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Irina Antonova

( Director of the State Museum of Fine Arts Pushkin, Russia full member of the Academy of Fine Arts, State Prize Winner)

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Biography Irina Antonova
Born March 20, 1922 in Moscow. Father - Alexander A. Antonov. Mother - Ida Antonov Mikhailovna. Spouse - Rotenberg Evsei I. (1920g.rozhd.), Art historian, Ph.D., works at the Institute of History of Art Head of Sector. Son - Boris (1954g.rozhd.).

Irina grew up in a family where everyone loved art, music, literature, theater. My mother graduated from the Kharkov Conservatory as a pianist, but was unable to realize themselves professionally - to prevent civil war. My father was born in St. Petersburg, was an active participant in the Revolution, a member of the party with the pre-revolutionary veteran, worked as an electrician on the ship. His life was such that he found himself in another case: he became an expert on glass, and later - the director of the Institute of Experimental Glass. This was very fond of the theater and in his younger years, even playing in the play "The Lower Depths" M. Gorky in the same theater, the troupe which was later became a famous actor Skorobogatov. It liked to be with her daughter in the theaters, operas, ballets,.

In 1929 his father was sent to work in Germany. Irina and her parents lived there until 1933. During this time, she has mastered the German language. Having studied it, read the original Goethe, Heine, Schiller. Immediately after the Nazis came to power Anton's family moved to Union.

In the school Irina studied well. She wanted to enter the Mechanics and Mathematics of MSU, but the love of art proved stronger, and the Antonov was a student of the institute. This institute lasted only seven years, but a lot of outstanding people of art out of its walls. Since the beginning of the war college was closed and the departments attached to the MSU. Thus, studying at the institute about a year, Irina became a student of the University. During the war, she took courses of nurses working in hospital. In 1945 she graduated from university and was invited to work in the museum named after Pushkin. Then when it was a post-graduate courses, in which Irina studied. The scope of research was the art of Renaissance Italy.

In 1961 she was a senior research fellow, when she was offered the post of director of the museum. From February 1961 to present, Irina Antonova - Director of the State Museum of Fine Arts Pushkin, one of the largest and most prestigious museums in Russia and the world.

After many years of assumptions about what the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg and the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, specializing only in the works of Russian artists, and the Hermitage and the Pushkin Museum - Museums of the Western type. From the new director required courage and bravery to run counter to the ideological principles of those years, to establish "bold" exhibition.

"Golden" years of the museum Antonov believes the second half of the 60's, until the restructuring. For innovative designs of the museum can be compared with Taganka those years. Thus, in 1966, despite the objections of the then Minister of Culture E. Furtseva, the museum hosted an exhibition Tischler. Later, had an exhibition of works A. Matisse. Within the walls of the museum filled with music, whose appearance is difficult to imagine in those years, even in the conservatory: Stravinsky, Schnittke, "Vespers" Rachmaninoff. Since 1967, it initiated the museum annually Vipperovskie reading - the memory of the former Conference supervisor of the museum Professor BR Wigner.

In 1974, under the guidance of Irina Antonova has been a radical reorganization of the museum. Since then, the museum organized the "mixed" exhibition. For example, an exhibition of portraits, which work side by side (for example) Renoir and Serov, or portraits of the same person, made by Russian and foreign artists. This enables visitors to compare how domestic masters appear in the context of world art and culture. These exhibitions made a tremendous impression on the audience.

In 1981 the museum held a large exhibition "Moscow - Paris". First it was held at the Pompidou Center in Paris, then - in the Pushkin Museum. She was one of the most avant-garde art exhibitions XX century. Were shown the work of Malevich, Kandinsky, Filonova ... It was visited by thousands of people. In the 90 years was held a unique exhibition - "Moscow - Berlin. Totalitarian Art "- Russian and German, which was presented to even the fact that the Germans were afraid to show. The exhibition was a breakthrough of isolationism ...

In the late 80-ies on the initiative and with direct participation of Irina Antonova has developed a state program of the museum. Within the program in 1995 in the Pushkin Museum was opened Museum of Private Collections. To date, has already collected more than forty collections.

In 1996, Irina Antonova has initiated the opening of the Training Art Museum named after IV Tsvetaeva, which is deployed in the building Rossiyskogo State Humanitarian University. This department GMII the Pushkin created by the material of the museum collections of casts of sculpture of the ancient world, medieval and Renaissance.

In 1998 the main building of the museum opened a new hall - Hall of History Museum, the exhibition which introduces significant milestones of establishment of the museum collections. The exhibition shows how the school museum casts gradually turned into a real treasury of world art. In the same year, Irina Antonova has been created yet another department of the museum - Memorial Apartment of Svyatoslav Richter. We are now preparing the opening of Children's Center of aesthetic education of children.

In 1998 the museum celebrated its 100 anniversary. Until now, the date of opening of the museum was considered in 1912. However, the birthday of the museum it was decided to make the date of his favorites, which was held in 1898 in the presence of Nicholas II. Centennial favorite museum mentioned in the premises of the Bolshoi Theater. This was an event of cultural life of modern Russia. It was attended by M. Plisetskaya, SW. Bashmet, many prominent figures of culture and art.

A notable achievement in the work of the museum - the organization of festivals "December Nights". A series of interesting programs have been designed in conjunction with Sviatoslav Richter. Great maestro repeatedly took part in them, as well as I. Arkhipova, E. Nesterenko, E. Kissin. Constant participant of "evenings" were Mr.. Kremer, M. Pletnev, A. Kogan, V. Tretyakov, H. Guttman, SE. Bashmet, E. Virsaladze. In 2000, "December Nights" will be the twentieth time.

Starting with the first half of the 60-ies Antonov participates in the International Council of Museums (within 12 years - Vice-President, and since 1992 - Honorary Member). For 6 years she headed the International Committee for the educational work. More than 30 years, she participates in the Soviet national council of museums.

Irina Antonova - author of more than 100 publications (catalogs, articles, reviews, television programs, scripts of popular movies). Over the years, led a teaching job in oriental department of Moscow State University, the Institute of Cinematography, in the audience Pushkin Museum of AS Pushkin, the Institute of Oriental Languages in Paris

. Irina Antonova - member of Russia Academy of Arts, . Academician of Russia Academy of Education, . Member of the Academy of San Fernando in Madrid (Spain), . Dr. Rossiyskogo State Humanitarian University, . has an honorary degree Honoris Causa, . title of "Honored Artist of Russia",
. He is a member of the Presidential Council for awarding of State Prizes. Along with O. Tabakov, A. Voznesensky, SW. Boguslawska, A. Bitov IN. Vasilyev, V. Abdrashitova, V. Aksenov, E. Unknown S. Bashmet it - a permanent member of the Jury National Award "Triumph", a member of the board of the Bolshoi Theater

. In 1995 awarded the State Prize of Russia.

. Awarded the Order of October Revolution, Red Banner of Labor, "For Service to the Motherland" III degree, as well as Commander of the Order of literature and art of France

Irina Antonova fluent in German, French and Italian, as well as some English. She loves theater, ballet, music. Especially allocates Chopin, Wagner, Mahler, from vocalists preferred Montserrat Caballe. Hobby since childhood - reading books (classical and modern). He loves poems and prose, especially appreciates Astaf'eva, Solzhenitsyn, Akhmadulina, Bitova.

Among her passions - driving a car, which it manages since 1964. As she says Irina, . "not my house, . and my car - my fortress, . implying, . the machine - it is a closed space, . where you can relax alone with itself, . think, . dream during the road, . is very important for human, . whose work is related to the constant association with a large number of people,
. He is fond of swimming.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Irina Antonova, photo, biography
Irina Antonova, photo, biography Irina Antonova  Director of the State Museum of Fine Arts Pushkin, Russia full member of the Academy of Fine Arts, State Prize Winner, photo, biography
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