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Solopov Dmitry

( Member of the International Academy of Architecture, Academic Secretary, Academy of Russia Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, State Prize Winner)

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Biography Solopov Dmitry
photo Solopov Dmitry
Born July 24, 1929 in Moscow. Father - Solopov Sergei G. (1901-1974), Head of Department, Professor of the Kalinin Polytechnic Institute. Mother - Solopova Galina (1907-2000), architect. Wife - Alennikova Svetlana S. (1937g.rozhd.). Children: Solopov Georgii (1954g.rozhd.) Solopova Maria D. (1955g.rozhd.) Solopova Natalia (1968g.rozhd.).

. In 1953 he graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute, specializing in Architecture "(Moscow Institute of Architecture).

. After graduation he worked in the Moscow Architecture Institute "Mosproekt" (1953-1958), . senior architect (1958-1960), . after the reorganization of the Institute appointed head of the group of architects to design housing and public works (1961-1964), . chief architect of the project (1964-1969),
. For 15 years he worked in the Office "Mosproekt-2, first in the workshop N. J. Collie, and then in the studio YN Sheverdyaeva. Since 1979 he works as the head of the studio.

. In the 60 years (with N. Sheverdyaevym) DS Solopov performed and participated in building the country's first major large-format cinema "Russia" in Moscow at Pushkin Square, . establishment of which had a significant impact on the development of the construction of cinemas in the country.,

. During this period, DS Solopov continues to design and build theaters in Moscow: cinema "Volga" (Degunino), , . Universal Cinema-concert hall for 2100 seats on Leninsky Prospekt, . cinema Pervomajskij ", . modification is repeated thousands of times in Moscow ( "Warsaw", . Baltika, . Minsk, . "Kyrgyzstan", . "Tajikistan", . "Vityaz", etc.).,

. The main advantage of these works was the optimal space-planning structure, . resulting from the functional and technological specifics of building a large wide-format theater, . organic link with rational constructive solution, . new concept of building architectural and acoustic structure of the auditorium (with AA Kacherovichem), . allowed to obtain a qualitatively new his artistic expression through the use of natural stone and brick, . relief and masonry walls, . that ultimately provided the desired acoustic mode.,

. Project Houses actor Vserossiiskogo Theatrical Society (1959) opened an important new page design and research works DS Solopova designing theatrical buildings universal destination using the transformation zone of the auditorium and the stage floor,
. With these ideas in the future they were drafted club association "Zorya" (1991), Rossiyskogo Cultural Center in Krasnokholmsky Bridge (1990-1999), Theater Romen and A. Pugacheva Song Theater at Sukharev Square (1991). In 1989, construction was carried out theater miniatures "Satyricon" name Raikin (based on cinema "Tajikistan"). Are currently under design and construction work on the modernization of theater.

. Since 1969, DS Solopov works managers workshop at the institute "Mosproekt-3", being both the chief architect of Lenin and Odintsovo districts forest-park belt of Moscow
. Architect attracted a wide range of works - from urban master plans (apparently Solntsevo) and agricultural towns ( "Moscow", "Trans-Tiber, and others), from residential and public buildings in the city to the rural construction sites. Of particular interest are the building the County Council (Barvikha) and the Directorate of state farm "Zarechie" (1970-1987), . Palace of Culture in State Farm "Moscow", . building on the clear planning structure with a clear modular construction with standard large-sized wall blocks.,

. Subject rural construction has continued to create the project of integrated development of the two farms in the Ryazan region (1985) - Pioneer and Pervomajskij
. Of the typical precast concrete block has been designed by series (7 types) of residential cottages, and the full range of buildings, . shaping modern residential infrastructure: the village council, . Club, . mall, . Kindergarten, . Polyclinic, . bath and laundry plant, etc.,

. In 1972, the architect DS Solopova was responsible for the design and construction Novokirovskogo Avenue (now Prospect Sakharov) and adjacent areas in the Sokolniki district of Kalanchevki to Lubyanka Square, . between Butcher and Lubyanka Square.,

. Workshop DS Solopova in the 70 years to carry out significant buildings in the central part of the city during the formation of Novokirovskogo Avenue: building of the Ministry of radio industry and the building of the Ministry of Aviation Industry (at the intersection of Garden and Savior),
. Large scale urban development, . correctly found the rhythmic construction and proportional system of the building helped to find a structure of the new building, . which is integrally connected with the existing pre-war buildings, . compositionally completing them.,

. Bright, interesting work of architect DS Solopova a draft scientific exposition greenhouse "Klimatron" Main Botanical Garden in Moscow (1975)
. The original structural system, underlying the composite solutions have provided new expressive forms of spatial complexity of the architectural complex.

. In subsequent studies DS Solopova can feel the synthesis of architectural design and innovative ideas - the spatial monolithic and precast-monolithic reinforced concrete composition of shell cinema and concert hall on Leninsky Prospekt (1979), . pavilion Nature Conservancy in VDNH (1981),
. Olympic Universal Hall "Druzhba" in the Luzhniki Stadium (1979).

The first experience of Glulam in Moscow was the practice of the Olympic training pool "The Seagull". Further understanding of this material, its design and artistic quality was embodied in a community center fitness complex in the Limes.

. Since the mid 70-ies architect DS Solopov actively introduced in the process of design work for reconstruction and development in their areas Sretenskii streets, . his studio a large volume of project documents - from project development to working drawings (30), . developed the concept of the return of residential functions, . offered a modern social infrastructure of the neighborhood, . intended to combine the functions of a residential area and the territory of the capital's center.,

. With the direct involvement and creative leadership DS Solopova designed and implemented such buildings and complexes, . as the hotel "Moscow" (2 nd stage), . Sanatorium "Pinery" in Kislovodsk, . Reception House in the Lenin Hills (reconstruction), . Complex Institute MIREA on Vernadsky Prospekt, . WAC building on the street Griboedova, . reconstruction and rehabilitation of the ensemble Tzaritzyno and the State Historical Museum, . "Russian Restaurant" in Sovintsentre, . project hotel and business center on Novy Arbat, . Russia center of culture and leisure at Krasnokholmsky bridge, . socio-cultural and recreational complex "Poklonnaya Gora", . administrative building company "LUKOIL" and other objects,
. In 1995 it was commissioned in the building Unikombank (DOCUMATION., 20).

. In recent years, DS Solopov successfully working on major construction projects in urban areas against Moscow - Crimea Square, Sukharev and Turgenev Square, Red Gate, Kalanchevki and zone three stations
. He developed a conceptual proposals for the building area of rail and transport lines, highways in the city: Kiev (between Kaluga and Serpukhov area), Mitkovo (Sokolniki), which are supported by the Government of Moscow

. In structure-author DS Solopov worked extensively on reconstruction of the church of Christ the Savior, leading the creative team to design rooms of Church Councils.

. All the years of creative activity the total number of projects and buildings, designed by architect DS Solopova - about 150 works.

. A significant milestone in his work was the design and construction of buildings "Unikombank in Moscow (DOCUMATION., 20)
. The authors understand the image of the bank as a "treasure house", and expressed this idea in the form of cut diamonds, piercing all the buildings - from external appearance to the interior

. Says vice-president of the Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, Academician Andrei Ikonnikov: "As a historian of architecture want to make one general observation: the building of the bank was for Russia and especially Moscow, 90 to, . than it was for the Italian palazzo end of the XV century, . Station to Victorian England, or apartment house in France during the Second Empire,
. And one of these banks - Unikombank in Daewoo Lane.

. The transparent front part of the geometry is the transition from the perception from the outside, which develops the metaphor of the box, securely protected by the treasury, to the new spatial effects and new methods of metaphors of the interior.

. The interior of the huge mirror surfaces create the illusion of infinite multiplication tightly compressed space, expansion, goes away in a kind of illusory reality through the mirror
. Strictly rational geometry of straight lines and smooth surfaces of the rods connecting the real and illusory and forms a fragile poluprizrachny and multi-valued image. Design of lighting devices and the organization itself, the light brought to a higher level.

. Despite the clarity of geometric constructions and clean outlines the elements of brevity, the whole leaves the impression of a respectable wealth, do not condescend to frank decorations.

. Building "Unikombank" clearly and seamlessly in the context of architectural culture of the turn of XX and XXI centuries ".

. Construction was highly appreciated by the architectural community: Great Gold Medal Russia Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, . Silver medal Russia Academy of Arts, . object entered the top ten winners in the Moscow ranking "Best in Architecture" (1987-1997).,

. DS Solopova released about 70 young architects
. On his initiative, carried out an experiment on the development of major urban nodes creative teams of 4-6 students receiving the first experience of teamwork.

. For many years, DS Solopov elected board member of ILAC, . chairman of various committees, . the X Plenum of the USSR Union of Architects, was elected secretary of the board and led a movement to create all-union network Archproject ", . becoming chairman of its All-Union,

. DS Solopov - Member of the International Academy of Architecture, . Academician of Russia Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, . Laureate of State Prize of Russia (1997, . for building "Unikombank in Daewoo Lane), . winner of two prizes of the Council of Ministers of the USSR (1969, . for cinema Pervomajskij "; 1990, . for recreation complex "Limes"),
. He - Honored Architect of Russia, Honorary builder of Russia and Moscow.

He is fond of painting.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Solopov Dmitry, photo, biography
Solopov Dmitry, photo, biography Solopov Dmitry  Member of the International Academy of Architecture, Academic Secretary, Academy of Russia Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, State Prize Winner, photo, biography
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