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Biography BREGVADZE Nani G.
photo BREGVADZE Nani G.
Born in 1938. in Tbilisi. Father - George Bregvadze Efremovich (1909 g.rozhd.), By profession - actor. Mother - Mikeladze Olga (1913 g.rozhd.), Was from a noble duke's family. Spouse - Mamaladze Merab G. (1937 g.rozhd.). Daughter - Mamaladze Eka (Catherine) Merabovna (1960 g.rozhd.), A popular and beloved in Georgia, singer, and writes a lot comes.

Homestay Nani Bregvadze all sang. Great-grandmother and aunt were professional singers, and her mother and her five sisters and brother sang in a magnificent ensemble. Quite a little girl, somewhere in the age of 6, Nani was singing with a guitar "Kalinka", "Caravan", and other old Russian songs and romances.

After graduating from music school enrolled in a music college and then became a student of the Tbilisi State Conservatoire im.V.Saradzhishvili for piano (1958-1963 gg.).

While still a student, began singing at the Tbilisi State Orchestra "Rero" Georgian State Philharmonic. One of the strongest impressions of that time - a tour with the Moscow Music Hall in Paris in 1964. Then Nani first made at the world famous hall "Olympia". After arriving in Paris she was invited to the ensemble Orera "in which she worked for 15 years, soloist.

Since 1980. Nani Bregvadze began performing solo concerts. To this day, she goes on tour around the world. Her repertoire includes hundreds of well-known and favorite songs and ballads to the public: "Waiting" (muz.N.Vatsadze, . M. Potskhishvili), . "Lost Love" (muz.V.Azarashvili, . sl.M.Potshishvili), . "Where were you, . My favorite "(muz.G.Chubinishvili, . sl.I.Chavchavadze), . "Accidentally met with you" (muz.G.Ponomarenko, . sl.V.Dyunina), . "Ah, . This red ash (muz.S.Zaslavskogo, . sl.A.Sofronova), . "Two rings (muz.B.Prozorovskogo, . sl.A.Bektabekova), . "I remember the sound of a waltz" (muz.N.Listova), . "Only once in my life is meeting" (muz.B.Fomina, . sl.P.Germana), . "Gas kerchief" (muz.B.Prozorovskogo, . sl.M.Kozyreva), . "I have dreamed a garden" (old song), . "Capricious, . stubborn "(old song), . "Give, . dear friend, . good luck my hand "(mus,
. and sl.K.Luchicha), . "Do not go away, . 're my darling "(old song), . "Sing My Guitar" (muz.A.Kruchinina, . sl.A.Bashkina), . "Bitter viburnum (muz.V.Zubkova, . sl.N.Kondakovoy), . "Return" (muz.B.Prozorovskogo, . sl.V.Lenskogo), . "Snowfall" (muz.A.Ekimyana, . sl.A.Rustaykisa), . "Gate" (muz.A.Obuhova, . sl.A.Budischeva), . "Begone, . just go away "(muz.F.Drizo, . sl.V.Vereschagina), . "But I'll still love you" (old song), . "Dry willow (muz.G.Sorochan, . sl.G.Levina), . "Enchanting Eyes" (old song), . "The ringing guitars" (music, . sl.N.Zhemchuzhnogo), . "Song of Tbilisi (muz.R.Lagidze, . sl.P.Gruzinskogo), . "Star of Happiness" (muz.N.Gabuniya, . sl.D.Gvishiani), . "You, . favorite (muz.G.Chubanishvili, . sl.V.Pshavela), . "Apple Tree" (muz.V.Orlovetskogo, . sl.N.Besedina), . "I loved you" (muz.B.Sheremeteva, . sl.A.Pushkina), . "Willow" (muz.G.Ponomarenko, . sl.V.Alferova), . "I am so fond of you" (muz.B.Prozorovskogo), . "Waltz for You" (muz.M.Kazhlaeva, . sl.B.Dubrovina), . "Romance of Romance" (muz.A.Petrova, . sl.B.Ahmadulinoy), . "And finally I say" (muz.A.Petrova, . sl.B.Ahmadulinoy) and many, . many,

Many of them entered the singer recorded records and minions: "Singing Nani Bregvadze" (1971), "Ensemble" Orera "(1973)," Romance, Romance "(CD, 1995)," Concert in New York York "(1997) and others. She raised many music and art films: "Melodies Veriiskogo quarter (rezh.G.Shengelaya, . komp.G.Tsabadze, . poems M. Potskhishvili), . "Meeting in the Mountains" (rezh.N.Sanishvili, . komp.R.Lagidze, . Georgian poetry PA), . "Coast" (rezh.G.Lordkipanidze, . komp.B.Kvernadze), . Flood (rezh.G.Mgeladze, . komp.A.Kereselidze), . Light in the window "(rezh.G.Mgeladze, . komp.Dzh.Kahidze), . "The heat of your hands" (Sh Managadze, . komp.R.Lagidze), . "Texel" (rezh.Sh.Managadze, . komp.R.Lagidze), . and also co-starred and sang songs in films: "Orera, . Full speed ahead! "(rezh.Z.Kakabadze), . "Bulochnitsa (rezh.Z.Kakabadze), . "A necklace for my beloved" (rezh.T.Abuladze),

. Nani Bregvadze - People's Artist of USSR (1983), . People's Artist of Georgia (1974), . Honored Artist of Georgia (1968), . State Prize laureate of Georgia (1998); Awarded "Honor" of Georgia (1997), . is an honorary citizen of Tbilisi (1995), . g.Benalmadena (Spain, . 1996) and other cities,

In 1997. NG Bregvadze created and led the company "Nani", the purpose of which is to support novice singers in Georgia, as well as the organization of speeches in the country of foreign performers. Nani Bregvadze is a member of the Association of Women for Peace, "club women" Metekhi ", was a member of society" Soviet woman ".

In his spare time, Nani likes to communicate with friends, receive visitors and feel mistress. Her house often resembles salon, where people get together very interesting people - poets, writers, musicians and artists.

In leisure time he likes to read (currently required reading is "Bible"), listening to classical music, watch music and native American movies 40-ies. Yoga.

Lives and works in Tbilisi.

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BREGVADZE Nani G., photo, biography
BREGVADZE Nani G., photo, biography BREGVADZE Nani G.  People's Artist of USSR, photo, biography
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