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Grositsky Andrey

( Member of the Moscow Union of Artists)

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Biography Grositsky Andrey
photo Grositsky Andrey
Born November 23, 1934, Mr.. Moscow.

In 1959, Mr.. Graduated from the Faculty of Painting of the Moscow State Art Institute im.Surikova. He studied at the studio DK Mochalskogo.

Member of the Moscow Union of Artists since 1968.

In 60-ies of creativity AB Grositsky influenced by Cezanne, cubism, the artists' Jack of Diamonds ". At the same time discovered the Old Russian art.

In 1969-1970 i.i. begins a new stage in the creation. There is interest in the objective world, is abandoned in the colorful painting, the transition to a more concise, generalized color to an image, basically, one subject. In view artist tries to express his philosophical perception of the world. For Andrei Grositsky important to find "his" object, whose image is seen first as a vague. When a desired object, then the work is.

Items that depicts the artist, the most simple - no longer in use kitchen utensils, household items, old locks, keys. Interest in the old useless things is not fortuitous. In them the artist finds spiritual power past generations. Sometimes ordinary things in the works of AB Grositsky transformed into some fantastic images, but most often they are quite recognizable.

Recently, Andrew Grositsky uses a relief texture, which makes a picturesque way special tangibility. Is also significant output images beyond the plane of the. Thus, a combination of object and painting, their penetration into each other. Often, the artist uses in the reception illusory image.

In recent years, AB Grositsky held many solo and group exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Among them: Exhibition of Moscow Artists (VDNKh, . 1975), . Group Exhibition, Artists' Union (Jogging Str., . 7.9, . 1979), . The exhibition "The Artist and Modernity" (Moscow, . Kashirka, . 1986), . Personal exhibition (Troitsk, . Moscow Region., . 1988), . Exhibition "Labyrinth" (Moscow, . Youth Palace, . 1988), . Exhibition "Labyrinth" (Warsaw, . Hamburg, . 1989), . The exhibition "Towards the Object" (Moscow, . Kashirka, . 1990), . The exhibition "Towards the Object" (Amsterdam, . 1990), . Group exhibition with N. Kasatkin, . D. Prigov, . I. Shchelkovo (Kashirka, . 1990), . Exhibition of the Washington-Moscow "(Moscow, . Tretyakov Gallery, . 1990), . Exhibition of the Washington-Moscow "(Washington, . 1991), . Exhibition "Other Art" (Tretyakov Gallery, . 1991), . Personal exhibition (Moscow, . CHA), . Exhibition from the collections of the Museum "New Jerusalem" (Istra, . 1991), . Exhibition "Iron Road" (Moscow, . 1991), . Exhibition "Other Art" (Leningrad, . Russian Museum, . 1991), . The exhibition charts the Washington-Moscow "(Moscow, . CHA, . 1991), . Group exhibition (Moscow, . RIA-Novosti, . 1992), . Exhibition from the collection of the Museum "New Jerusalem" (Moscow, . Cinema Center, . 1992), . Group exhibition in Germany (g.Trossingen, . VOLKSBANK, . 1992), . Personal exhibition "New Jerusalem" (Istra, . 1993), . Group exhibition in Austria (g.Klagenfurt, . 1993), . "Art-Myth" (Moscow, . Manege, . gallery "Gregory", . 1993), . Personal Exhibition (Washington, DC, . gallery "Gregory", . United States, . 1994), . The exhibition together with the Dutch artist Gerardo van de Utelaar (Moscow, . Gallery A-3, . 1994), . Exhibition "Claustrophobia color" (Moscow, . Cinema Center, . 1994), . Exhibition Gallery "Fine-Art" (Moscow, . Arbat, . 1994), . Personal exhibition (Moscow, . gallery "7 nails", . 1995), . Exhibition "Nonconformists - the second Russian Avant-Garde 1955-1988",
. Collection of Bar-Gera (Cologne) (Moscow, . Tretyakov Gallery, . CHA, . 1996), . Personal exhibition "Living Things" (Moscow, . Gallery A-3, . 1997), . International Art Fair "Art-Manezh'97" (Moscow, . Manege, . 1997), . The exhibition "Contemporary Russian Art" (New York, . Jersey City, . Alexander Glezer Collection, . 1998), . Personal exhibition "Portraits" (Moscow, . Russia Culture Fund, . 1998),

. Many of the artworks kept in the Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), . Museum "New Jerusalem" (Istra town), . in art museums Serpukhov, . Penza, . Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow), . in-Zimmerli Museum (New Jersey, . USA), . Gallery Gregory (New York City, . USA), . in the collections of banks "Industry-Service, . "Inkombank", . Moskovia, . "Capital", . in private collections in Moscow, . Paris, . Berlin, . Hamburg, . Frankfurt, . Trossingen (FRG), . Klagenfurt (Austria), . New York, . Washington, . Singapore,

Works of Andrei Borisovich Grositsky represented in numerous exhibition catalogs, reference "Contemporary Art in Moscow-1995" (Moscow, Soros Center for Contemporary Art), domestic and foreign periodicals.

Currently, the Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane. passes an exhibition 'After the war Russian avant-garde' from the collection of Yuri Traysmana (USA, Los Angeles), which presented the works of Grositsky.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Grositsky Andrey, photo, biography
Grositsky Andrey, photo, biography Grositsky Andrey  Member of the Moscow Union of Artists, photo, biography
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