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Karbala Leo Yefimovich

( Vice-President of Russia Academy of Arts, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes)

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Biography Karbala Leo Yefimovich
photo Karbala Leo Yefimovich
Born November 7, 1917 in the town Semenovka Chernigov district of Ukraine. Father, Kerbel Efim Abramovich, worked as a clerk, after the revolution, joined the party. Worked in the system Rossnabsbyta. His mother, Zinaida losifovna Kerbel, housewife. First wife - Tanya. It was at the front, along with Leo Efimovich. Passed away after so many years after the war. Son - Vladimir (1944-1972). Second wife - Gertrude N.. Daughters: Catherine (1973g.rozhd.) Graduated from the MGIMO, works in advertising photographic; Alexander (1974g.rozhd.) And Julia (1981g.rozhd.) Both - student art institute Surikov. Granddaughter - Maria (1972g.rozhd.). Great-grandson - Vladimir (1996g.rozhd.).

Creative fate Kerbel has developed happily. Direct participation in it has Krupskaya, whom he met in the winter of 1934, he arrived in Moscow from Smolensk on the ticket, the regional committee of Komsomol, to show his first work - a portrait in bas-relief. I. Lenin. Nadezhda felt in the youth uncommon artistic talent and sent its recommendation to the sculptor SD Merkurov, who later gave good feedback to the young. So Lev Kerbel embarked on the path of art: he became a student of the All-Russia Academy of Arts, . then the Moscow Art Institute Surikov, . where to master the skill under the guidance of great sculptors of Soviet-teachers Matveev, . VN Domogatskii, . R. Jodka Manor-place, . L. Sherwood,
. Great influence on the formation of creative personality Kerbel had a work ID Shadrov, . VI Mukhina, . SD Lebedeva, . NV Tomsk, . opened his inexhaustible wealth of expressive possibilities, . tools and techniques of plastic language of sculpture,
. Their Kerbel also believed their teachers.

Hooked on comprehension beloved profession interrupted by the Great Patriotic War. In 1942, the sculptor volunteer went to the front. He served as a war artist in the Northern Fleet, participated in military campaigns on the destroyers "reasonable" and "Gremiashchii", not once went to the torpedo boats, was with the paratroopers, who liberated the city Petsamo. During these operations he was awarded the Order of the Red Star and the sign "For the maintenance of transport with food and ammunition".

Life Kerbel held among submariners and pilots Arctic. Artist's surrounded by beautiful people. Their courage, bravery and the ability not to retreat before the enemy even in death situations, the belief in the coming victory inspired the young sculptor, gave him the strength to do. Commander of the fleet, having learned that Lev Kerbel - sculptor, asked him to engage in the perpetuation of heroes. In a camp workshop, which is often housed in the dim mud huts near the front, Kerbel created from life portraits of his wartime comrades, soldiers of the Northern. With remarkable honesty, . documentary precision witness captured it tough, . with traces of the hardships experienced by the war images such legendary heroes, . as N. Boki, . I. Kolyshkin, . Lunina, . B. Safonov, . Lebedev, . Petrov, . I. Fisanovich, . GP Klimov, and many others, . write-bright page in the artistic annals of the last war,
. A series of portraits of heroes of the Northern - one of the most expensive and favorite child of the sculptor, the beginning of his great creative biography.

In the victorious 1945-m command of Soviet troops in Germany is L. E. Kerbel in Berlin, where he co-authored with his friend and colleague in. E. Tsigal future work on a monument in memory of the heroes of the assault on Berlin, which was decided to establish in Berlin's Tiergarten park. At the same time they were set up monuments to the Soviet Soldier-Liberator, established in the city Kustrin and Seelow Heights.

After the war was already well-known young sculptor returns to the Moscow Art Institute, successfully graduated from it in 1948, defended the "excellent" diploma genre scenes "Labor Reserves".

Since then, Kerbel with his usual tenacity and dedication undivided given creativity. He works tirelessly, selflessly, continuing to learn from life, from classics of world and national art. Perhaps, . there is no such genre of sculpture, . which would Kerbel not tried their strength: does portraits and monuments, . monumental complexes and mounted tracks, . from work to work acquiring and accumulating experience, . improving their professional skills,

LE Kerbel - monumental vocation. He is the author of more than 50 monuments and memorials established in many cities of the country and abroad. Widely known by the shipbuilder in Karbala monuments River Station in Moscow, . Professor Sechenov, . Marshal F. Tolbukhin, . militias Frunze district of Moscow, . doctors - the heroes of the Great Patriotic War in Moscow, . Tatar poet Gabdulla Tukai - in Kazan, . founder of the Bashkir literature Mazhit Gafuri and memorial to commemorate the feats A,
. Matrosov and M. Gubaidulina - in Ufa. Monument to the first Prime Minister of the Republic of Sri Lanka, Solomon Bandaranaike - Colombo, . sculptural design of the church Santa Maria de Cervellon in Madrid, . monument to commemorate the 600 anniversary of the city of Kaluga, . monument to the peaceful people of the city Rudnya Smolensk region, . killed by the Nazis during the Great Patriotic War, . many,
. Among his works - a number of tombstones: S. Bondarchuk, A. Tiessen, E. Furtseva, M. Babanova, B. Lavrenev, Admiral Golovko, twice Hero of the Soviet Union dragoons, David Oistrakh and many other prominent.

Continuous search, the desire to go forward, not dwelling on the progress, to understand and comprehend the tremendous accomplishments of our time have identified the way the artist. Over the years, his work is increasingly yearning for synthesis, to the creation of symbolic images intensive.

Outstanding creative achievements of the sculptor associated with many years of work on the image of Karl Marx. Today it is difficult to Theater Square in Moscow and the center of the city germanskogo Karl-Marx-Stadt, without monuments to Marx, created Karbala. Inauguration of the monument in Moscow on October 29, 1961 with the participation of foreign guests representing the communist and workers parties around the world. Mighty boulder figure of Marx stems from granite rock, shaped like a high platform. Marx seems to say to the people, imperiously leaning forward. For this work, L. E. Kerbel awarded the Lenin Prize.

Originality and uniqueness of composite and plastic solutions differs monument to. Marx, built in 1971 in a large industrial center of the city of the GDR Karl-Marx-Stadt. A giant bronze head of Marx fashioned big, strong forms, installed on a strict cubic granite pedestal. She reads a poster against the wall of a large building, which in four languages - German, English, French and Russian - are inscribed the words from the "Communist Manifesto:" Workers of all countries, unite! ". The specific and typical, universally valid are merged into a single image, character, clear, expressive, memorable. For this monument LE Kerbel was awarded the Order of the Government of the GDR, Karl Marx and the USSR Academy of Arts awarded the gold medal sculptor.

Versatile range of interests of the artist. With unflagging inspiration he works on the theme of heroism of the Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War, . to attract outstanding images of revolutionaries, . heroes of labor and space exploration, . representatives of science and culture, . progressive foreign leaders, . peace activists,

. Grand master sculptural portrait, . He has the ability not only to convey a portrait likeness, . but also to comprehend the spiritual life of man, . subtle nuances of his mood, . experiences, . capture the psychological structure of nature, . skillfully using the disclosure of his plan, the expressive possibilities of the material,
. In the best works of the sculptor image specific identity with careful preservation of unique features grows into a typical image, capture the imagination of the artist's contemporary,

. Verisimilitude, . deep feelings, . high internal heat of carefree, . plastic perfection marked by Karbala Portraits of Heroes of Socialist Labor kolkhoz PA Malinin, KP Mukhtarov, . kranovschitsy Maria Popova, . Twice Hero of the Soviet Union VS Petrov, . famous Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, . Nikolayev, . Popovich, . Eliseev, . Writers BA Lavreneva Chingiz Aitmatov, . poet Rasul Gamzatov, . composer TN Khrennikov, . Artist FP Reshetnikov, . winner of the International Lenin Prize "for peace between peoples" James Endicott, . Italian sculptor Giacomo Manzu, . Canadian poet's Joe Wallace, . Negro singer Piany Penere, . outstanding leader of the Cuban people, Fidel Castro,
. These are portraits of-fate, portraits, biographies. They move the audience, because they have a little of the artist's feelings, imbued with love for man.

Throughout his creative life Lev Kerbel is working on a way of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Leniniana Kerbel extraordinarily diverse. It includes the expressive portraits of the leader, the compositions on the themes of the revolutionary struggle of the people, numerous monumental works. For projects LY Kerbel erected monuments to Lenin in Moscow, Smolensk, Gorki Leninskie, Kemerovo, Poltava, Syktyvkar, Lipetsk, Sofia, Havana (co-authored with Antonio Quintana).

No matter how significant achievements of the master, his creative plans always go on. In the spring of 1986 Kerbel completing his new big job - a monument in honor of the 100 anniversary of the birth of Ernst Thalmann, who became the center of the architectural ensemble of a working-class districts of Berlin. In 1998, in Izmailovo opened a monument to Peter I.

A man of progressive outlook, exuberant, boundless energy, amazing performance, Kerbel never locked within the narrow interests. Hard work of the artist-creator, he has consistently combined with high educational and social activities.

Since 1962, Professor L. E. Kerbel is the sculpture studio at the Moscow Art Institute Surikov. He has trained a galaxy of talented artists, successfully working in Russia and abroad. Among them are such well-known sculptors like Michael Pereyaslavets, Alexander Rukavishnikov, Anatoly Bichukov, Vladimir Koshelev, Alexander Wagner and others, as well as students who have become masters of Africa, China, Mongolia and other countries around the world

. Over the years, Kerbel served as a board member of the Soviet Culture Fund, . of the Union of Artists of the RSFSR, . Presidium of the USSR Gosgrazhdanstroya, . Chairman of the Artistic-expert council of the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR, . was a member of a number of other boards and jury,
. Currently, he is - co-chairman of Central House of Arts, member of the Board of Veterans of the Northern Fleet. Leo Efimovich - one of the organizers of the studio Vereshchagin, a member of Arts Council studio named M. B. Grekova.

Lev Kerbel Yefimovich - Hero of Socialist Labor, People's Artist of the USSR and RSFSR, Laureate of Lenin and State Prizes of the USSR, laureate of Goethe (Germany), Vice-President and member of Russia Academy of Arts. He was awarded the Order of Lenin, . Red Banner of Labor, . World War II degree, . Red Star, . Peoples Friendship, . "For merits before Fatherland" III degree, . many medals, . including "For Defense of Moscow", . "For the Defense of Soviet Arctic", . "For the capture of Berlin", . as well as award-winning Israeli, . Sri Lanka, . Germany,

L.E. Karbala - Honorary Citizen of Smolensk and Polar.

Free time he has almost no. But when it is possible to relax, Leo Efimovich prefers to travel on nature in the woods. Likes to collect mushrooms, berries.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Karbala Leo Yefimovich, photo, biography
Karbala Leo Yefimovich, photo, biography Karbala Leo Yefimovich  Vice-President of Russia Academy of Arts, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes, photo, biography
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