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Posokhin Mikhail Mikhailovich

( Member of the Russia Academy of Arts, State Prize Winner of Russia, Honored Architect of Russia)

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Biography Posokhin Mikhail Mikhailovich
photo Posokhin Mikhail Mikhailovich
Born in 1948 in Moscow

. Father - Posokhin Mikhail Vasilyevich (1910-1989), . was not only an outstanding master architect and urban planner, . theoretician of architecture, . but bright and strong personality, . prominent statesman, . leader and educator of several generations of Soviet Architects,
. He was born in Tomsk and the first steps of the artist and architect, did in Siberia, but his whole creative life since 1935 is linked with Moscow - Moscow, given. Mastery of the architect himself was Shchusev and IV ZHOLTOVSKOGO. Diploma in architecture was an external student in 1938. About 30 years developing almost all the major projects with a close friend Ashot Ashotovich Mndoyants.

In the mid 1940's MV Posokhin begins to lead a group of active creative architects soon grown into a large architectural studio. Under his leadership, projects have been established and built dozens of large residential and public buildings that have hitherto largely determine the appearance of the capital of Russia. Among them, high-rise building on Uprising Square (now - Kudrinskaya), . Ministry of Defense building on Arbat Square, . Kremlin Palace of Congresses (State Kremlin Palace), . unique town-planning ensemble of administrative, . residential, . entertainment and commercial buildings on Novy Arbat, . which is on the embankment of the Moskva River ends of the plastic building for Mutual Economic Assistance (now the mayor of Moscow), . sports complex "Olympic" near Prospect Mira with one of the world's largest indoor stadium, . complexes of higher education and research institutions, . Military Academy of the General Staff, . World Trade Center, . Exhibition Complex at Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, etc.,
. Outside of Moscow, he created a large resort complex in Pitsunda (Georgia), . helped to preserve ancient Suzdal and turning it into a tourist destination, . built embassy in Brazil and Washington, . pavilions at the World Exhibitions in 1967 in Montreal and in 1970 in Osaka and many other objects,
. All of them are marked not only the compositional skill, perfection, high artistic taste, but also the use of bold designs, the most advanced engineering and process equipment. Connecting cultural tradition and modernity that makes them more expressive and genuine monumentality.

Under his leadership have been developed Master Plan of Moscow (1972), paved highway Novy Arbat, renovated and improved Russia's first pedestrian street Arbat, build large housing estates.

Importance was the state and public activities of Mikhail Vasilyevich. In early 1950 he was appointed Deputy Chief Planning Authority in Moscow, and from 1962 to 1980 was chief architect of Moscow. In 1963-1967 years he created and headed the State Committee for Civil Engineering and Architecture at the USSR State Construction, reorganized the system of project organizations, the most active architectural combined forces of the country. His work has played a huge role in enhancing the social prestige of the architectural profession after its humiliation in the 50 years. He subtly understand people, their abilities and character, boldly promoting young staff leaders.

In his later years he was hosted by Department of Architecture at the Art Academy of the USSR, which he led as the academician-secretary - a member of the Presidium of the Academy, contributed to the architecture as an art form.

Mother - Galina Popova Arkadievna (1925g.rozhd.). As Mikhail, she started her career with a modest auxiliary work in the theater, but loving art, she graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School and later played in the Moscow Art Theater leading dramatic role, particularly in the plays of Russian classics. More than forty years of marriage she was a mainstay and support for her husband - the architect of world renown, has a son, also a future architect, - Mikhail Mikhailovich Posokhin.

In 1972, MM Posokhin graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute. His professional career started in the workshop of academician JB Belopolsky in the Office "Mosproekt-1". In 1974-1975 combined his postgraduate studies at Moscow Architectural Institute of internship at the University of Montreal (Canada). Since 1976 - Ph.D. in Architecture.

From 1982 to now heads the architectural and planning workshop of the Office "Mosproekt-2"

. Since 1993 - Head of the Office of the design of public buildings and structures "Mosproekt-2" - the largest in Moscow, Russia and the integrated project organization, . working in the field of urban, . Architecture, . Urban Design, . fortifications, . and restoration of historic monuments and places,
. At the same time he was first deputy Moscomarchitecture.

MM Posokhin executed over 100 projects, completed construction, under construction or awaiting implementation. Under his leadership, the design of buildings have been set up research institutes, . constructed in Moscow, . in Cheryomushki, . in the early 80-ies, . - VNIIPAS and MNIIP, . office building on the street Varvarka, . representation of the firm "Robotron", . Foreign Missions in the exchange rate Lane, . modern residential neighborhoods in the city of Ulan Bator (Mongolia) from public buildings, . structures of public service, . gyms and clubs,

In the 90 years MM Posokhin led the development of a series of complex large-scale projects, which form today the central part of Moscow. With all of urban-targeted, functional and figurative differences they share a modern and relevant for today's Moscow widespread use of underground space. For commercial and recreational complex at the Manege Square and Arbat Avenue underground Urbanization is decisive, and in other sites - a necessary and important factor.

A common feature of almost all the major works MM Posokhin is multifunctional. In conjunction with the reconstruction of Moscow Mayor's Office promptly reconstructed for the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russia and restored monument to the Soviet architecture 30-ies - "Station House"

. Realizing that the placement of high public office can not be accidental, MM Posokhin offered to host the Parliamentary Center of Russia in the immediate vicinity of the Kremlin - the former educational building - a monument of architecture of XVIII century
. Significantly, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior will be with the Kremlin and the educational home of holistic foreseeable future, and an impressive ensemble, which can become a symbol of historical continuity of statehood in Russia. This proposal was approved by the Architectural Board of Moscow and supported by the President and the Government of Russia.

Undoubtedly, the most important of the ideological and semantic value of construction and urban development in Moscow 90 years - a reconstruction of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow. Mikhail Posokhin was appointed chief architect of the restoration of the church and the project manager. For the development of project documentation in the "Mosproekt-2", he created and led a special workshop, established scientific and creative relationships with the Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences and the Russia Academy of Arts. Moscow Mayor's attracted to this unique problem of the best construction companies, leading industrial enterprises. Under the leadership of M. Posokhin concept has been developed, . envisages recreating a temple on the historical marks, . the historical dimensions and historical material, taking into account the traditions and canons of the Russian Orthodox Church, . but with the introduction here of significant innovations,
. All work on the artistic decoration of the temple was done on a competitive basis. MM Posokhin personally involved in the work of sculptors and painters, in the manufacture and installation of gates, crosses, bells, altar

. Under his leadership the church is equipped with advanced life-support systems, . addressed the complex scientific and technical tasks Footing, . bearing walls and equipment of the complex modern technology, . a way, . that was not distorted by the historical appearance of the temple,

Instead of 40 years who had previously gone to the construction of the temple, with its restoration in the performance of architectural and construction of spent only 4 years. This was only possible thanks to precise organization of the work process in general

. Simultaneously in the center of Moscow on the draft MM Posokhin and his team erected a sculptural monument-fountain "Princess Turandot" at the theater named Evg.Vahtangova and a monumental statue F. Dostoyevsky before Russia State Library
. By the centennial of the Moscow Art Theater in Kamergersky Lane created landscaped pedestrian area with the installation of the monument to Chekhov

. As a result of reconstruction works of the Manege Square, . directed by M. Posokhin, . Moscow has received an important multi-purpose facility, . technologically highly equipped, . which became the new focus of attraction of Muscovites and visitors, . gave new life to Alexander Garden and the Theater Square,

On the north side of the Theater Square project MM Posokhin under reconstruction and integrated development of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater - a new cultural and entertainment area of the historical center of Moscow

. Even more ambitious goal should be the reconstruction of the New Arbat and his transformation into Arbatskii Boulevard, . presupposes the creation of the earth's surface of the pedestrian area with new commercial buildings and malls and the organization of the underground transport structure with tunnels for road and underground parking,

. The concept of improvement of the Moskva River embankment, . turning them into pedestrian-leisure space develops one of the last works MM Posokhin - draft device bunk car park in line with the rainwater channel below the water level of Little Stone Bridge to the hands of the island (1998),

By decision of the leadership of Russia M. Posokhin head writing team for the reconstruction of the building N 1 of the Moscow Kremlin (Kremlin Senate) for the residence of the President of Russia. For the development and introduction of new technologies and technical solutions for the reconstruction of the building he was awarded the State Prize winner.

MM Posokhin fulfilled the task of the President of Russia on the reconstruction and restoration of the Grand Kremlin Palace at the head-author and chief architect of the complex. In the short time he was returned to the historical appearance, recreated Andrew and Alexander Halls

. MM Posokhin headed by author teams for complex reconstruction of the old courtyard Gostiny, . construction of buildings at Paveletskaya square, . hotel and business center on Kudrinsky Square and many residential, . Offices, . administrative buildings for various purposes, . hotels, . Museums,
. He won the competition for the project of the fountain in the center of the square in Kudrinskaya Square, which, together with the hotel and business center complete the composition of one of the main squares of the Garden Ring

. Along with urban development goals MM Posokhin and developing projects in his studio apartment houses of varying number of storeys, . targeting different needs: relatively modest cottages, . "urban villas", . designed by request of the International Academy of Architecture for a planned neighborhood in Krylatskoe, . multi-dwelling housing,

MM Posokhin - by interesting, richly illustrated book "Architecture of the Olympic capitals" (1980), under his guidance has been prepared and published a book about the works "Mosproekt-2", 1985-1995 The Architecture of Moscow ".

MM Posokhin - Honored Architect of Russia, laureate of State Prize of Russia, full member of the Russia Academy of Arts, Academy of Architectural Heritage and the International Academy of Architecture. He was awarded the Medal of Honor, Sergei Radonezhsky III level, the Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow II degree. Bulgarian National Labor Order of the gold level, gold medal of Russia Academy of Arts, the medal "In memory of the 850 anniversary of Moscow" has the badges "Honorary builder of Moscow" and "Honorary builder of Russia".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Posokhin Mikhail Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Posokhin Mikhail Mikhailovich, photo, biography Posokhin Mikhail Mikhailovich  Member of the Russia Academy of Arts, State Prize Winner of Russia, Honored Architect of Russia, photo, biography
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