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Jurin Irina

( People's Artist of Russia)

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Biography Jurin Irina
photo Jurin Irina
Born August 28, 1946 in Kharkov. Mother - Matushkina Yefrosinya Yegorovna (1922g.rozhd.). Spouse - Jurin Anatoly Yakovlevich (1940g.rozhd.), Journalist. Son - Jurin Andrei (1973g.rozhd.), The artist-designer.

Singing Irina Zhurina beginning in childhood. The school has participated in amateur performances, and then entered the Kharkov Institute of Arts named after Kotlyarevskii. Her teachers were BA Kurbatova and LS Yukelis. After a four-year institution sang the entire repertoire of the leading lyric coloratura soprano in Kharkiv Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named Lysenko (1971-1975).

In 1975, I. Zhurin was admitted to the trainee at the Bolshoi Theater, and his first performance - "Rigoletto" - sung in just 10 days after enrollment. In the year's debut, she has repeatedly advocated in this opera, and twice in "The Tsar's Bride". All these performances conducted by Alexander Lazarev. The first creative steps a young artist under the direction of demanding musician brought her a great favor, largely determined its subsequent creative life.

Voice Irina Zhurinov has breathtaking charm, charms natural grace, lace easily and simultaneously the simplicity, which shows the highest skill. 12 years old Irina Zhurin was permanent Snow Maiden at the Bolshoi Theater. It was a rare good fortune, when the image appeared in an unbroken wholeness of the vocal and acting embodiment. Marvelous young, lively and relaxed, she touched the hearts of the audience fascination appearance and voice, easy coloratura and depth of longing love teenage girl. Another character - Martha from "The Tsar's Bride" - a completely different character, it is earth girl, with her relatives Snegurochka gentle quivering soul, trusting clean nature, inner harmony.

One of the favorite composers IM Zhurina, Verdi, said: "Show the truth for what it is, may be good, but it is better to establish the truth". Irina Zhurina has a gift for every time a fresh look closely at the image of the heroine, in her behavior to find new facets of theatrical, but the only truth. The one that makes the listener believe the image, along with the heroine survive the tragedy or joy.

"Each time, coming on the scene, - says Irina Zhurina - I try to express the maximum state of mind of his heroine. Stage images, each one lovingly reared artist, live as his own destiny and therefore leaves an indelible mark on the listeners. Heroine I. Zhurinov believe with her first appearance on the stage. The credibility of plastic and the vocal characteristics of an organic fusion is such that they sympathize with, as a living person, which closely familiar. Any of the images created by IM Zhurinov, possesses the best traits of the Russian vocal school. Whether Antonida or Violetta, Gilda, or Martha, Rosina, or the Snow Maiden, Swan Princess, or Queen of Shemakha - all of them to conquer femininity, internal integrity, musicality.

During the years of creative activity, IM Zhurinov worked with such conductors as V. Khaikin, E. Svetlanov, Yuri Simonov, M. Ermler, A. Zhyuraytis, A. Chistyakov, AN Kalinin, H. Nekrasov, a number of famous foreign conductors, directors Boris Pokrovsky, B. Ravenskim, D. Ansimova etc.. Its partners in the performances were great Alexander Vedernikov, E. Nesterenko, Yu Gulyaev, SE. Mazurok IN. Atlantean, T. Milashkina, E. Obraztsova, and many others.

Vast touring and concert activity Artiste. She had a chance to perform on stage the best musical theaters in the world: La Scala opera house in Boston and Helsinki, Tokyo and Seoul, and Singapore, Sofia, Bucharest and Sydney. With orchestra of Russian folk instruments. Osipova, she has traveled half the world, performing Russian and Ukrainian folk songs. Happened to her speak at the inauguration of President Yeltsin. She has recorded several records, . including the Germany company, Deutsche gramophone ", . Several CDs, . among them recording with the renowned Bolshoi Theater Violin Ensemble, . speaks frequently on television and radio with the performance of opera arias, . romance,

In 1985, IM Zhurin was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia, and in 1991 she was awarded the title People's Artist of Russia.

Since 1975, IM Zhurin is a member of the Union of Theater Workers. Parallel with the work in the theater since 1995, she teaches vocal music in college at the Moscow Conservatory.

Irina Zhurina loves nature, forest, garden, flowers. Leisure resorts prefer a dacha in the Moscow region, which grows mainly flowers, or a boat trip along the Volga and Oka. Her favorite artists - Levitan, Shishkin, Kuindzhi, Salvador Dali. In the movie prefers Soviet films. In his spare time, reading, aerobics and rhythmic gymnastics.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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    Jurin Irina, photo, biography
    Jurin Irina, photo, biography Jurin Irina  People's Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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