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SAVIN Anatoly

( Professor, Member of the Academy of Art.)

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Biography SAVIN Anatoly
photo SAVIN Anatoly
Born April 13, 1932 in Moscow. Father - Alexander Nikanorovich Savin (1892. born.). Mother - Ekaterina Savina (1900. born.). Children: Irina (genus. 1959), Alexander (genus. 1969).

Graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute (1956).

He worked at the Institute of the master plan, Mr.. Moscow (1957 - 1972 g.). In 1972 he founded and until 1993 was chief of the Office of State Protection of Monuments of History and Culture, Mr.. Moscow. The Office was established as a specially authorized body of state protection of immovable cultural monuments. Initially, the organization consisted of one sub-division, which in 1972 employed 12 people. In the future, in accordance with the main directions of the architectural heritage of the number of control has reached 240 people working in 19 departments. During his work in the Office of the organizational and scientific and methodological guidance for the restoration of 450-ty of architectural monuments of Moscow, . took a direct personal involvement in the restoration of these ensembles and monuments, . as 'Kolomna', . 'Kuskovo', . Ryabushinsky mansion, . Chambers XVII century,
. Granatny Court and Tversky monastery, the hotel 'Metropol'. Implemented projects 'Friendship Park', 'Park, Novo-nunnery', Landscape Management at the Moscow ring road. Carried out scientific and methodical direction of the restoration of about 350 monuments in Moscow, including the 'New-Girls' and 'Holy Danilov' monasteries, the hotel 'National' House 'Tver monastery' and other. He is the author of 'Integrated Program for the protection, restoration and use of historical and cultural r. Moscow in 1990 - 2000 he. 'Architectural Heritage of Moscow' (designed 1986 - 1988., Approved by the leadership of the city in 1989). The development includes scientific - methodical section on basic principles of protection and use of immovable monuments of culture in modern conditions. The program, . as well as the structure and main activities of the Office for Protection of Monuments have been taken as an example and an analogue in other regions and the major historical cities of Russia and the former Soviet Union during the formation of regional and local agencies for the protection of cultural monuments,
. Currently, Savin A. A., remaining work in the Office as a scientific expert, heads created by him in 1991. Department of Architecture - artistic heritage and is Assistant Professor at the Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Savin A. A. - Member of the Presidium of the Committee of Russia of the International Committee on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS, headquartered in g. Paris, France), a member of the Presidium of the Association of Restorers, a member of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Ministry of Culture of Russia, member of the Academy of Creativity. Published in scientific journals for more than 25 papers and communications at symposia and congresses, including those in Prague (Czech Republic), Florence (Italy), Tallinn (Estonia), Vilnius (Lithuania), Moscow (Russia) and other cities. He is one and 4-sponsors of the new Russia's Law 'On Protection of Cultural Monuments', which is currently under consideration in the State Duma. His work is awarded with medals, honorary diplomas of the Government of Russia and Moscow. In addition to the basic work is fond of chess, and painting (watercolor).

Lives and works in g. Moscow.
Address: Russia, 125057, g. Ul. Ostryakova, 11, kv. 16

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SAVIN Anatoly, photo, biography
SAVIN Anatoly, photo, biography SAVIN Anatoly  Professor, Member of the Academy of Art., photo, biography
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