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Babkin (Zasedatelev) Nadezhda G.

( People's Artist of Russia, the artistic director of the Moscow State Folk Center 'Russian Song' and `Russian song ensemble`)

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Biography Babkin (Zasedatelev) Nadezhda G.
photo Babkin (Zasedatelev) Nadezhda G.
After Astrakhan School of Music, . and then of Music pedagogicheskiyinstitut Gnesin two specialties: "Head narodnogohora" / 1976 / and "folk songs" / 1981 /, . NadezhdaBabkina acquired a solid foundation of knowledge and skills in the field russkogonarodno-singing-playing,
. Over 25 years of creative-agency deyatelnostiona become a true master - Executive Russian songs, well znayuschimee indigenous signs and at the same time knowing how to work with her to pozitsiynastoyaschego time. Hope Babkin - founder and leader shirokoizvrstnogo in the country and abroad, the ensemble "Russian Song" / since 1974 / .Etot unique singing group for many years the leader among the performing groups in-crease of national plan. Nadezhda Babkina managed to create a singing group, . virtuoso owning art ansamblirovaniya, . pevches-Kimi styles of different regions of Russia, . various historical layers and hudozhestvennyhnapravleny domestic music, . including the spiritual and dog-nopeniya sovremennyeavtorskie songs,
. That high singing skill allows kollektivui his head to take up the scores of any technical difficulties, rabotatmobilno and productively, quickly learn new repertoire and create novyekontsertnye program. At the same time artists do not make the task of preserving etnograficheskoydostover-ness. Their performances are always creative, . impulsive, . improvi-organizational nature; folk songs in their chants are soboyochen subtle and stylistically precise arrangements, . which organically sochetayutsyaberezhnoe relation to the traditional elements / dialect, . ne-hay texture, . manner of execution and / contemporary reading of the folk song,
. This osobennostansamblya stress stage costumes artists: always bright, original, stylish, creating a certain tone of speech

. Sustainable Hope Babkina desire to preserve historic korneyrusskoy national musical culture - folk-song traditions can be traced throughout her career working with ansamblem.Bolshoe number of different genres and different character representations of original songs features / "The Wedding", . "Pancake", . Night divination, etc. /, . which koloristichny not only tochkizreniya musical-poetic language, . but the stage incarnation,
. Hope Babkin is still the only choirmaster, okonchivshimVysshie Directing courses at GITIS'e, professionally competent and scenically perfectly embody the folk music on the stage. This is more valuable to the extent folk art is syncretic in nature, and the ability to "play the song" allows artists to achieve vpechatlyayuscheypravdivosti in the transfer of its meaning.

. With great organizational skills and wanting to actively vliyatna processes of conservation and development of Russian folk-singing tradition, . NadezhdaBabkina created on the basis of his singing ensemble Gosudarstvennyyfolklorny Moscow Center "Russian Song" / 1989 /, . which, . addition ansamblyas same name, . included new creative-cal structure - folklornayagruppa Heritage, . experimental and creative workshop "Slavs", . The Russian duet, . School of folk song, etc.,

Activity Center "Russian Song" performed in ramkahpravite lstvennoy program of spiritual rebirth of Russia. Its schetumnogo 'large-scale cases initiated by the Hope Babkin. So, thanks to its energy in April 1993. in N. Novgorod the First Rossiyskiyfolklorny Festival Nizhegorodskaya Carousel ". In the framework of his / podpredsedatelstvom N. Babkina competition was held professional-tional ispolniteleyrusskih folk songs and ballads, as well as the SOS-toyalas presentation kontsertnoyprogrammy "Russian song" collect friends ". The main program was deystvuyuschimlitsom Hope Babkin - singer and actress, playwright and director, host of the program. This con-tsert-performance, coherent and compact poforme deeply national in content, due to exceptional interespubliki and subsequently had great success with audiences of different cities of Russia abroad.

New season 1994/95. marked ^ other creative work NadezhdyBabkinoy: October 26, 1995 at the State Concert Hall "Russia" held a presentation of the program "Center" Russian Song "presents". It revealed a striking manner the artistic individuality of every indie-creative team of the Center, and all 'together they convinced-tion demonstrated veneralnoe direction of its cultural activities.

. Annual Hope Babkina participates in the International Jury mu-zykalnogo festival "Slavic Bazaar in Vitebsk
. In 1993 goduona vozvlavlyala jury of this festival. It took her successful debut as a soloist singer / 1932 /, . paved the way for solo ispolneniyu.V vast repertoire includes folk songs and in addition to their treatments nemaloimeetsya works of contemporary authors / L. Quint "White-white", . A. Malinin, "Printing World", . Gorbachev "Kazachka Nadia", . 0.Ivanov "Samovar-gingerbread, etc. /,
. Always leave russkoypevitsey, accurately transmitting folk song tradition, Hope abkinavmeste so creates its own distinctive tonal areas, in their own raskryvaetglubinu musical-poetic images. This reflects its tvorcheskayazre smallness, fascinating skill

. Hope Babkin can often be heard on the radio, not only as pevitsy.Dva times a month it goes live broadcast P in the transfer of "Babkin House," which introduces students to the traditional folk songs culture.

. Concerts of Hope Babkina and her ensemble 'highlights constantly pres-behold, on the central TV Ostankino and Russia Teleradiocom-paniey
. It carries a large number of records as a solo and ensemble, on audio-and videotapes, compact discs, records

. Being a sociable and friendly person, . Hope abkina mnogosil and funds for charitable giving, . often with svoimkollektivom in orphanages, . among workers in factories, . by villagers, . hospitals, . bringing ordinary people to spiritual health,

At present, the ensemble "Russian Song" and its rukovoditelprodolzhayut search of original samples of Russian music, new forms of stsenicheskogovoploscheniya

. Save a Russian folk song, . and therefore the Russian culture-that is the main task, . the sake of which all our work and seek ", . - This slogan highlights the 'whole career People's Artist of Russia, . sozdatelyasamobytnyh concert programs Hope Babkin.,

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    Babkin (Zasedatelev) Nadezhda G., photo, biography
    Babkin (Zasedatelev) Nadezhda G., photo, biography Babkin (Zasedatelev) Nadezhda G.  People's Artist of Russia, the artistic director of the Moscow State Folk Center 'Russian Song' and `Russian song ensemble`, photo, biography
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