identified children's fascination with theater and literature. Still in school to write lyrics for drama circle, literary evenings. Graduated from the Faculty of teatrovedchesky GITIS Lunacharsky, and then graduate of the Institute of History of Art Academy of Sciences. After defending his thesis worked as an editor in publishing house "Soviet writer", lectured at the Moscow Higher School of Theater, was in charge of the department of literature in the Committee on Lenin and State Prizes

. Having started his career as a theater and film critic, . subsequently Z. Boguslavskaya widely known as the writer of a new wave after her stories "Seven hundred new" and "Protection", . issued simultaneously in Russia and France, . and later - as one of the key figures of modern cultural process time of reform,

Debut in literature has become the story "Tomorrow," published in "Standard", immediately translated into a number of countries. After the stories, "Seven hundred new", . "Change", . "Obsession" and other, . trilogy "Intermediaries", . which includes the novels "Protection", . "Transit", . "Race", . Progressive criticism tagging it to the writers, . close to the school Trifonovskaya prose, . opening new aspects of modern life, . - Conservative critics accused Z. Boguslavsky in apolitical, . enthusiasm for the psychological depths of man,
. In the late 70-ies in the journal "Theater" was published play "Contact" (Theater Evg.Vahtangova) and "Promise" (during a rehearsal in Moscow Art Theater production was prohibited)

. One well-known series of essays Z. Boguslawska "unfabled stories" about his meetings with a variety of prominent figures of Russia, . European and American culture by Marc Chagall, . Arkady Raikin, . Julio Cortazar, . Vera Panova, . Leonid Leonov, . Michael Roshchin, . Arthur Miller, . Yuri Lyubimov, . Vysotsky, . Mikhail Baryshnikov, . Nathalie Sarraute, . Liza Minnelli, . Brigitte Bardot and others,

. In recent years, published the novel "Close", . "Windows on the south, . Critics, . perhaps the first truly works of art on the new Russian; essay "Time Lyubimov and Vysotsky", . "Lisa and Baryshnikov, . Misha and Minnelli ", . were widely reported criticism,
. Apart in the creative writer is artistic and journalistic book "American" and a reissue "American Plus", which became a bestseller and award several prizes for the best publication year. As the plot program "Bravo" in the United States was lifted a series of TV films.

In 1998, the published 2-volume Zoe Boguslawska "Through the Looking Glass", which includes its main product. Book released by "Culture" and includes 52 photographs from the personal archive, and cover with a portrait of the famous artist brush Rustam Khamdamov, design A. Konopleva. Creativity ZB Boguslawska invariably aroused keen interest, her books were deployed around the debate, many of them at one time banned by the censor. Major works repeatedly republished, translated into French, Italian, English, Japanese and many other languages, for example, in France, were transferred to four stories. We are now preparing to publish a book ZB Boguslawska "one-way ticket" (series "My XX Century", publishing "Vagrius")

. The project ZB Boguslawska was established Russia's first Independent Award "Triumph" in all kinds of art, . a jury that included eminent cultural Yuri Bashmet, . Vasiliev, . E. Klimov, . A. Bitov, . V. Abdrashitov, . E. Maximova, . Voznesensky, . O. Tabakov, . Vladimir Spivakov and the other, . and the eponymous Foundation, . Director General of which she became,
. The founder and sponsor was the JSC LogoVAZ, the chairman of the board of trustees of the Fund became a major patron of Russia Boris A. Berezovsky. ZB Boguslavskaya is the author of many other cultural events, . primarily associated with the "triumfovtsami" - the annual arts festivals "Christmas Carousel" in Moscow, . Togliatti, . Paris, . as well as the initiator of other artistic events: readings, . theater and film premieres, . concerts,

In the 60-ies ZB Boguslavskaya became the founder of the Association of Women writers in Russia, then the International Association of Women writers in Paris. She is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Russian PEN Center, a member of the editorial boards of several journals. Repeatedly performed in universities and in the forums in the United States, France, Great Britain, participated in book fairs (France, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, etc.). She worked as a visiting writer at Columbia University in New York

. In 2000, the project ZB Boguslawska, . this time bookish, . together with the publishing house Eksmo "begins publication of" Golden Collection "Triumph", . which represent the authors' books winners and members of the jury award "Triumph": O. Tabakov, . M. Zhvanetsky, . A. Bitov, . Demidova, . Voznesensky, . B. Grebenshchikov, . Nina Ananiashvili, . Yu Davydov, . Z. Boguslavskaya etc.,

Vivid interest in people, love of art, selfless commitment to become a stimulus Z. Boguslawska many outstanding talents in Russia and abroad. She - a recognized authority and expert in the field of cinema, theater and literature, always watching the artistic achievements of many contemporaries, is able to recognize in the modern process of all new, bright. Loves music.

Zoya Boguslavskaya enjoys swimming, participated in competitions in the junior teams for cross country skating and volleyball.

He speaks conversational English, German and French at the level of communication.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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BOGUSLAVSKY Zoe B., photo, biography
BOGUSLAVSKY Zoe B., photo, biography BOGUSLAVSKY Zoe B.  prose writer, essayist, playwright, director general of the Fund independent award `Triumph '., photo, biography
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