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Zhurbin Alexander B.

( Composer, winner of the International and All-Union Prizes)

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Biography Zhurbin Alexander B.
photo Zhurbin Alexander B.
Born in g. Tashkent in a family of engineers.
Wife - Irina Ginzburg, a poet and translator, the daughter of well-known translator and publicist Lev Ginzburg. Son - Lev Zhurbin, a student at Juilliard Conservatory, violist and composer.

He graduated from the Tashkent Conservatory cello, then - the Moscow Institute Gnesinyh composition class and graduate of the Leningrad Conservatory (dissertation on the late symphonies of Gustav Mahler). His teachers were: NI Pejkov, GI Litinsky, AI Khachaturyan, SM Slonim, Yu.G.. Kon.

Since 1970, Mr.. Alexander Zhurbin - a member of the Composers' Union. His creative life was a two-way. On the one hand, he has successfully worked in the so-called "serious, academic" genres, where they composed in many works. Among them: three symphonies (1969, . 1970, . 1995), . Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1972), . for Viola and Orchestra (1974), . for cello and orchestra (1994), . for violin and orchestra (1999), . two quartets, . Piano Quintet, . Sonata, . chamber music, . vocal cycles, . oratorio, . cantata,

On the other hand, A. Zhurbin successfully worked in the genre of light pop music. He wrote many songs ( "Prayer," "Song of Happiness", "Horse - Life", "All for the better," "Postwar tango" songs for children - only about two hundred.). Of particular interest to A. Zhurbina always been the area of musical theater. He has written six operas (Orfeo ed Euridice, "" Broken Mirror "," The Moon and The Detective "," impatient "," Fiorenzo "," Good health to the Tzar ". Written by three ballets - "Red Bird", "Marriage", "Trap"; sixteen musicals: the most famous - "Penelope", "Mymra", "Glass of Water", "drayman and the King", "Wandering Star", "Camera Obscura ".

A. Zhurbin - author of music to more than fifty feature films. The most famous - "A squadron of hussars volatile", "Forest", "In my death I ask blame Klava K.", "Melody for two voices", "drayman and the King", "Wandering Star", "Sun in the string bag", "Poor Masha "," married bachelor ".

Since 1990. A. Zhurbin lives with his family in New York. There he continued to engage in creative, open to new opportunities. In 1992 he organized the first Russian-American theater "Wandering Stars". In the six years of theater conducted nine productions, most of them - with music A. Zhurbina. The first performance - "Moldavanka, Moldavanka A. Zhurbin carried out and as a director.

The year 1995 "Evening of Music by Alexander Zhurbin" at Carnegie Hall (Weill Recital Hall). In 1997, A. Zhurbin was artistic director of the concert at Carnegie Hall, dedicated to 850 anniversary of Mr.. Moscow. In 1999. A. Zhurbin organizes the New York Festival of Russian Films.

Alexander Zhurbin incredibly energetic and diverse. Many newspapers around the world, including The New York Times, likened it to Leonard Bernstein. He manages to live in America, but it often happens in Russia, while traveling around the world. His music sounds today, everywhere, as a serious and light.

His rock opera "Orpheus and Eurydice" has stood the 2500 submissions in a row, a record it has sold over two million. copies. Today, several American producers are collaborating with Alexander, and were going to realize his theatrical works in the U.S.. In 1991 with great success in the largest theater of Philadelphia (Walnut Street Theatre) was his musical "How it was done in Odessa" (by Isaac Babel, libretto by Asar Eppel).

In his generation, and in its genre A. Zhurbin and to this day remains the leading and the leading figure, a composer whose music is loved by many around the world. He - the winner of several international and all-union awards, including "Star of the year", United Kingdom.

A. Zhurbin many worked as a journalist, his articles were published in "Izvestia", "Literary Gazette," general newspaper, the "New Russian Word" (New York) and other.

His passion - books, mostly serious philosophical works of Russian and foreign authors. He collects paintings by contemporary artists (G. Glickman, A. Belkin, A. Zverev), has a large collection of sound recordings and music. Indifferent to fishing, sports and hunting. Likes to travel to exotic countries (Australia, Mexico, West Indies). He likes good movies and good wine.

Lives and works in New-York.

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Zhurbin Alexander B., photo, biography
Zhurbin Alexander B., photo, biography Zhurbin Alexander B.  Composer, winner of the International and All-Union Prizes, photo, biography
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