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( Chief Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Interior Ministry of Russia.)

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Biography ELISSEEV Viktor
photo ELISSEEV Viktor
Born June 9, 1950, Mr.. in Moscow. Father - Eliseev Petr Fedorovich (1913 g.rozhd.). Mother - Eliseeva Seraphim Evgrafovna (1928 g.rozhd.). Wife - Eliseeva Irina (1951 g.rozhd.). Daughter - Alexandrov Julia (1972 g.rozhd.).

In the Interior Troops of Russia with 1969. After serving as an ordinary soldier in the 1969-1971 GG, he was choirmaster of the economically active part of their ensemble. He graduated from the State Musical Pedagogical College im.Oktyabrskoy Revolution (1965-1969 gg.) And the State Music and Pedagogical Institute Gnesinyh class choral conducting (1969-1976 gg.).

In the Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Interior Ministry is working with Russia since its founding in 1973, starting with the post as choirmaster (1973-1977.) Chief choirmaster, deputy chief of the ensemble and conductor (1977-1985 gg.). Since 1985, Mr.. is his chief-artistic director. Major General Internal Service. Since December 1995, while remaining head of the ensemble, led by the Cultural Center of the MIA of Russia. Since 1998. teaches at the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory.

A talented musician VP Eliseev has extensive experience in professional team. Excellent knowledge of the capabilities of the choir, orchestra allows him to make high-quality arrangements. Under the leadership of VP Eliseev team has done a great job on the aesthetic education of military personnel, . members of their families and the general public, . in our country, . and in the neighboring countries, . tour traveling over vast expanses of our country,
. Ensemble repeatedly represented Russia's national art abroad: Bulgaria (1977), . Czechoslovakia (1979, . 1982, . 1985.), . GDR (1980, . 1988.), . Hungary (1982), . North Korea (1985), . Italy (1988, . 1991)., . Germany (1991, . 1992, . 1993, . 1995.), . Greece (1988), . Brazil (1990), . Mexico (1991), . Switzerland (1990, . 1992.), . UAE, . Kuwait, . Oman, . Qatar (1989), . Spain (1996, . 1997.), . China (1995, . 1998.), . Turkey (1993), . Israel (1995, . 1997.) And many other countries, . where his performances to sweep, . It was noted that the press, . radio and television these states,
. Headed by VP Eliseev team was awarded the high honor to be accepted in 1988. head of the Roman Catholic Church, John Paul II.

In 1995. three music group Ensemble traveled to the area of internal troops of combat missions to restore constitutional order and the disarmament of illegal armed formations on the territory of the Chechen Republic. Urban Mozdok, Grozny, Khankala, Osinovskaya and other localities were given 33 concerts. During these tasks, Major-General VP Eliseev distinguished himself in combat as a strong-willed, . courageous officer, . competently organizing activities Ensemble, . than in no small measure contributed to the successful implementation of tasks, . assigned to the staff command of troops,
. He has pioneered performances of artists in the immediate vicinity of the fighting, . and when circumstances so required, . he addressed the soldiers and officers of the troops, . personal example, charging the audience to perform high patriotic mission, . raising morale and strong-willed attitude listeners (in such conditions were almost all the choir's performances in February 1995),
. Major General Internal Service VP Eliseev constantly organizes concerts of the ensemble in the hospitals of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, . internal forces, . Defense, . where artists worked directly in the hospital wards, . trying to capture the attention of every seriously wounded soldier, . that undoubtedly helped the psychological recovery personnel,

. A special place in the life and work of Maj.-Gen VP Eliseev were: participation in the inauguration of the President of Russia Boris Yeltsin, . training and direct participation in the ensemble in celebration of 850 anniversary of Moscow, . participate in the opening of Christ the Savior, . the opening of chapels, . built on the territories of military units,
. TCS team - the constant participant of the most critical speeches on the main stage of the country in festivals and cultural programs: Moscow Olympics (1980), . World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow (1986), . annual celebration, . the Day of Victory, . many other,

For outstanding creative achievements ensemble under the leadership of VP Eliseev awarded the title "Academic" (1993). In September 1998, Mr.. for achievements in culture and art, the decision of the Moscow City Government in honor of the 25 th anniversary of the Star team laid down just cooker - Star Academic Song and Dance Ensemble of the Interior Ministry Russia.

VP Eliseev awarded numerous government awards, is the winner of State Prizes of USSR and Russia in the field of culture and art, as well as premium MIA Russia. In 1988. he was awarded the honorary title "People's Artist of Russia". He is very active as a member of the Public Council of the MIA of Russia and a member of the Board of the All-Russia Choral Society, is constantly invited to work in international juries. He is Chairman of the Jury of the International and All-Russia competitions of the soldier's song in Sochi (1999).

He is fond of sports (boxing, volleyball, soccer), is a sports level.
Lives and works in Moscow. Address: Russia, Moscow, ul.B.Lubyanka, 13.

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  • Kazuistik for ELISSEEV Viktor
  • Quote: "In 1988 he was awarded the honorary title" People's Artist of Russia "does not bother you??
  • Dlia VITI for ELISSEEV Viktor
  • Privet Viktor. Mozet pripomnish menia, mi vmeste uchilis u Grigoria Borisovicha Poliaka, a potom vmeste sluzili v MVD v ansamble, gde ti mne daval "nariadi" za raznie narushenia ustava. Hochu naiti Zenu Ilushina, ti dolzen ego pomnit. On toze uchilsia u Poliaka i sluzil v ansamble. Pomogi raziskat ego telefon, a cherez nego ia poprobuu naiti Kolu Andreeva. Oni aba mai sokursniki po Uchilizu Oktiabrskoi Revoluzii. Nadeus ne zabil moi fortepiannie arangerofki xorovix nomerov. Moi mobil phone 1-248-514-6184 Ili otvet po e-mail Dobrovo zdravia Alex (Casha) Recin
  • Konstantin for ELISSEEV Viktor
  • Dear Viktor Take me to your illustrious group and not regret
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