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Kurilko-RYUMIN Mikhail Mikhailovich

( Active Member and Chief Scientific Secretary of the Presidium of Russia Academy of Arts)

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Biography Kurilko-RYUMIN Mikhail Mikhailovich
photo Kurilko-RYUMIN Mikhail Mikhailovich
Born February 8, 1923 in Petrograd. Father, Kurilko Mikhail Ivanovich (1880-1969), - the famous painter, set designer, professor of St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, was the chief designer of the Bolshoi Theater, the head of the studio theater at the Moscow Art Institute in. I. Surikov. Mother - Rumina Vera (1889g.rozhd.). Wife - Kurilko-Ryumin Margarita Panteleimonovna (1934g.rozhd.). Son - Kurilko-Ryumin Mikhail Mikhailovich (1954g.rozhd.). Daughter - Kurilko-Ryumin Maria Mikhailovna (1960g.rozhd.).

Passion of Michael entire theater was determined by parents. His father, a famous theater artist and engravings, and his mother, a passionate theatergoer, since childhood unwittingly identified future son's addiction. Once the first time behind the scenes of the play "May Night" in the registration statement to the father and. Stanislavsky, Michael was stunned by what he saw. It turned out that there is a special world, sharply differing from all hitherto familiar: bright pink legs beautiful mermaids, their overly made-up face, emphasized conventional clothing boys, multiplied in the mirrors. This world is pulling like a magnet.

It is June 22, 1941. In front of Michael literally got out of school. On July 3 he enlisted, and after two weeks of training camp near Tambov in the 64 th Infantry Division came to the Western Front. In the forests of Smolensk took his baptism of fire. The division in the heavy battles one of the first to receive the title of the Guard.

After completion and assignment of new titles - 7 Guards - the division was again sent to the front. And on Oct. 5 in the battle of Kursk Mikhail Kurilko-Ryumin was seriously wounded in his right arm and leg. Then there were the long months of treatment in a hospital in Voronezh and Frunze, medical board, demobilization.

Michael stayed in the capital of Kyrgyzstan, where he worked until the end of the war artist of the Kyrgyz Opera and Ballet Theater. There, in the distant evacuation was a lot of interesting artists of theater, music, ballet. Working in the theater, he was the first school in first-class artists in. Selivanov (MAT), T. Dyakova (Bolshoi), T. Serebryakova (daughter of the famous artist), and. Eliyasson (MAT). They are a war veteran and gave the first lessons of mastery. Here, in the theater, he undertook his first independent performances - opera, Cio-Cio-San "and the comedy" Inspector ".

In 1945, Mikhail Kurilko-Ryumin went to Moscow to study at the theater artist in the All-Union Institute of Cinematography, where his teachers were F. Belogorodskaya SW. Pimenov, D. Schegal, B. Dubrovsky, Eshke.

The first independent work of M. Kurilko-Ryumin in Moscow became the play "Woe from Wit," A. S. Griboyedov (1952) directed by famous director Knebel. The success of this and other performances, which designed the young artist has influenced the decision to invite him Ermolov theater re-draw the famous play "Pushkin". Meetings with A. Lobanov, V. Yakutia - unforgettable Pushkin, young in. Andreev gave additional impetus to the artist's.

He began to invite many famous directors, and he had to work in many cities of the USSR, Russia and foreign countries. Almost a half century of work in the theater M. Kurilko-Ryumin designed over 140 productions in theaters in Almaty, Astrakhan, Budapest, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kaunas, Moscow, Prague, Saratov, Sverdlovsk, Ufa, Frunze. Among them, and serious drama, and opera performances, and the frivolous musical comedies: "Pushkin" Alexander Globa (dir. A. Lobanov, V. Komisarjevsky, 1954, Theater Yermolova), "Finding Joy" In. Pink (dir. A. Efros, 1957, MDGs), "Ivan Rybakov" In. Guseva (B. Ravenskih, 1957, Little Theater), "Nameless Star" M. Sebastian (dir. M. Knebel, 1957, MAT), "The Living Corpse" L. Tolstoy (dir. G. Horse, 1961, Budapest), "Saturday, Sunday, Monday" E. De Filippo (1964), "The Catcher in the Rye, Salinger (dir. A. Shatrin, 1965), "Uncle Vanya" A. P. Chekhov (directed. A. Shatrin, 1966, Minsk), "Tobacco Captain A. Tcherbatcheff (dir. V. Kurochkin, 1969, Sverdlovsk), "Before Sunset" H. Hauptmann (dir. V. Adzhemyan, 1970), "Uncle Vanya" A. P. Chekhov (directed. A. Mambetov, 1982, Alma-Ata), "The Gadfly" Spadavekkia (dir. V. Chaika, 1986, Dnepropetrovsk), "The Queen of Spades II. I. Tchaikovsky (dir. V. Chaika, 1990), "Stagecoach from Rouen" and "Wedding with General B. Ptichkin (dir. V. Kurochkin, Sverdlovsk), "Miracle" U. Gibson (dir. Yu Osheroff, 1990, Saratov), "curiosity shop" W. Dickens (dir. YU. Kiselev, 1990, Saratov), "Rigoletto" J. Verdi (dir. B. Rubashkin, 1993, Omsk), "Othello" U. Shakespeare (dir. V. Demin, 1996, Vladikavkaz), many others. Among his kinorabot famous film "Noisy Day", filmed in 1960 directed a. Efros on the play by V. Rozov.

In addition to working in the theater M. M. Kurilko-Ryumin years is teaching. From 1951 to 1962 he worked as a senior lecturer in VGIK, and since 1962, first assistant professor and then professor and head of the theater workshop and head of the department of painting at the Moscow Art Institute in. I. Surikov.

Since 1954, M. M. Kurilko-Ryumin - member organization of the Moscow Union of Artists of the USSR, regularly participates in art exhibitions in the country and abroad, conducts social activities. In 1982-1988 years he served as Secretary of the Union of Artists. In 1988 he was elected a corresponding member of USSR Academy of Arts, Academician Secretary of the Presidium of the Academy. Now he - the chief scientist for the Presidency (1992), member of Russia Academy of Arts (1995).

M. M. Kurilko-Ryumin - People's Artist of Russia (1993), . Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1970), . Honored Artist of North Ossetia (1996), . Academician of the Academy of Arts (1995), . Kyrgyz Academy of Arts (1997) and the International Academy of Authorized Education (1999),
. He was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War I degree, "For Service to the Fatherland" IV degree, many medals.

He is the author of numerous publications in magazines, newspapers. For several years he was a member of the editorial board of the Ballet and a member of the redsoveta journal "Academy". Currently M. M. Kurilko-Ryumin is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees named A. Raikin, a board member of the Central House of Artists.

Among his passions - collecting items of Russian life XVII-XVIII centuries.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Kurilko-RYUMIN Mikhail Mikhailovich, photo, biography
Kurilko-RYUMIN Mikhail Mikhailovich, photo, biography Kurilko-RYUMIN Mikhail Mikhailovich  Active Member and Chief Scientific Secretary of the Presidium of Russia Academy of Arts, photo, biography
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