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Bichuk Anatoly A.

( Member of the Russia Academy of Arts, People's Artist of Russia)

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Biography Bichuk Anatoly A.
photo Bichuk Anatoly A.
Born May 24, 1934 in Donetsk, Ukraine. Father - Bichukov Andrey (1907-1948). Mother - Evdokia V. Marchenko (1916g.rozhd.).

In 1949, after the seven-year Anatoly Bichukov enrolled in art and decorative College, where he studied under the guidance of the sculptor VI Puchalski. In 1951, after graduating from college, was sent to Moscow fasadchikom-modeler for the design of the facade houses on Frunze Embankment. In 1953, drafted into the Soviet Army. After demobilization he returned to Moscow, and became a graphic artist in such periodicals as "Literary Life", "Red Star", "Soviet patriot," "Medical Newspaper" and others.

At the same time attending classes at Central Art School in the class "Sculpture", and in 1959 went to study at the Moscow State Institute of Art VI. Surikov, the faculty of sculpture in the studio M. Manizer. In parallel, A. Bichukov attended classes in the studio LE Kerbel.

After graduation, AA Bichukov was admitted to the Union of Artists (1967). For several years he worked in the Art Fund, participated in competitions and exhibitions. In 1972, on the recommendation of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Arts headed by studio artists named VV Vereshchagin Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, where he works and still. Has the rank of colonel. Since 1988, with the founding of the Russia Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, is a professor and chair of the sculpture.

Creativity AA Bichukova occupies a special place in contemporary art. Are made in different years of sculptural works have become an integral part of Moscow. Among the most famous - Monuments I. Botkin, . pilots of civil aviation in Vnukovo, . "Defenders of the land of Russia" on Poklonnaya Hill, . Monument to Sergei Yesenin in Tver Boulevard and a tombstone of the poet to Vagankovskoye Cemetery, . "St. George" in the Pipe area, . thumbnail image which is a symbol and a prize of the Moscow International Film Festival, . as well as the monument to Alexander Pushkin in the Chilean capital of Santiago and the city of Alma-Ata in Kazakhstan, . Zhukov in Odintsovo, Moscow Region,

. Sculptor fulfilled temple-chapel in honor of the Kazan Icon of Our Lady of Zhitnii Street in Moscow, . created a number of monuments for the city of Semenov of Nizhny Novgorod Region (B. Kornilov, . "Victims of the revolution", . founder khokhloma Matveyev), . "Warrior-winner" and a monument to the Hero of doctors in the city of Kislovodsk,
. In Moscow, AA Bichukov fulfilled plaques Marshal Konev, Marshal Katukova, Air Chief Marshal Novikov, Marshal Batitskomu, Shcherbina et al

. AA Bichukov repeatedly participated in the Russian and international exhibitions of his work honored with various medals and diplomas
. His sculptural works are in many Russian and foreign museums. Allegorical images of Russia and Justice, portraits of Russian Emperor Peter I, Catherine II, Alexander II, Nicholas I in the apartments of the President of Russia are the interior decoration of the State Kremlin Palace. Took part in the reconstruction of the sculptural decoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow

. AA Bichukov - People's Artist of Russia (1981), . Honored Artist of Russia (1980), . laureate of the Soviet Interior Ministry and Russia, . was awarded a medal "For merits before Fatherland" II degree and the medal of the Russian Orthodox Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh,
. He is an honorary citizen of the city of Nizhny Novgorod Region Semenova (1979).

Currently, AA Bichukov continues to be active, creative and social activities. He - a full member of Russia Academy of Arts (1998), member of the Academy of Management in Education and Culture (1999), a member of the State Arts Council, member of the presidium of Russia Academy of Arts.

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Bichuk Anatoly A., photo, biography
Bichuk Anatoly A., photo, biography Bichuk Anatoly A.  Member of the Russia Academy of Arts, People's Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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