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( USSR State Prize Laureate, writer)

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Biography DOBRONRAVOV Nikolai
photo DOBRONRAVOV Nikolai
Born November 22, 1928 in Leningrad. At the beginning of the war was evacuated to Gorky. From 1942 he lived and studied at Moscow, in Malakhovka, where he graduated in 1942. secondary school with gold medal.

Nicholas Dobronravov has two higher education, he graduated from high school studio Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Art Theater in the USSR, Gorky and Moscow City Teachers Institute. In the 50's and early 60-ies worked as an actor at the Moscow Theater for Young Spectators. He has played many leading roles in performances of classical and contemporary repertoire. During these years, Nikolai Dobronravov began professionally engaged in literary work. Together with his co-artist of the Moscow Youth Theater Sergei Grebennikov he wrote Christmas stories, which are the palaces of culture and clubs of Moscow, in St. George Hall of the Moscow Kremlin. In collaboration with S. Grebennikov wrote stage adaptations and original plays for children and music broadcast the All-Union Radio, . as well as pieces for puppet theaters KOLOSOK - magical mustache ", . "The secret of his elder brother", . which were put in a puppet show in Moscow, . Leningrad, . other cities in Russia, . abroad,

In 1960, Mr.. Nikolai Dobronravov and Sergei Grebennikov write the play "Lights Lighthouse," which premiered at the Moscow Youth Theater and for several years with success came on the stage of this theater. (The play "Lights Lighthouse" was published in 1962. published by "Young Guard"). Then, in the early 60's, the libretto Dobronravova N. and S. Grebennikov in the Kuibyshev Opera and Ballet Theater has staged the opera "Ivan Shadrin" (music composer Basil Dehtereva).

During these years, together with S. Grebennikov wrote a story for children and youth "Desperado, cast off!", "Soon holidays," Third is not superfluous "(published in" Young Guard ")," Island of the Hawk's horn "(published in" Mlada summer, Czechoslovakia). In the mid 60-ies N. Dobronravov ends his acting career and completely transferred to a literary work. In June 1970. he was admitted to the Union of Soviet Writers. From 1970 to 1990. in metropolitan publishing houses published several collections of poetry Nicholas Dobronravova Constellation of Gagarin "," Poems and Songs "," boreal fires, "" constant anxiety "," Poems ". Poems N. Dobronravov - a lyrical meditation on the past war, . he remembers from his childhood, . a poetic novel about the theater and the people of art, . about meetings with friends on different meridians of the planet and poetry categories of eternal life - of good and evil, . love and hate,

Of particular popularity of songs written in verse Nicholas Dobronravova. Among the sponsors of the poet - composers L. Afanasyev, A. Babajanyan, Polad Bul-Bul oglu, S. Katz, E. Kolmanovskii, K. Sheets, E. Martynov, A. Ostrovsky. With composer Michael Tariverdiev wrote the song "Do not be sad," "The Little Prince", "Garden Ring". The most famous, most popular songs written by N. Dobronravov with composer Aleksandra Pahmutova.

In the poem "The record in my memory" by N. Dobronravova has only these lines: "... And no life without fate, / And without destiny - no song. In the lyric poetry of the poet - the fate of the country, the fate of the people. And above all - the memory of the Great Patriotic War: "Belarus", "Children of War", "Who will answer". N. Dobronravov many travels around the country. Appear cycle of songs dedicated to his contemporaries, the builders of Siberia: "LEP-500", "Letter to the Ust-Ilim", "The girls are dancing on the deck", "Home, boys, your hearts!", "Marchuk, playing guitar," " Farewell to the Brethren ". On trips to Siberia, the heroes of these songs was written with S. Grebennikov book of essays and short stories in Siberia for the songs "(published in" Young Guards ", 1964). The fate of Generation poet N. Dobronravov - is the fate of the space age began on the planet. On pilots and astronauts written songs: "Hugging the sky", "We are learning to fly airplanes," sang the stellar road, "You know what it was a guy", "Smolensk Road", "As we Yura flight escorted," Constellation Gagarin ". N. Dobronravov visited several Olympics. On Sports, . of the athletes wrote the song "Stars of Mexico", . "Do you think the heart forgets", . "The team of our youth", . "I dreamed of since childhood height", . "Powerful is our strength", . "Truth does not play hockey", . "Heroes of Sport", . "Marathon", . "Relay", . "Good-bye, . Moscow! "(A farewell song of the Olympics-80),

Hero lyrics N. Dobronravov - the working man, a man of duty - "MMK", "Geology," "Tired submarine," "Courage is building a city," "Violent stroyotryad".

The children, the youth wrote the song "Eaglets learn to fly", "Starfall", "Love, Komsomol and Spring", "signalmen-horn", "company officer song," Once again, the battle continues ". Among the works of N. Dobronravova many lyrical songs: "Melody", "Tenderness," "We can not live without each other," "Love Me," "How young we were," "Hope", "A good story," "I can not help it, "" Faith "," Bird of Happiness ". In the 90 years to write songs, among which the best known were "Russian Waltz", "The Cherry Orchard," "I remain, with deceived people," "Star River", "Song of the ladies and gentlemen," "Find", "Mother and son. Songs on poems N. Dobronravova performed S. Lemeshev, . G. Ots, . L. Zykina, . Yu Gulyaev, . M. Magomayev, . Kobzon, . M. Kristalinskaja, . L. Leshchenko, . N. Mordjukova, . E. eha, . T. Gverdtsitely, . A. Gradskij, . E. Gil, . Yu Bogatikov, . V. Tolkunova, . L. Senchina, . Julian, . "Pesniary", . "Flame", . "Gems", . Hope, . "Verasy", . "Good fellows", . Syabry, . Stas Namin Group and many others,

N. Dobronravov - USSR State Prize Laureate (1982).

Lives and works in Moscow.

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    DOBRONRAVOV Nikolai, photo, biography
    DOBRONRAVOV Nikolai, photo, biography DOBRONRAVOV Nikolai  USSR State Prize Laureate, writer, photo, biography
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