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KUZMIN Gregory L.

( Professional artist-photographer, President of the company `BinART`, laureate of international competitions)

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Biography KUZMIN Gregory L.
photo KUZMIN Gregory L.
Born 8 April 1955. in Helsinki (Finland) in a creative family of Russian immigrants. Father - Kuzmin Leonid (1925g.rozhd.), . inheriting the talent of the artist from their parents, . professional artists, sculptors, . graduates of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, . emigrated after 1917 in Finland, . worked as a designer, . jeweler, . engraver in Helsinki,
. In 1955 his family returned to the USSR. He worked as the head of one of the design teams of the Gorky Automobile Plant, then more than 30 years - an announcer Broadcaster in Moscow. Mother - Nina Kuzmina (1924g.rozhd.), After returning to his homeland to work for Radio and Television as a translator of the Finnish language. Daughter - Kuzmina Irina G. (1979g.rozhd.), With 14 years engaged in a photograph, now a student of VGIK.

Getting creative biography of the professional artist and photographer Gregory Leonidovich Kuz'min put his father, Leonid. It was he who taught artistic vision, Gregory opened the world of photography, and after graduation in 1972 gave the son of photographic equipment, making it possible to further the independence of the photographer. Under the guidance of his father and with the direct support of Gregory made his first steps in career. First - a student-photographer in a photo studio. 1973-1986 years - the photographer in the Central advertising agency "Advertisement" V / O "Soyuztorgreklama" USSR Ministry of Trade. 1976-1978 years - studying at the Institute of journalistic excellence at the Union of Soviet Journalists. Since 1980 - Member of the USSR Union of Journalists and member of the Moscow Committee of Graphic Artists Professional Union of Cultural Workers of the USSR.

In 1982 he founded the firm of BinART "with his own studio in downtown Moscow. Today BinART "- one of the leading companies in advertising, design and printing. Creative artists studio was presented at the international music fair "Popko-94" in Cologne (Germany), . festivals Rossiyskogo art, . conducted in the UK, . Finland, . Sweden, . Italy, . and noted as a phenomenon of modern Russia's design,
. C BinART "worked by such companies, . as the Association of XXI Century ", . AO Moskovia, . "Vision", . "Auto-sun", . "SAV-Entertainment", . "Transinvest", . "Dialogue International", . "Nissan", . "Panasonic", . "Grundic", . "Mars", . "DMB & B", . "Anis, . "Davidoff", . JV "Moscow", . Trading House "Complex Systems", . "OstAlko", . "Smirnoff", . "Albee", . Mikrodin, . "" SATECO "", . Master Rally ", Moscow Patriarchate; magazines" Prestige ", . "Alla", . "Elle", . "Planet-Beauty", . "Playboy", . "Penthouse",
. Since many of them firm cooperates and is currently.

Over 25 years of creative activity and 18 years of work in BinART "Grigori Kuzmin mastered practically all areas where needed talent photographer. The subtle insight into the most diverse material - object art photographer, . his thirst for new solutions, . professional staff "BinART" (Sergey Vlasov, . Yuri Shirochenkov, . Paul Samara, . Ilya Shchukin, . Irina and Leonid Kuzmin) make the work a unique design studio,
. The best evidence of the recognition of creative achievements "BinART" is the fact, . that among the permanent clients of the firm - international advertising agencies and publishing, . artists, . famous people from completely different areas of human activity: the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II, . Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov, . Russia's Cosmonauts, . policy, . businessmen; artist A. Shilov, . Composed by J. Frankel, . R. Pauls, . Conductor Vladimir Spivakov, . saxophonist and conductor G. Garanyan, . Prince Albert of Monaco, . foreign show business stars Maclay Jackson, . Janet Jackson, . Sher, . Ricky Martin, . Tarkan, . "Modern Talking", . Dzh.Prestli, . Dzh.Lennon, . Vanderlei, . Berman and others; French actors and directors Pierre Richard, . Alain Delon; American boxer Holyfield, . master of oriental martial arts Tadeusz Kasyanov, V. Dikul and even the Supreme shamans Oyun Batyr, . Kolsana Dolma, . Sergei Panteleimon, . Maria Stefania etc.,

Grigori Kuzmin - acknowledged master of portrait photography. His talent of communicating with people, ability to find, discover and capture in the frame of their most intimate, subtle and individual, give the uniqueness and attractiveness of each of his works. Perhaps that is why all who got into the studio photographer, come to it again and again. Collection designed by a team "BinART" CD-ROMs and posters of stars as L. Zykina, I. Kobzon, A. Pugacheva, Philip Kirkorov, A. Novikov, V. Leontiev, M. Shufutinskij entered the golden fund of a domestic platform. For almost 10 years, A. Pugacheva & F. Kirkorov trust Grigori Kuzmin exclusive right to take their creative and personal life. C BinART "happy to work I. Ponarovskaya, . A. Malinin, . E. eha, . L. Vaikule, . T. Gverdtsitely, . Nikolaev, . M. Tanic, . A. Ukupnik, . I. Korneluk, . N. Babkin, . M. Rasputina, . T. Bulanova, . K. Orbakajte, . Lada Dance, . Baranov, . Baranov, . E. Belousov, . V. Kikabidze, . I. Naji, . E. Kemerovo, . Tokarev, . Bedros Kirkorov, . O. Gazmanov, . V. Malezhik, . B. Asmolov, . A. Kal'yanov, . L. Myalik, . S. Lazareva, . Markov, . Koroleva, . N. Vetlickaya, . N. Sturm, . Lika, . Carolina, . Nike, . E. Zosimova, . A. Sands; group "Rondo", . "Na-Na", . Coupe, . "St. Petersburg", . "Stag", . "Dune", . "Taste of Honey", . "Freestyle", . Cabaret Duet Academy ", . "A.T.S.", . Aria, . Master, . "Corrosion", . "Lesopoval" and many others, . as well as the famous recording studio "п?п+п¦пTпЁя-п¦п+", . Soyuz, . "Zeko Records", . Novik Records ", etc.,
. Billboards and posters of stars of theater and cinema, . such as N. Kryuchkov, . I. Yuryeva, . Mironov, . L. Gurchenko, . M. Boyarsky, . T. Vasileva, . N. Karachentsov, . "Theater lyrics Alla Pugacheva", . "Theater of Yuri Sherling", . "Independent troupe Alla Sigalova, . - Decorate the walls of the studio artists,
. Special handwriting capture and development of the original design of CDs, LPs and posters that complement the image of stars, release of the studio of the total advertising products. In the company's assets - development of design more than 100 CDs and over 500 posters. Number made Grigori Kuzmin frames exceeded a million

. The staff of the studio were photographed, . preparation and publication of books, . photo albums and catalogs: "I gave all the song in full" - Joseph Kobzon (1997), . Philip Kirkorov-97 ", . Philip Kirkorov-98 ", . "Master Rally 96-97", . "Auction - Masterpieces of Russian Art 98" (Moscow Auction House with the participation of SOTHEBY'S), . "Star couple" - A. Pugacheva & F. Kirkorov (2000) and others,

Grigori Kuzmin difficult to find locally. His invited to shoot concerts, . clips, . Photo coverage of the tour, . tours, . Competitions: 1991 - I International Championship against "South Africa Pro-Wrestling" Soviet Union-South Africa in Moscow (USSR team members - Alexander Karelin, . B. Berkowitz, . Salman, . A. Listen, Team South Africa - South Africa - Pink Panther, . Tornado II, . Danie Voges); 1994 - I.Kobzon / R.Sardarov (Italy, . Israel, . Turkey, . Cyprus, . Greece); F. Kirkorov (Germany, . Bulgaria), Group "Corrosion" / log "Soul & Body"; 1995 - "Rondo" / World Cup among showmen "ILMC Player" in London; Kobzon / R. Sardarov (Greece) 1996 - V . Kirkorov (Germany, . Bulgaria), 1997 - the company "TRANSINVEST" (United Kingdom); Kobzon / A. Pugacheva / F. Kirkorov (Israel); Program F. Kirkorov "Best, . Favorite, . Only for you! "(Germany, . Bulgaria, . Turkey) 1998 - F. Kirkorov (Thailand, . United States, . Bulgaria, . Turkey) 2000 - F. Kirkorov (USA-Canada),
. Annual collaboration with advertising agencies in Finland. Numerous trips around the country. In 1997, the photo essay and photography shows "farewell tour of Joseph Kobzon" in 100 cities in Russia (including those in Grozny, Chechnya) and the CIS. In the same year - surveying competing for the Youth Music Awards Crystal Nota-97 "in Moscow (working with James Brown, Olde Mioloy, La Bush," by Chuck Berry). 1998 - Ringo Starr photo essay of the visit to Moscow. May 1999 - F. Kirkorov, awards ceremony "World Music Awards-99 in Monte Carlo (Monaco). December 1999 - shooting "Christmas Meeting 2000 Alla Pugacheva". May 2000 - K. Orbakajte, awards ceremony for "World Music Awards-2000" in Monte Carlo (Monaco). June 2000 - photo session XXII Moscow International Film Festival. July 2000 - photo shoot with the video shoot Leontief "Augustine" and others.

Firm "BinART" well known in the fashion world. Leading designers V. Yudashkin, . Zaitsev, . R. Sardarov, . Tom Klaym, . T. Belikovskaya, . recourse to the photographer and the collective design studios in the shooting of their fashion, . always firmly believe, . that at this moment of their collections are in safe hands of professionals with a perfect taste,
. 1995, . 1996, . 1997, . 1998, . 1999, . 2000 - shooting programs weeks "High Fashion" in Moscow, . and this - work not only with Russia's fashion (V. Yudashkin, . T. Belikovskaya, . I. Chapurin, . I. Krutikova, . Sharov), . but also with leading fashion designers and fashion houses of France, . Italy (Loris Azzaro, . Renato Balestra, . Gattinoni, . Pierre BALLAMAN, . Guy Lyarosh, . Jean-Louis Scherrer, . Lekoane Eman, . Mila Shon, . Balenciaga, . Rokkobarokko),
. 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999 - shooting programs of the international festival "World of Beauty" - "Intercharm-Kremlin" in Moscow. With well-known Hair Stylist M. Vaskanyan (Center Dolores Vella), S. Zverev. 1996, 1997, 1998 - shooting a beauty contest "Miss Moscow".

Talent Grigori Kuzmin multifaceted, that is fully manifested in his works multilevel. Also of photographic, portrait photography, in his creative money-box - landscapes, still lifes, photography historical and contemporary architecture, staging and applied photography, fantastic song with an unusual look at the usual things. Quite unlike the mood and dynamics. But in each work is guessed his professional handwriting photographer. Each features a high level of skill. Just can not carry out survey works of art at that level, as it is done as a photographer for Sotheby's catalogs, Kostaki, Oyama (Japan), "Third Eye Center" (United Kingdom), catalogs jewelry factories.

According to photographer, a pledge of his creative success - certainly a friendly team of "BinART, support and understanding of colleagues. That together they form a strong team.

Grigori Kuzmin always striving to be in the center of important events for the country. In the early 90-ies, together with the team "BinART" He is actively involved in the major socially significant events, such as a holiday "Vivat, Russia!", A charity marathon "Wall of Peace" and many others. August 1991 - reportage filming taking place at this time of the events. Tanks in the city center, moving on Kutuzovsky Avenue toward the White House APCs. Decisive night ...- among the defenders of the New Russia. 1993 - the night together with other stakeholders to build barricades on Tverskaya Street, afternoon - shooting firing of the White House. Last tank volley - the last frame in the chamber. And always - with a camera. And always - among the first.

Gregory L. Kuzmin - a recognized artist and photographer, master professional. He - a member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA) of UNESCO since 1986, a member of the Association of Advertising Photographers of Russia since 1987, member of the Guild of advertising photographers in 1997. He has diplomas and certificates competitions "Advertisement" (1976-1986), Diploma of the finalist II Rossiyskogo festival promotional photos in the categories "Nature", "Portfolio". Participated in several photo exhibitions. 2000 - Exhibition of the Creative Union of Artists, "Inter Press Photo 2000", "Master 99" (in the Central House of Artists). Many of his works were published in main newspapers and various magazines. Currently, Gregory Kuzmin working on the project "The Way to the Temple", which in August 2000 in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was an exhibition of the photographer.

People close to him speak of him as an energetic and enthusiastic, sincere man, always ready to help, devoting himself to not only work, but also the people around him. His life is filled with interesting events. He has many friends. In rare moments of spare time likes to shoot clouds, sunsets and sunrises. Likes to collect mushrooms. As a young man engaged in boxing and oriental combat sports. In 1998, made his first parachute jump, and hopes that it - is just the beginning. It is like scuba diving and hot air ballooning. From books prefers mysticism. Collecting Russian samovar. On the personal recognition, hopes to someday take a picture of this UFO.

Gregory is very grateful to my father for the daily support of his work.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Moscow, ul Sivtsev Vrazhek, 14, kv.36. Phone: (7-095) 241-54-58.

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KUZMIN Gregory L., photo, biography
KUZMIN Gregory L., photo, biography KUZMIN Gregory L.  Professional artist-photographer, President of the company `BinART`, laureate of international competitions, photo, biography
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