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Irina Arkhipova K.

( People's Artist of USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes)

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Biography Irina Arkhipova K.
Born in Moscow. Father - Vetoshkin Konstantin. Mother - Evdokia Efimovna, was born in the village of Nikolaevka Voronezh. Spouse - Piavko Vladislav Ivanovich, People's Artist of USSR.

Irina Arkhipova's father was born in Belarus. He was from a family of hereditary railway workers who owned their craft seriously and deeply. Labor Vetoshkin family tradition, the desire for knowledge led him to the 20-ies in Moscow, the Institute of Railway Engineers. Subsequently, Konstantin was a major specialist in the field of construction. In Moscow, participated in the construction of buildings of the Library of Lenin and the Palace of Soviets. It was a very musical person, playing several instruments, but, unlike his wife, Evdokia Efimovna, in whose family were able to sing everything, was deprived of singing voice. Maternal grandfather, Efim Ivanovich, possessed a remarkable musical talent and a beautiful voice (bass-baritone), his life has performed at rural festivals, church. At one time led the chorus of kolkhoz. On arrival in Moscow Evdokia Efimovna auditioned in the chorus, but her husband, Vetoshkin Konstantin, did not allow her to work there.

Seeing the musical talent of her daughter, Konstantin Ivanovich decided to give Irina study music in piano. She entered the Central Music School at the Moscow Conservatory, but due to sudden illness to study her there had. Later, to catch up, Irina entered the school Gnesin. Her first teacher on the piano was Olga Golubeva. After a year and a half Irina went to Olga Fabianovne Gnesinyh. Along with lessons on the piano sang in the choir school of music.

However, the family had no doubt: the future of Irina - Architecture. In 1941, Mr.. She graduated from Grade 9 and the war began, which is largely influenced the choice of profession. Autumn the family was evacuated to Tashkent. In 1942, after graduating from school in Tashkent, Irina entered the Architectural Institute (MARCHI), which was also evacuated to Tashkent. Examination of the drawing and plotting Irina deposited with the assessment of 'excellent N1'.

In Tashkent, she resumed music lessons, and there, in the Architectural Institute, held its first public appearance. Irina performed the song Pauline. In 1944, when the Institute returned from evacuation to Moscow, she decided to speak again. Over time, these concerts have become an integral part of student life.

Often, when asked how she became a singer, Irina K. says: "She graduated from the Architectural Institute. Illogicality of such a response merely external, as the Institute of Architecture, in addition to a broad education, erudition, outlook, perceptions and sensations of space, sense of style, form, composition, and gave a fairly serious musical education. In the walls of the Institute of Music in high esteem. And teachers, and students have been an avid theater-goers.

In 1945, Mr.. 'father of architecture', a famous academician Ivan Vladislavovich Zholtovsky invited Hope Matveevna Malyshev MARCHI lead vocal in a circle, which came and Irina Arkhipova. Before Hope Matveyevna worked accompanist for the famous vocal teacher G. Aden. From that moment began a new phase in the life of Irene, which led her to the opera and concert stage. From that moment, and begins her creative (singing) biography.

In this circle began serious vocal familiarity with romansovoy future singer and operatic literature. Interesting, . that during the occupation of the Habanera from the opera "Carmen" Bizet NM Malysheva offered its interpretation of the image of Carmen - net, . free, . Wild, . - Which found an echo in the soul of Irina and subsequently became a cornerstone in the performance of the whole Party Arkhipova,
. A few months after the start of the course took its first choral architecturally

. Being engaged in the singing, . making progress in the circle of vocal concerts and soirees, . IK Arkhipov, . unless, . continued to prepare for the work of the architect and has been working hard over the Diploma under the guidance of Professor MO Barshch, . Teachers GD Constantine, and NP Sukoyantsa and architect LS Zaleskaya,
. Its theme was the layout of the center of the city of Stavropol and park on the Komsomolskaya hill to the museum, a monument in memory of the fallen in WWII.

Protection at "excellent" diploma and successfully completing the Institute, in 1948. Irina Arkhipova was assigned to work in the architectural design studio TSVP, where she designed the houses at the Yaroslavl highway. At this time in the studio of the Palace of Soviets group of architects under the leadership of L. Rudnev led design of the complex Lomonosov Moscow State University on Sparrow Hills. Design of office buildings of the complex was transferred to L. Rudnev TSVP, of which the garage, printing and himlaboratoriya were assigned Irina Arkhipova, and this work was successfully carried out its. Architect Irina Arkhipova - by design of the building of the Moscow financial institution on Prospekt Mira.

Also in 1948, after learning that the Moscow Conservatory, opened the evening department, Irina, continuing to work the architect, came to the first course in the class of People's Artist of the RSFSR L. Savransky.

In March 1951, Mr.. student of 3rd course of the Moscow Conservatory and the architect Voenproekta Defense Irina Arkhipova made its debut at the Moscow radio for Italy. She told the audience about his family, sang the anthem Molinelli and a Russian folk song "Oh, you're duty, night".

By 5 th course, it became clear that the need to ultimately be determined by the profession. By studying at the conservatory were added performances at the opera studio, work on the chamber concerts, participation in concerts. Irina Arkhipova decided to take a vacation, go to the office the day, finished the conservatory there and see what happens.

While working on the diploma program, which included an aria from "Messiah" by JS Bach, Irina Arkhipova rehearsed in the Great Hall of the Conservatory with Harry Grodberg, who played the famous organ. Since then, the biography of a professional singer appeared Line Organ Music. She later sang with the organist M. Royzmanom, I. Braude, P. Sipolnieksom, O. Tsintynem, O. Yanchenko. She performed in the halls of organ Philharmonic Minsk, Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Kishinev, Sverdlovsk and many other cities in our country. To record the disc of organ music at the famous Dome Cathedral in Riga, Cathedral of Vilnius, the Polish church in Kiev, etc..

Brilliantly at the concert and graduation with honors from passing the state exams, Irina Arkhipova enrolled in graduate school, but the sample in the Bolshoi Theater did not like it and it did not take. During graduate school, she worked first in the class of FS Petrova, then the chamber singing - at AV Dolivo, and all these years, it does not break with NM Malysheva.

Even during classes at the conservatory were all convinced that Irina Arkhipova is destined to become, first and foremost, opera singer. Her repertoire was already standing complex operatic roles. She is often invited to take part in the most prestigious concerts with the participation of recognized masters, singers. March 1, 1954, Mr.. she took part in the concert hall of the Red Banner CDSA, where Irina Arkhipova acted together with I. Kozlovsky, AP Ognivtsevym, LA Ruslanova, AP Zuev, VA Popov. In April 1954. Irina Arkhipova was invited to take part in the comedy "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme," which brought in the Soviet Union in Paris theater Comedie Francaise ". She has successfully sung all the performances in Moscow and Leningrad in French and re-tried in the Bolshoi Theater, but it again did not take.

Then in 1954. Arkhipov moved into the correspondence department of the vocal faculty of graduate and went to Sverdlovsk, where she worked throughout the winter 1954-1955,. Opera and Ballet. In 1955, Mr.. Irina Arkhipova won the international competition of vocalists at the Fifth World Youth Festival in Warsaw, . which ended with a concert of the winners in the Kremlin and where someone from a member of the Government asked: 'Why do not Arkhipova BolshomN',
. After the festival started in the current life of the Sverdlovsk Opera Soloist. Irina Arkhipova took part in the final tour, playing concerts theater, which was held in Rostov-on-Don, and then traveled with him in Kislovodsk and began to prepare Carmen, which will soon be successfully addressed and.

Simultaneously with Irina Arkhipova started and Leningrad Line. January 28, 1956, Mr.. held its first touring concert performance - a concert of works by R. Schumann at the Small Philharmonic Hall in Leningrad. After 2 days the singer has successfully debuted in "The Tsar's Bride" at the Maly Opera Theater. After these concerts Irina Arkhipova offered to stay in Leningrad, but her surprise herself, the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, was transferred to the Bolshoi Theater.

Irina Arkhipova debut at the Bolshoi Theater on 1 April 1956. She sang with great success Carmen. Her partner in the first "Carmen" was the Bulgarian singer Ljubomir Bodurov. Party Micaela sang EV Shumskaya, conducted by Vladimir Nebol'sin.

In December 1956,. at the Bolshoi Theater Irina Arkhipova sang Amneris ( "Aida" by Verdi). This was followed by "War and Peace" (Helen), Falstaff (Meg) in the formulation B. A. Pokrovsky. Great honor and pleasure felt Irina Arkhipova sing in concerts, where he conducted A.Sh.Melik-Pashayev. With his death ended in a big and important stage of the artistic life of the singer. She received a huge artistic heritage of the inspired masters. It is largely defined its creative destiny, because even at first laid in it a strong foundation based on rigor, taste, musicality.

In 1958, Mr.. performed at the Bolshoi Opera production of the most difficult of the Czech composer Janacek 'Her stepdaughter'. Music director and conductor of this production was the chief conductor of the Prague opera Zdenek Halabala. Staged a director of opera Brno (Czechoslovakia) Lingard. Irina Arkhipova performed arhitrudneyshuyu party Kostelnichki.

Another example of how to work on stage, began to IK Arkhipova SY Lemeshev. Under his guidance, she participated in the production of "Werther". The performances were a huge success, not to mention what kind of triumph was at the performances of the S. Ya Lemesheva - Werther. That he has learned the singer to give all forces and all thoughts of work on the way, the opera.

In May 1959. Irina Arkhipova first performed one of his most favorite roles - Marfa in Khovanshchina Mussorgsky.

The culmination of the first phase of the artistic life of IK Arkhipova began in June 1959, when the Soviet Union took a tour of the famous Italian tenor Mario Del Monaco. He was the first Italian opera singer on the Soviet scene. His arrival was a great event, and the success of "Carmen" with his participation was incredible. "I do not remember how many times we went to the bows. Mario kissed my hands, from the orchestra pit was heard: "Ira, bravo!", The audience standing ovation. Artists choir Mario suffered from the scene in the artistic hands. This honor was once awarded only FIShalyapin. "Moscow learned miracle!", - Says Irina Konstantinova.

The grand success of "Carmen" in Moscow, Irina Arkhipova opened the door on the world opera scene and brought the world the success of singer. Through this radio play all over Europe, she received numerous invitations from abroad. While touring in Budapest, she first sang Carmen in Italian. Her partner in the role of Don Jose, was a talented singer and actor JцЁzsef Shimandi. A front was to sing with Mario Del Monaco in Italy! In December 1960. "Carmen" was in Naples, and in January 1961,. - Rome. This was accompanied not just a success - a triumph! He was proof that talent Irina Arkhipova was recognized at home the world's best vocal school, and Del Monaco acknowledged Irina Arkhipova best of modern Carmen.

Tour of Italy had great significance for the national art. It was the first in the history of Soviet opera performances Russian singer and her participation in productions for Italian opera. In addition, Irina Arkhipova made in Rome in the evening with Russian romances. The result of these performances was the signing of director of La Scala, Dr. Antonio Giringelli and ambassador to Italy, SP Kozyrev paper-contract on the first training young Soviet singers in Italy. Soon went there: T. Milashkina, L. Nikitina, A. Vedernikov, N. ANDGULADZE, E. Kibkalo.

Grew in popularity Irina Arkhipova and in the Motherland. In November 1961,. held her first solo concert in the Hall of Columns. In his program - classical music. Arkhipov agreed to perform Spanish romance SHAPORINA "breathed the cool night, and felt that the product of Soviet composer took an equal place next to the famous classics.

Autumn 1963. Work took place over the first opera, which was intended for the stage that you just opened the Kremlin Palace of Congresses - Don Carlos G. Verdi. Irina Arkhipova was assigned to the party Eboli. For the production, was invited by the Bulgarian conductor of the Assen Naydenov, who said afterwards: "Irina Arkhipova not only has great composure, a sense of action and acting, but great musicianship, excellent memory and vivid artistry. I know two singers, who coped admirably with this most difficult of the party - Elena Nikolai and Irina Arkhipova '.

In May-June 1963. Irina Arkhipova was a day trip to Japan, where it held 14 solo concerts across the country, and in 1964. on the Bolshoi Theater in Milan, in the 'La Scala', Irina Arkhipova played brilliantly in the Party: Marina Mnishek ( 'Boris Godunov'), Pauline ( 'The Queen of Spades') and Helen Bezukhova ( 'War and Peace'). In the same year Arkhipov undertook his first trip to the U.S.. In New York, she met pianist John Vustmanom, with whom she still remains in this creative friendship. With him the singer has repeatedly toured the United States, Europe, in particular, sang along with him one of the concerts in the Salle Pleyel in Paris. In 1970. during the third round of the competition Tchaikovsky Irina Arkhipova and John Vustman recorded on Melodia disc of works by Rachmaninov and Mussorgsky's cycle "Songs and Dances of Death". This disc received the Grand Prix "Golden Orpheus" in Paris.

In 1967. Irina Arkhipova accepted the invitation to participate in the formulation Khovanshchina in the famous "La Scala", becoming the first Russian singer, received an invitation to participate in the formulation of performance abroad. Marfa in the premiere performances of Irina Arkhipova performed in Italian. Party Ivan Khovansky sang the famous Bulgarian bass Nicolai Ghiaurov. After the fabulous success of 'Khovanschina' guide 'La Scala' invited Irina Arkhipova and Nicholas Gyaurov participate in the production of 'Boris Godunov' in the following year, 1967.

1969. - Again touring the U.S. again, "Carnegie Hall in New York. Here Irina Arkhipova sang in French scenes from "Carmen". In 1970. she received an invitation to the San Francisco Opera in "Aida". At one of the performances attended by Luciano Pavarotti, who invited the singer to "Favorite" by Donizetti in Bologna.

In August 1970. Irina Arkhipova, singing at the Bolshoi Theater gastrolyaz in Canada at the 'Expo 70' Marina Mniszek, Pauline in 'The Queen of Spades' and a few concerts, flew to Riga, where his debut as Leonora in the opera "Il Trovatore". In October of that year, Arkhipova involved staged 'Troubadour' in Nancy in France, then was entered in the "Golden Book" of the theater and was awarded a contract for "Aida" in Rouen and Bordeaux, and staging "Il Trovatore" in Orange. This production took place in the summer of 1972. the International Opera Festival and became a landmark in her artistic destiny: the triumph, surrounded by outstanding singers and great Montserrat Caballe. Everything connected with the production of this opera, with her performance in the ancient amphitheater stage at the time of Emperor Augustus, belongs to the strongest impressions of artistic career. Duo Montserrat Caballe and Irina Arkhipova, wrote the French press, marked by 'the coronation of the great Russian mezzo'.

His first trip to London took place in 1975. for staging of Verdi's opera "Il Trovatore" in the theater 'Covent Garden'. Again Arkhipov with great success singing with M. Caballe. London debut was a success, and the press was a large and enthusiastic. Following this presentation, a tour in England have become regular. Performances, festivals, concerts. It is these gastrolyaz Irina Arkhipova was the encounter with a wonderful Italian conductor Riccardo Mutti. Important for a singer thinks chamber programs, including romances Medtner, Taneyev, Prokofiev, SHAPORINA, Sviridov, so the success that had fallen to their lot in England, it is particularly dear. One of the articles is a response to the concerts in September 1986, was titled "Magic Mezzo". "... Stands triumphant at the Bolshoi Theater in the leading parties. Her voice sounds as youthful and fresh, everything is possible !..."

. "Arkhipova able to revive in our minds the greatness of Maria Callas, . bestowed upon us simultaneously with two unique hours of music, . that touched us ", . - So the press was writing after the concert in memory of Maria Callas on the stage of "Herod-Attica", . which took place in September's tour of Irina Arkhipova in Greece (1983),

Stories about people Irina Arkhipova was lucky to meet in life, to know by working together on the stage, can be infinitely long. Most special theme - work with conductor Boris Khaikin, . directors IM Tumanov, . BA Pokrovsky, . GP Ansimova; excellent singers A. Eisenach, . PG Lisitsian, . ZI Andzhaparidze, . the next generation of singers, . who were supported early in their opera way, . which later became partners Irina Arkhipova,
. Many of them led the singer, as they say, hand on the European and other scenes.

Deep and serious acquaintance with Irina Arkhipova new works started in the conservatory, in graduate. Cantata "The word mother" in poems Julius Fucik, performed at the Conservatory student orchestra conducted by Algis Zhyuraytisa young, she opened in his art direction of oratorio-cantata form. After three decades, during a speech on the radio, along with VI Fedoseev, she repeated this cantata.

Then there was the work with Prokofiev: Alexander Nevsky, cantata, oratorio "Ivan the Terrible", the opera "War and Peace", "The Story of a Real Man," his satirical songs.

With music by Rodion Shchedrin and with him personally met the singer in the preparation of the opera "Not only love" at the Bolshoi Theater, and in 1962. this performance was conducted by E. Svetlanov. With composer AN Holminovym met when he wrote a song for Mother's gala concert dedicated to the 40 th anniversary of Komsomol and, later, to work on ways to Commissioner 'Optimistic Tragedy', which the composer wrote in the calculation of Irina Arkhipova.

Unfortunately, with the great George V. Sviridov truly, creatively, the singer met late, but started to work, no longer able to depart from the composer, his music - original, deep, modern. GV Sviridov said: "Irina Konstantinova - actress not only a great sense and subtle intellect. It feels good nature of poetic language, has a good sense of musical form, the proportion of art ... "

. Bright, unforgettable event - meeting with the Georgian composer Otar Taktakishvili, transformed into a multi-year creative friendship

In 1966, Mr.. Irina Arkhipova was invited to participate as a member of the jury Tchaikovsky, and already in 1967. it is the permanent chairman of the jury im.M.I.Glinki. Since then, she regularly takes part in many prestigious competitions of the world, . in TMO including: "Verdi Voices" and im.Mario Del Monaco in Italy, . Queen Elisabeth Competition in Belgium, . im.Marii Callas in Greece, . im.Fransisko Vinyasa in Spain, . vocal competition in Paris, . vocal competition in Munich,
. Since 1974, Mr.. (except 1994), it is the permanent chairman of the jury Tchaikovsky in "solo singing". In 1997. at the invitation of President of Azerbaijan Heydar Aliyev and Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan Palade Bulbuloglu Irina Arkhipova led the jury the Bul-Bul, organized in 100-th anniversary of the prominent Azerbaijani singer.

Since 1986. Arkhipov led by All-Union Musical Society, at the end of 1990. transformed into the International Union of Musicians, Irina K. participates in many international congresses and symposia, public and state organizations to the global problems of mankind. Not without its participation managed to keep for Moscow famous bird market, organize the concert of young singers - the winners of the contest im.M.I.Glinki, "knock out" the Hall of Columns for the International Tchaikovsky Competition. In 1993, Mr.. in Moscow was organized by Irina Arkhipova, dealing with the support and promotion of young musicians-performers, including singers.

K. Irina Arkhipova - a unique phenomenon on the world opera. She - People's Artist of USSR, . Hero of Socialist Labor, . winner of the Lenin and State Prize of Russia for the enlightenment, . Prize winner and medals im.S.V.Rahmaninova, . Chevalier of the three Orders of Lenin, . Order of Red Banner of Labor, . many domestic and foreign medals, . People's Artist of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan, . People's Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan, . Maestra DelArte (Moldova),
. Irina Arkhipova is a professor of the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory, . active member and vice president of the International Academy of Art and the Russian section of the International Academy of Sciences, . President of the International Union of Musicians and the Fund Irina Arkhipova,

For many years she was a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR People's Deputies. Member of the Political Council of the Movement 'Our House Russia'. Holder of the title "Man of the Year" (Russian Biographical Institute, . 1993), . "Man of the Century" (International Biographical Center of Cambridge, . 1993), . "Goddess of Art" (1995), . World Award of Arts "Diamond Lear Corporation Marishin Art Management International,
. In 1995. Institute of Theoretical Astronomy of the Russia Academy of Sciences awarded the name of the small planet Arkhipova N 4424. Prize for the noble attitude opera 'Casta Diva' (1999).

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Irina Arkhipova K., photo, biography
Irina Arkhipova K., photo, biography Irina Arkhipova K.  People's Artist of USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor, laureate of Lenin and State prizes, photo, biography
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