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Yureneva Elena Rostislavovna

( Art Gallery director `Movies`, `Gallery director Old Masters')

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Biography Yureneva Elena Rostislavovna
Born February 14, 1951 in Moscow. Father - Yurenev Rostislav N. (1912 g.rozhd.). Mother - Yureneva Tamara losifovna (1922 g.rozhd.). Male - Perchenko Michael Efremovich (1946 g.rozhd.). Son - Perchenko Cyril (1978 g.rozhd.).

First in the life of an informed advice - "Be я?п?пҐп?я?п?пЎп№ - you're a girl!" - Was adopted as an alternative to unruly older brother. Brother and adored because he wore a vest, then the yard Lena called "sister Botsmana. Better than all ran and fought on stilts, had a personal bike, generously treated all roach, was friends with a girl from a vast Tatar family, appears on its face unfavorable. Repeatedly penalized for it in school and at home. School did not like, but visited regularly. Tried, in spite of all, do not wear uniforms, but wearing it might be more bright tights, make friends with the boys, who bribed chewing gum and participation in joint adventures. In high school, was a leader, but did not know how to lead. Later, the leadership has evaporated, but learned to manage. Always knew how to avoid conflicts. Always dreamed of having a dog. The first "own" rather than "pomoechnaya" appeared in 1974 - a black spaniel Kesha. Now a favorite creature - tax Dunya.

Work began in 1968, the freight forwarder in the Bureau of Propaganda of the Soviet cinema. Moscow State University do to not think that my father - professor VGIK and the largest cinema critic of the Soviet Union - propihnul to VGIK. The most vivid impressions of VN Lazarev, Yu K. Zolotov, Oleg Popov, MN Yablonska - faculty offices of the evening, which been studying all 6 years. After graduating in 1974, the department of theory and history of fine arts at once began to work. Like many others, the importance of the profession created a lot later.

From 1974 to 1990. worked as a research assistant at the State Museum of Fine Arts named after AS Pushkin, . Junior Research, . then a senior research fellow at the Central Exhibition Hall (Manege), . more than 10 years was deputy director of the department of scientific propaganda of the Central House of Artist,
. Cooking guides, lecturers, engaged in methodological work, wrote articles, was adopted in the USSR Union of Artists. At the same time began to organize exhibitions of contemporary art in Moscow, in Russia and abroad. She graduated from the graduate school of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute im.V.I.Lenina (art-graphic faculty).

In 1990 became director of the National Center of artistic culture, at the same time was an art gallery director and advisory board "Dominus".

In 1991, together with fellow colleagues to register a company ARTMIF (MIF - Moscow International Fair) - Moscow Art Fair. This company was a member of the Board, Deputy General Director and Head of Art Department. It came as a separate part of the gallery and "Dominus". Participated in organizing 3 international art fairs "ARTMIF" and many exhibitions. In 1997, together with Professor P. Lobachevsky opened gallery "Kino". The first year of work - 13 exhibition projects in the Cinema Center (this is where there is an office and showroom gallery).

In 1998 became director of the gallery "Old Masters" (Western European art 16-19 centuries)..

Hobby - reading books - Russian and Western European classics, detective. Musical preference - classic, jazz. He is fond of swimming and horse riding. Holiday likes to spend at sea, and rare moments of free time is dedicated to museums, exhibition halls, galleries.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Russia, Moscow, ul.Spiridonovka, 16-25 Phone / Fax: (+7-095) 202-27-43

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Yureneva Elena Rostislavovna, photo, biography
Yureneva Elena Rostislavovna, photo, biography Yureneva Elena Rostislavovna  Art Gallery director `Movies`, `Gallery director Old Masters', photo, biography
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