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NUTS Youri

( Vice-President of Russia Academy of Arts, People's Artist of Russia, laureate of Lenin and State prizes)

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Biography NUTS Youri
photo NUTS Youri
Born April 20, 1927 in Tula.

Walnut Family roots go back centuries. My grandfather, great-grandfathers and great-grandfathers all were blacksmiths.

In the prewar years, family life was a difficult Walnut. My mother had two sisters and older brother, Sergei - a member of the Government. In 1937 he was declared an "enemy of the people" and shot. Orekhovo fully experienced the fate of family members "enemy of the people": his father was expelled from the party, and rejoin its ranks, he was able only at the front.

. Interest in creativity manifested in the Jura Orekhova from early childhood - by educating mothers, who graduated from teachers' seminars and loved to paint
. And the first professional teacher of drawing became his high school teacher - Konstantin Skorokhodov - a graduate of the pre-revolutionary Stroganov School. At his invitation, Yuri Orekhov entered the circle drawing, where he was before the Great Patriotic War.

When the war began, 14-year-old Yuri with her sister and cousins were sent to evacuate in Orenburg. A year later, Yuri came back and immediately went to a military factory "Electricity" in Mytischi, where he worked from 1943 to 1945 in the tool shop, letting go of mine fuses, communication devices for tank crews and pilots, phones. He was a fitter-lekalschikom and at the same time - a disciple of the evening school.

The war ended, and in August 1945 at the Yaroslavl station on Komsomolskaya Square Yuri saw a large poster of invitation to study at the Stroganov School. He immediately went to sign up for an interview, and a month later, successfully passed examinations, became a student of the Faculty of monumental and decorative sculpture.

His first teachers were great sculptors Abram Lazarevic Malakhin and Saul Rabinowitz. Rabinovich could see in each of his students creative personality, to guide and develop their ability. Later, Yuri Orekhov was one of his closest disciples, and later another.

In 1953, Yuri Orekhov Stroganovka graduated and began to work independently sculptor. He was offered large orders, and it worked, worked, worked ...

He especially liked Orekhov work in stone. And the best he thought the work that was cutting myself from start to finish. By doubly happy when the match was his personal creative solution with the ordered.

A total of its creative assets of about 30 monuments and sculptures of tracks set in different cities of Russia and abroad. Among them: Monument, . died in the Civil War and World War, . installed on the Memorial of Glory in the hill town of Yalta (1968), . monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union Marshal of the Soviet Union FI Tolbukhin in Yaroslavl (1972), . monument to Yuri Gagarin in the city of Gagarin (1974), . Monument to the great Russian chemist AM Butlerova in Kazan (1978), . Monument-ensemble NSLeskov Orel (1980), . Monument-ensemble, . devoted to 1000 anniversary of the city of Bryansk (1985), . Monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union VD Korneev in Elektrostal (1985), . Monument of Ivan Shishkin in Yelabuga (1986), . Monument of Ilya Repin in Chuguyev (1987), . Monument to Alexander Nevsky, . installed in the niche of Alexander Nevski Cathedral in the state of New Jersey (United States, . 1989), . Monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union SA Afanasyev in Klin (1990), . Monument to victims of the tragedy in the city of Osaka (Japan, . 1991), . Monument to Victor Vasnetsov and Apollinaria in Vyatka (1992), . Monument to four times Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal of the Soviet Union GK Zhukov, . established in Moscow near the metro station Kashirskaya (1992), . Monument Majkowski, . established in the State Museum of VV Mayakovsky in Moscow (1993), . Monument to four times Hero of the Soviet Union, Marshal of the Soviet Union GK Zhukov in Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill (1995), . The monument to Pushkin in Minsk, . Yakutsk, . Vienna, . Paris (1999) and Rome (2000) and others,

A lot of productive work and Yuri Orekhov, and in the field of monumental and decorative sculpture. Among his works in this area: the relief of "Music" (The high-rise building on the waterfront Tinkers, . 1953), . allegorical figure of "Science" (House on the Smolenskaya Embankment, . 1955), . decorative composition "Space" (Star City, . 1976), . ten sculptural compositions "Mir" (Motherhood), . "All Power to the Soviets", . "We blacksmiths ...", . "Science", . Terre, . "Bread", . "Surround", . "Work", . "Red Army", . "Patriotic War" (Hall of the Central Committee plenums in the Kremlin, . now Marble Hall, . 1983) and other works,

With great pleasure Orekhov worked in the field of memorial sculpture. This type of plastic was interesting to him its seclusion. Perpetuating the memory of ordinary and famous people, reflecting their fate and the characters, a sculptor, thereby helping to create a chronicle of modern life. Plaques made by the sculptor, installed on many streets of Moscow and other cities. Among them: Yuri Gagarin (Baikonur, . 1974), . Kosygin (Moscow, . ul.Granovskogo, . 80-s), . Academician Artobolevsky (Moscow, . Tverskaya, . 80-s), . People's Artist of USSR Sveshnikov (Moscow, . Tverskaya, . 80-s), . People's Artist of Russia A. Mironov (Moscow, . Petrovka, . 22 / 2, . 1988), . Marshal of the Soviet Union GK Zhukov (Moscow, . ul.Znamenka, . 1991), . People's Artist of the USSR NA Kryuchkov (1999), . People's Artist of the USSR S. Bondarchuk (2000),

G. Orekhov made more than 40 headstones. They are at Novodevichy, Vagankovsky, German and Kuntsevo Cemetery in Moscow. This gravestones, Academician of RAS Ovchinnikov (1990), . V.Byalynitskogo-Birulia (1958), . artist D. Nalbandian (1955), . violinist L. B. Kogan (1987), . composer Ptichkin E. (1997), . popular artists AA Mironov (1988), . EN Gogoleva (1994), . NA Kryuchkov (1998), . I. Kozlovsky (1998), . monument, headstone fallen defenders of the White House (1992) and others,

. Another aspect of talent Yu Orekhov - his sculptural portraits of the classics of world art culture - Tchaikovsky (1968), . Nikolai Gogol (1971), . Alexander Pushkin (1974), . JW Goethe (1975), . N. Paganini (1980), . GF Handel (1980), . Nikolai Leskov (1981), . Ivan Turgenev (1981), . FIShalyapin (1981), . Stanislavsky (1981), . Ilya Repin (1985), . A. Blok (1997) and other works,

Creation of the sculptor is widely accepted in the country and abroad. He was awarded a gold medal for the Soviet VDNH sculptural composition of Alexander Pushkin (1972), . first prize at the International Symposium of sculptors in The High Tatras in Czechoslovakia for the song "Elegy" (1973), . first prize at the International Symposium of sculptors in Hoyesverde (Germany) for the track "Happiness" (1975), . first prize in the creative outdoors in the Bulgarian city of Burgas to the sculptural composition "Cyril and Methodius" (1978), . first prize at the International Symposium of Sculpture in Cuba for the track "Sleeping Wave" (1983),
. In 1980 he was awarded the title of "Honored Artist of the RSFSR".

In 1975, G. Orekhov was elected Chairman of the Arts and the Expert Council on sculpture of the Art Fund of the RSFSR. Later - Deputy Chairman of the Moscow branch of the Union of Artists of the RSFSR, Chairman of the Arts and the expert council of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR.

. Since 1995, G. Orekhov took active part in work to rebuild the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow as head of the restoration of its sculptural decoration
. On his initiative, was established partnership "Sculptor", which included more than 50 talented sculptors from different cities of Russia. For the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in a creative workshop G. Orekhov was recreated 48 sculptural compositions, of which 8 multifigure. Among them, high relief "Saint Dionysius bless Prince Pozharsky and citizen Minin for the liberation of Moscow from the Poles", . which is located on the northern facade of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, . and Barachiel with flowers in hand and Jegudiel with a crown in hand, . located above the right window ledge on the western arch of the facade, . high relief "Christmas" and "Saint Stephen of Perm in the pontifical charter from Permian letter", . located on the east facade of the temple,
. Now that the sculptural compositions took their places on the revival of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, it never occurs to him that they were doing different masters, and this suggests a high professional level of Russian sculptors

. People's Artist of Russia (1988), . Laureate of Lenin (1984) and the USSR State Prize (1982), . Member of Russia Academy of Fine Arts (1995), . Honorary Member of the Academy of Fine Arts, the city of Carrara (Italy, . 1989), . He was awarded the Order of Honor (1997), . Gold Medal Russia Academy of Arts (1997), . silver medal of the USSR Academy of Arts (1988),

. G. Orekhov was vice-president of Russia Academy of Arts, . Academician-Secretary of sculpture Russia Academy of Arts, . member of the Section of Fine Arts Commission under the President of RF State Prize,, . member of the Commission on Moscow Mayor's Prize in Literature and Art, . member of Advisory Council on the monumental and decorative art at the RF Government, . Chairman of the Presidium of the Fund's assistance to sculptors of Russia,

The working day began with the sculptor, as a rule, six - half past six, and ends no earlier than twelve. If left at least a little time to comply with innumerable cases, duties, he devoted his hobbies. I prefer good music and classical literature.

He died in 2001.

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NUTS Youri, photo, biography
NUTS Youri, photo, biography NUTS Youri  Vice-President of Russia Academy of Arts, People's Artist of Russia, laureate of Lenin and State prizes, photo, biography
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