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( President `House` cartoons Russia, Academician of International Academy of Culture, a member of the French Academy of cartoons)

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Biography SMIRNOV Igor
Born 6 July 1944. Moscow.

He studied in Moscow and Leningrad SHSH (1954-1960 yy). In 1963-1966 i.i. served in a group of Soviet troops in Hungary.

In 1969 he entered the Art School in memory of 1905 and in 1971. in the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda published the first cartoon artist. From then until the present time in the media around the world have been published thousands of his cartoons. His works were published in the newspapers "Pravda", . "Komsomolskaya Pravda", . "Red Star", . Izvestia, . Moscow News, . Literary Gazette, . Voice of Homeland ", . "Russia's Vesti, . "General Newspaper", . and magazines "Crocodile", . "New Era", . "Fun", . "Soviet woman", . "Red Cross", . "Fatherland", . STF, . "Business people", . Socium, . "Journalist" and in many publications,

Igor Smirnov - the acclaimed master of caricature - is well known and loved not only in Russia but in many countries around the world. He - participated in more than 250 exhibitions, including Canada, the USA, Mexico, Cuba, Brazil, Holland, England, Belgium, Germany, France, Turkey, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Italy, Spain, Austria, the Philippines and Japan.

. Igor Smirnov has held solo exhibitions at the Library of
. Nekrasov (1988, . Moscow), . Museum of cartoons in g.Zelena Gora (1989), . well as in Istanbul (1990), . Madrid (1991, . at the invitation of Herman Manches), . Mexico City and Guadalajara (1991), . in the House of Artists in Moscow (1993), . in Acapulco (1994 g.Meksika), . in Bordeaux (1998, . France).,

. To date, four published catalog of the works of the artist: solo exhibition catalog, "Restructuring in the city" (1988), in the series "Masters of Soviet cartoons" - "Igor Smirnov", (Moscow, izd
. "Soviet Artist", 1991), "The book of cartoons Smirnov", (izd.Nazim Gerey, 1991, the charitable fund Ankara); directory of international solo exhibition "Perestroika".

Cartoons by Igor Smirnov illustrate many publications in the country and abroad. Among them: Bibliotechka "Red Star" - "The most beautiful Attack" (1973), . "A ticket for the return train" (1974), . "Bombs and mind" (1979), . "In Syria and Lebanon" (1983), . "Political autograph" (1984), . "Horizons 21 st Century" (1984), . "According to the dictates of the heart" (1985), . "The courage and skill" (1985); A. Pumpiansky "Not on Tuesday this week" (Moscow, . "Young Guard", . 1975); V. Burkov, "Komsomolskaya Pravda in an overcoat" (Moscow, . Pravda, . 1975); B. Arseniev, . B. Costin Medal of Columbus "(Moscow, . "Young Guard", . 1976); "Instant Star and the earth" (Moscow, . "Young Guard", . 1976); G. Antonov, . S. Grozdetsky, . J. Linder, . Romanov, "They were playing chess" (Moscow, . "Soviet Russia", . 1982); V. Gubarev "The clouds" (Moscow, . "Soviet Russia", . 1982); Ya Golovanov "Time Change" (Moscow, . publishing political literature, . 1984); M. Rebrov, "House on the banks of the Universe" (Moscow, . "Military publishing house, . 1986); Zoshchenko "Blue Book" (Moscow, . Pravda, . 1989); O. Henry "Selected Works" (Moscow, . Pravda, . 1991); M. Voslensky "Nomenclature" (Moscow, . MP "October" edition,
. "Soviet Russia", 1991); Khasbulatov "Russia - it's time for change" (Moscow, "Russian Encyclopedia, 1991); S. Mikhalkov" 77 "(Moscow," Contemporary ", 1991 g.), E. Counts "In the deep Aesop" (Moscow, MP "All for You", 1992)

. In the creative artist won by more than 40 international awards at international competitions and festivals cartoon satire and humor, . including: the fourth prize of the international competition cartoonists Ancona (1981, . Italy); third prize international competition cartoonists newspaper Yomiuri "(1980, . Tokyo, . Japan), . as well as festivals of cartoonists in the cities Anglet (1986, . France), . Piracicaba (1987, . Brazil) and Trento (1997, . Italy), second prize at the International Cartoon Contest in San Antonio de los Vanos (1987, . Cuba), . Zielona Gora (1987, . 1989, . Poland), . the international festival "Satire Politics" (the prize was awarded in g.Forte dei Marmi Italy's prime minister Giulio Andreotti, . 1988), . as well as competitions in Warsaw (1990, . Poland) and Havana (1995, . Cuba); first prizes in international competitions cartoons in Ankara (the prize was awarded to the National Museum of the cartoons in Istanbul), . Melbourne (1990, . Australia), . Rio de Janeiro (1991, . Brazil), . Dnipridzerzhinsk (1991, . Ukraine), . Bogota (1993, . Colombia) and Piracicaba (1997, . Brazil); Grand Prix at the International Cartoon Contest "Ecology" in Sofia (1989, . Bulgaria),
. He was awarded medals for their participation in the Second International Exhibition "Satire in the struggle for peace" (1973) in a festival of satire and humor in Gabrovo (1977, . Bulgaria), . Third International exhibition "Satire in the struggle for peace", . Medal of Honor of the international competition of cartoonists in Japan (1982, . 1983 as), . honorary medal and a diploma in International Cartoon Contest in Ankara (1986, . Turkey), . silver plaques at the international competition "Humor and Sports" in g.Ankona (1987, . 1989, . 1991, . 1993 he, . Italy), . special prizes in international competitions cartoons in g.Trento (Italy) and Donetsk (1990), . international biennale cartoonists in g.Verchelli (1988, . Italy), . Medal of the Association of Mexican cartoonists (1994) and other awards,
. IA Smirnov - Member of the Artists' Union (since 1988) and the Union of Journalists of the USSR (since 1989), Academician of International Academy of Culture (1990), a member of the French Academy of cartoons (1991). Biography of Igor Smirnov twice published in the Dictionary of International biography of the International Biographical Center (Cambridge, England, 1995, 1997, GG).

Now he has organized, led, and registered the "House of Russia's cartoon" in Moscow. Favorite hero Igor - Don Quixote, though he himself is not fighting windmills. Moreover, it is for something to keep them together with other ancient. Series, dedicated to Cervantes' hero - a kind of tuning fork, which can be checked, adjusted or not the viewer on the artist's work. To: Knight of the Sorrowful ridiculous that Smirnov's cartoons incomprehensible. After all, the grotesque in them - not a means to entertain and shock the audience, but a way to open his eyes to the absurd and even tragic in human existence. A particular passion Smirnov - Preservation Zamoskvorechye streets, where a student went to art school sketches.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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SMIRNOV Igor, photo, biography
SMIRNOV Igor, photo, biography SMIRNOV Igor  President `House` cartoons Russia, Academician of International Academy of Culture, a member of the French Academy of cartoons, photo, biography
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