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Biography BOGOSLOVSK Nikita
photo BOGOSLOVSK Nikita
Born May 22, 1913, Mr.. in St. Petersburg. Father - Theological Vladimir L. (1884 g.rozhd.). Mother - Theological (Pozemkovskaya) Elena (1894 g.rozhd.). Wife - Sivashova Alla (1949 g.rozhd.), Composer. Son - Andrew Theological Nikitich (1953 g.rozhd.), Writer, musician.

Graduated sovtrudshkolu in Leningrad (1920-1929 gg.). Still at school he took lessons in classical Russian music Glazunov (1926-1928 gg.). In 1930. entered the Leningrad Conservatory in the class composition (external studies), which successfully ended in 1934.

Nikita Bogoslovsky - one of the outstanding domestic composers, conductors, pianists and writers. His first composition was a waltz, written by him in 8 years of age and on the birthday of his daughter LO Utjosov. In 15 years of age at the Leningrad Theater of Musical Comedy the premiere of the operetta "The Night Before Christmas", written by the young composer. Himself Nikita Bogoslovsky the premiere was not allowed, the ticket collector said: "Boy, you can not come with my mother on Sunday at a matinee".

The list of works NV Theological symphonic and chamber music, works for musical theater, songs and music for movies and cartoons. He is author of 8 symphonies, . written in the period from 1940 to 1991, . symphonic tale "Vasily Terkin (1950-1963 gg.), . two string quartets (1931, . 1988.), . musical drama by Alexander Blok: "The Stranger" (1972) and "Puppet Show" (1976), . Ballet "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors (1953), . one-act opera "Salt" (1932-1980 gg.), . 17 operettas and musical comedies, . including: "Eleven unknown" (1946), . "Spring in Moscow" (1972), . "Raskinulos more widely" (1943), . "Hello, . Warsaw (1967) and other,
. The composer has composed music for 52 dramatic productions (including "Fakir hour", . "Honeymoon", . "The lavender garden"), . 58 feature films: "Treasure Island" (1937), . "Fighters" (1939), . "Great Life" (1939), . "Mysterious Island" (1941), . "Night over Belgrade" (1941), . Aleksandr Parkhomenko (1942), . "Two Soldiers" (1942), . "Captain at Fifteen" (1945), . "Crazy Day" (1956), . "Different fate" (1956), . "Oleko Dundich" (1958), . "Dog Mongrel and unusual cross" and "Bootleggers" (1961), . "Headless Horseman" (1973), . "We lived three bachelor" (1967), 49 cartoons: "Who in Boots" (1938), . "Aibolit" (1939), . "Barmaley" (1941), . "Boat" (1956), . "Cat House" (1958), . "Thumbelina" (1964), . "My Green Crocodile" (1966), . "The Bench" (1967),
. Nikita Bogoslovsky wrote about 200 songs, . including such popular, . as I walked with you on the deed ", . "Favorite City", . "Thy mounds of dark", . "Dark Night", . "Shalandy", . "Three years I dreamed of you", . "Lizaveta", . "The old coachman", . "Day and night", . "Why have you not met me", . "Get out of the brigantine", . "Star of my fields", . "Alyonushka", . "Soldier's Waltz, . as well as a musical picture "Old Odessa", . two overtures in classical style, . music for numerous entertainment productions and radio dramas,

As a conductor NV Theological performed in Russia and abroad, with concerts and creative evenings traveled the world

. NV Theological published numerous articles, . Notes, . critical materials in the central and the Moscow press, . as well as books: "Divine and squalor" (1964), . Museum Muses "(1968), . "A thousand little things" (1973), . "Obvious, . but probable "(1981), . "An interesting movie (story-hyperbole, . 1990), . "Will clay" (novel satire, . 1993), . "Notes on the fields of a hat and something else" (1997),
. He is known as the author of humorous and satirical works, often published in many newspapers and magazines. Conducted copyright transfer on television and radio. In 1999. publishing house 'Olma-Press' will be released book gay memoir NV Theological 'What was and what was not'.

NV Theological honorary title of People's Artist of USSR (1983), People's Artist of the RSFSR (1978) and Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR (1968). He was awarded the Order of Merit First Name IV degree (1998), . Red Banner of Labor (1971), . Red Star (1946), . French Order of artistic activity "(1978), . Bulgarian Order of Cyril and Methodius I degree "(1986), . Medal im.A.V.Aleksandrova (1986), . as well as 17 military and civilian medals, . Chevalier is a complete sign "Miner's Glory" (1966, . 1968, . 1973.),

In 1976-1980. NV Theology was a member of the Board of the Union of Soviet Composers, and from 1981 to 1985. - A member of the Board of the USSR Union of Cinematographers. He was and still is a member of several creative unions: the Union of Composers (1938), the Union of Cinematographers (1958), the Union of Theater Workers (1984). Since 1965, Mr.. He was a member and the Union of Journalists, however, left it on his own initiative in 1984. He is currently honorary president of the Association of Friends of France (1974).

NV theological works at home. Of all the days of the week most of all do not like Saturday and Sunday, because in those days excluded all business contacts. Almost no free time, the best holiday considers switching music on the literature. Favorite music - Mozart, Shostakovich, in the song genre: Solovyov-Gray, Pakhmutova, Feltsman. In addition to the works of Russian classics like work by Ilf and Petrov, Zoshchenko, Bulgakov, Platonov, in poetry - Early Zabolockij Oleinikova, Harms, and foreign writers: Mark Twain, Chesterton, Anatole France. He loves art and primitives.

In different years attracted breed exotic fish, containing 3 large aquarium. Another recognized "specialty" NV Theological considered a draw with friends. Sometimes his jokes were based on the complex laws of dramatic art, so many other people's jokes are often credited with authorship of Nikita.

Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Moscow, 103009, Briusov lane., 8 / 10, the Union of Composers in Moscow.

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BOGOSLOVSK Nikita, photo, biography
BOGOSLOVSK Nikita, photo, biography BOGOSLOVSK Nikita  People's Artist of USSR, photo, biography
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