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( Russia Academician of Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, Member of the Russia Academy of Arts, State Prize Laureate, People's Architect)

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Biography ROZANOV Evgeni
photo ROZANOV Evgeni
Born November 8, 1925 in Moscow. Father - Gregory A. Rozanov. Mother - Rozanova Anastasia. Wife - Ilyenkov Aida V. (1926g.rozhd.). Son - Rozanov Nikita Evgenievich (1952g.rozhd.).

In 1945, Eugene Rozanov entered the Moscow Institute of Architecture. In understanding the architecture and the role of the architect's greatest influence on him have his teacher Vladimir Fedorovich Krinsky, . one of the founders VKhUTEMAS, . as well as followers of the wonderful ZHOLTOVSKOGO I., . Architectural youth idols of the time Gregory A. Zakharov and Zinaida S. Chernyshev,

In 1951, Eugene Rozanov graduated and was invited to work in the architectural studio GA Zakharov. In the same year he won first prize at the All-Union competition for the monument to the greatest architects of the country Shchusev at Novodevichy Cemetery in Moscow. The monument was erected in 1956.

From 1956 to 1964 E. Rozanov worked as a chief architect of the project in a number of design organizations of Moscow, and from 1964 to 1985 - the chief architect of the project, the head of the architectural studio, the director of Central Scientific Research Institute named BS Mezentseva.

Rozanov - master of major form. This is evident in his monumental compositions for the central urban area. It's not the physical size of the object. "He was always convinced that it (architecture) - the art, which creates large-scale artistic imagery, atmosphere, circle of life, prop man, his significance, his personality. I have always aspired to reach the result in this direction ".

Are diverse research in the creative evolution of the architect: projects and executed buildings, urban complexes, monuments and the author sculpture, a magnificent painting, graphics - all accumulated Rozanov and perechtesh.

For almost half a century of creative activities under copyright project EG Rozanov built about 40 major public buildings and complexes. Among them: universal gym Dynamo in 5000 places in the street Lavochkin (1980), . three 30-storey buildings in the complex scientific and research base of association "Science" on Vernadsky Prospekt in Moscow, government administrative buildings on the main square of Tashkent, . including a branch of the Central Lenin Museum (1970), . Palace of Friendship of Peoples in 4000 places (1981), . Hotel on 1300 people (1983); Dramatic Theater with 800 seats in Orel (1976), . Musical Comedy Theater with 1000 seats Khabarovsk (1977), . Dramatic Theater with 1000 seats in Kursk (1983); concert halls with 1000 seats in Kostroma (1966) and 2000 seats in Rostov-on-Don (1969), administrative buildings and complexes for Voronezh (1960), . Tula (1970) and Vladivostok (1972); sanatorium in Yessentuki (1967), . sanatorium complex "Southern" in the Crimea (1980), . dormitory building of the sanatorium "Pushkin" (1976), . boarding house near Vladivostok (1974); monument Moscow air defense force in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945пЁпЁ,
. (1993, . sculptor L. Kerbel), . monument "300 anniversary of the navy in Russia" (1993, . sculptor L. Kerbel), . monument to Alexander Pushkin and N. Goncharova in Moscow (sculptor A. Burzinov), . monument "The peoples of Africa, . fighting for liberation "in the Angolan capital city of Luanda, and many other projects,

. Since 1997, EG Rozanov - an active participant in rebuilding the Temple of Christ the Savior in Moscow, . Chairman of the Board of Russia Academy of Arts to the artwork on the objects of scenic painting interior decoration and sculptural composition of bronze on the facades of the temple,

A special page in the master's career - his work on the administrative, high-level government positions. Since 1985, EG Rozanov led the architectural process of the country as a whole, first as deputy chairman since 1988 - as the chairman of the State Committee for Civil Engineering and Architecture at the USSR State Construction. During these years, managed to raise the prestige of the profession of architect, . "break" decision on the further development of architecture and urban planning, . escape from the deadening embrace of the old State Construction and find their own governing body - the State Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning, . which he headed until 1993,

In recent years, EG Rozanov directs them to set up branch of the International Academy of Architecture in Moscow, is actively seeking the best forms of activity, interaction with the international professional community. Under his leadership, completed large-scale work for the cities of Russia, associated with the arts, the advisory participation in the development of a new stage of building of Moscow State University in Moscow. Work has begun on the international scientific and environmental program "Wallis", aimed at conservation and sustainable use of grasslands Oka. International response was the idea of initiating a professional charter "Horizons of Architecture XXI century". Initiated an international exhibition in the quarter-Krylatskom the west of Moscow

. Architect EG Rozanov - by redevelopment projects Borovitskaya Square in Moscow (competition 1997, first prize) and the building of the Banking business center on the banks of the Moscow Ovchinnikovskaya approved for construction in 2000.

. EG Rozanov - Academician-secretary of the department of architecture, . presidium member and vice president of Russia Academy of Arts, . Member of Russia Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, . president of the International Academy of Architecture in Moscow, . foreign member of the Paris Academy of Architecture,
. It - The People's Architect of the USSR (1981), winner of two State Prizes of the USSR, the winner of two prizes of Uzbekistan. He was awarded seven medals, including "For merits before Fatherland" IV degree (1997). Gratitude has the President of Russia (2000).

He appears in print infrequently, but always assertive and bright. In collaboration with VI Revyakin they published the book "Architecture Museum of Lenin" (1986). Artworks EG Rozanov (architecture, graphics, sculpture) have been shown in individual exhibitions at the Museum of Architecture (1980) and Russia Academy of Arts (1995), as well as in Kiev (1996) and Lima (Peru, 1984).

. In his spare time, prefers classical music, especially the highlights of Mozart, Beethoven, Shostakovich
. Is admirer Richter, Menuhin, Karoyan, Mravinsky.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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ROZANOV Evgeni, photo, biography
ROZANOV Evgeni, photo, biography ROZANOV Evgeni  Russia Academician of Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, Member of the Russia Academy of Arts, State Prize Laureate, People's Architect, photo, biography
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