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Alex Shmarin Dementievich

( Member of the Russia Academy of Arts, State Prize laureate)

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Biography Alex Shmarin Dementievich
Born April 4, 1933 in Moscow in the family of the artist. Father - Shmarinov Dementiy Alekseevich (1907-1999), was a Soviet, Russia's graphic artist. His creative life to illustrate the works of great writers: Pushkin, Shakespeare, Gogol, Nekrasov, Hemingway and many others. His illustrations for "Crime and Punishment Fyodor Dostoyevsky and" War and Peace "Leo Tolstoy rightly recognized as a classic book illustrations. Mother - Shmarinov Galina (1911g.rozhd.). Wife - Shmarinov Karina N. (1937g.rozhd.), Actress. Sons - Shmarinov Alexei (1956g.rozhd.), Theater actor Mossovet; Shmarinov Sergei Alekseevich, artist. Granddaughter - Shmarinov Alekseevna Daria, a student of secondary school. Grandson - Shmarinov Ivan, despite his young age, trying to draw and gives in this respect, good hope.

Childhood AD Shmarinov had the difficult pre-war and war years. After the war, classes in secondary schools accompanied by passion in radio, and there were no signs of motion in the direction of young men his father's profession, the more that parents are not pushing it in that direction. Suddenly, parents and close friends in 1949, Alex passed exams and entered the penultimate class of the Moscow Art School, which graduated two years later with a medal. This is followed by the faculty of painting of the Moscow State Art Institute named after VI Surikov (1952-1958) - and again with honors.

Creative activity the artist began in 1955. Its picturesque paintings, shown in several large thematic exhibitions of that time, immediately and there were spectators, and the artistic community. Subsequently, the focus of AD Shmarinov gives graphic arts - easel and book illustration. He has masterfully various graphic techniques - watercolor, lithography, linocut, etching, etc..

The main theme of his work is a native Russian land, its unique beauty and charm, her long-suffering and heroic history

. Great success created AD Shmarinov in the mid 60-ies monumental series of engravings "Kamchatka", . and already the next series - "Heroes of the Russian people XIII-XV centuries" (linocut, . 1968-1969) today is perceived as a classic of historical graphs Russia,
. Subject ancient Russian history occupies an important place in the artist: "Zadonshchina" (1977-1978, etching), "On the field ofKulikovo (1978-1979, tsv.ofort)," Kulikovo "(1979-1980, tsv.litografiya) etc.. These works are saturated seasonally reliability, energy transfer ownership of the era when the Russian state.

AD Shmarinov - one of the connoisseurs of old Russian texts and chronicles. As the originator and book artist, . He conceived and implemented a series of fundamental historical collections under the theme "Stories of the Russian chronicles and military stories XIV-XVI centuries" ( "Who with sword, . 1973, . 1975; On the Field ofKulikovo, . 1980; "Russia heroic", . 1988),
. These publications are marked by many domestic and foreign awards. The wide publicity in Russia and outside it was a journalistic series "Keeping our land" (1982-1984).

With a deep penetration into the text and artistic style Shmarinov illustrated classic monument of Georgian literature - a poem of Shota Rustaveli's "Knight in Panther's Skin" (1987), a book Prishvin "Forest drops" (1984) and others.

In recent years AD Shmarinov easel working on a series of watercolors, Russia - my love! ". The artist created more than 160 works shown in many exhibitions in Russia and abroad. The works in this series had a wide public response and the high spectator assessment. "Russia, original, beautiful, powerful in the majestic vast expanse, lyrically intimate in the intimate simplicity, has found in the works of Alexei Shmarinov worthy incarnation. In the chamber, it would seem, the art of watercolor, he managed to convey not only the subtle nuances of the moods of Russian nature, the poetic harmony of colors Russia, but its power, its scope, its truly heroic virtue. It is here - in the theme of Russia - Alexei Shmarinov found himself a patriot in the best sense of the word, the artist, carrying the world the image of their beautiful homeland ... "

. Personal exhibitions AD Shmarinov very successfully held in Germany, Austria, France, Czech Republic, in a number of Asian
. Works AD Shmarinov are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, . State Russian Museum, . State Museum of Fine Arts named after AS Pushkin and other major museums in Russia, . in a number of museums and private collections in Germany, . France, . United States, . Austria, . Japan, . Italy, . Norway and other countries,

Along with the active creative activity of AD Shmarinov done a lot in education, aesthetic education of children in the preservation of monuments of Russian culture. The last three years the artist a lot of time to work at the Commission for the artistic decoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, with consideration of the very first sketches of paintings, sculptures and ornaments to their final disposition in the temple.

Since 1997 he has led the creative workshop of the academic schedules in Moscow. As a member of the presidium of Russia Academy of Fine Arts, he oversees the Moscow Academic Art Lyceum NV Tomsk.

AD Shmarinov - People's Artist of Russia (1993), laureate of State Prize of the RSFSR (1989), Chevalier of the Order of Merit (1999), winner of the prestigious award named after the famous German collector Peter Ludwig (1994). He is an active member of the Russia Academy of Arts, a board member of the Union of Artists of Russia, corresponding member of the Society of Artists of Austria, a corresponding member of the international Munich Press Club.

Main addiction AD Shmarinov - hunting and hunting dogs. Scottish and Irish setters, who lived in his family, have been the champions and winners of the hunting competitions.

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Alex Shmarin Dementievich, photo, biography
Alex Shmarin Dementievich, photo, biography Alex Shmarin Dementievich  Member of the Russia Academy of Arts, State Prize laureate, photo, biography
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