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Barynin Valeriy

( People's Artist of Russia)

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Biography Barynin Valeriy
Born March 25, 1950, Mr.. G. Arzamas Gorky region. Father - Barynin Nikolai (1914 g.rozhd.). Mother - Shchepochkina Seraphim Leontievna (1917 g.rozhd.). Wife - Kupriyanova-Barynina Svetlana. Children: Barynina Marina and Barynina Anastasia.

While in school, played first dramatic role. Tried to sing along to all those who lead the singing, but Valeria immediately "pull up": "Do not know how to sing - do not yell!". Voice from his childhood was so strong that for this power could not hear anyone from singing. Valery went to the river Vyatka, or retreated to the forest, field and relieved his feelings - he sang is called "full-Ivanovo". But then a career artist, especially a singer, there was no thought. After school, Valery went to work at an aircraft factory. Was a fitter, turner, obkatchikom electric trolley, lekalschikom. In his spare time involved in traditional plant competition between departments for ice hockey, defended the gate, and was a goalkeeper in soccer tournament. Stadium belonged to the club, but there were lessons Vjatsky Choir of Russian Song. Valery under pressure from the authorities, mindful of the recent expulsion from the collective singing, vobschem some reluctance came to the choir. I started to do, and within a few months became a soloist of the choir and the winner of the show urban. This is the first title was obtained in 17 years.

A year later, in the city tour Siberian Folk Chorus. Valery was adopted there by singer contest, a month later became the artist of the chorus, after three months - soloist. Two years later he was invited by the soloist in Omsk Folk Chorus. Began tours not only the country but also abroad. China, Korea ... A lot of impressions, broadens the mind, in those years Valery read very much. Soon he was invited to the Omsk Theater of Musical Comedy. In the theater for one and a half years he worked his way from the "Bon appetit" to the lead singer. Played and sung heroes of the party-lovers: Arman (Frasquita), Andrei Baklanov ( "Circus lights fires"), Nechaev ( "We lived three student"), Jim Kenek ( "Rose Marie"). All parties have been learned and performed by artists who do not have any musical education. Valery begins to understand and feel the need to learn. And then a huge salary for a boy soloist he changes to a student's scholarship. Valery Barynin was adopted in the Ural Conservatory with six grade education, . not knowing a single note, . withstand the tremendous competition - 13 people in the place! All tenor without top notes considered themselves baritones, . all without the lower bass notes, too, saw themselves as baritones, . therefore the biggest competition was among baritones,
. Conservatory Barynin graduated brilliantly - in three specialties - musical theater actor, concert singer and teacher. He studied in the class F.I.Obraztsovskoy-Finkilshteyn. Valery Barynin by Student succession belongs to the school, Mr. Everardi, who has studied L.M.Obraztsov-Shapfirin. His student GF Finkilshteyn has a nickname - KVARTALNE and referred traditions and secrets of his favorite schools Everardi Valery Barynin, affectionately calling him a nephew of Mr. Everardi. Understanding school, thoughtfulness and hard work helped uncover a variety of talented singer-actor. His name is engraved in gold letters on the walls of the conservatory. For the second year he was invited to the Sverdlovsk Theater of Musical Comedy, and participated in all the prestigious concert artists. During the nine years of work in the theater they were played more than forty roles. After that Valery was invited to the Moscow Operetta Theater. His vocal range extends from bass kontante a dramatic tenor and baritone to coloratura soprano and alto. Mighty, even in all registers beautiful velvet timbre of his voice can sound Sotto Voche (whisper) and it will be heard in thousands of people without a microphone. Mastery filirovki, . impeccable intonation, . fine art phrasing, . clear diction, . musical culture, . acting, . studied under the guidance of the teacher, . actor and director, . People's Artist of USSR Prince GI Kugusheva and no less distinguished VA,
. Kurochkin, a powerful natural temperament, plus intelligence - all this has allowed Valery Barynin a Distinguishing and lyrical, romantic, tragic and comedic roles - the party in different genres and Role. Their numbers have long exceeded one hundred. Here are the most significant, . about which much has been written: Mister X ( "The Circus Princess"), . Zhenya Sheremet ( "Little House on the edge"), . Miller Agathon ( "Trouble Girls"), . Count Danilo (The Merry Widow "), . Jim and black eagle ( "Rose Marie"), . Andrei Baklanov ( "Circus lights fires"), . Edwin ( "Silva"), . Commissioner Koshkin (Love Yarovaya), . Falsakappa ( "Robbers"), . Peter I ( "Tobacco Captain"), . Tasillo (Maritza), . Grishka Rasputin ( "White Night"), . scout Nicholas ( "black birch"), . Marshal Lefebvre (Katrina), . Tevye the Dairyman ( "Fiddler on the Roof") and many others,
. His partners and mates were outstanding artists: Tatiana Sanin, Maria Vix, Vera Vasilyeva, Tatiana Shmyga, Svetlana Varguzova and other. Since 1991, VN. Barynin performs solo projects in Russia and abroad. Hundreds of arias from operettas, Russian songs and romances written in the so-called golden fund of Russia. Russian and Gypsy songs and ballads recorded on cassettes and CDs. Last six years he toured abroad, traveled half the world with concerts and recording dozens of records. But Barynin - singer amazing Russian, and inevitably had to come back, what happened. The last few years, he is also a freelance writer, on the creative account of which 16 exhibitions in prestigious galleries and exhibition halls in Moscow, St. Petersburg, in the Netherlands and Austria. Professor, Doctor of Arts M.Yu.. Herman said that painting Barynina can be compared with the violin Dominique Ingres, who, as you know, in your free time painting partying playing the violin, and all that is represented here is better than Ingres played the violin ... Behind this is a spark of God - more serious work of the artist.

Since 1998, Valery Barynin - a member of Union of Artists of Russia. For his art, he was awarded the title 'People's Artist of Russia', winner of the all-Russia, All-Union and international competitions, was awarded numerous diplomas and credentials. Since 1993, he was - a full member of the International Organization MOFSIFA under the auspices of UNESCO.

As for hobbies, then, as he said Valery, there are verses themselves, often they are singing. Working on the historical roles, always did makeup for myself, that is, painted, sculpted his face under the historical personage, with time it has evolved into painting and graphics. During a lengthy tour, crossing likes to cut wood sculpture. Film looks only at the insistent recommendation of those who trust. The same applies to newspapers and books. Music to listen to various: from Bach to Offenbach, when drawing or writing something. Favorite artists do not consider, the singer - by Montserrat Caballe to Alla Pugacheva, and so in every form, genre there are professionals, who loves and respects, but especially singles out the three great: F. Chaliapin, E. Caruso, and M. Battistini.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Barynin Valeriy, photo, biography
Barynin Valeriy, photo, biography Barynin Valeriy  People's Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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