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Lonchenko Vladimir

( Honored Artist of Russia, head of the Moscow Balalaika Quartet ``, vice president of the Academy of folk music.)

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Biography Lonchenko Vladimir
Born July 2, 1948, Mr.. Moscow. Father - lonchenko Nikolai (born 1924), worked as a military civil engineer. Mother - Ionchenkova Galina (born in 1925), was an accountant MRTI.

Graduated from high school N33 Moscow in 1966. In 1961. first became acquainted with Russian folk instruments domra - first in a camp near Moscow, and then in a children's orchestra in one of ZhEKov. The fate of future artists to determine when he enrolled at the famous Children's Song and Dance Ensemble of the Moscow City Palace of Pioneers and schoolchildren. For five years he played in the orchestra domra, and in 1966. on the advice of the artistic director VS Loktev and VS Chuunin teacher entered the Moscow State Institute of Culture at the conductor-orchestra section and simultaneously began working as a teacher in the class domras in the ensemble of the Palace of Pioneers and schoolchildren,
. After graduation in 1970 he. was kept at the Institute of Culture in the class teacher domras. Three months later he was called to serve in the Soviet Army and became a soloist with orchestra of the famous Song and Dance Ensemble of the Moscow Air Defense District under the leadership of the People's Artist of the RSFSR AF Tupitsyna. With this ensemble has toured not only in Russia but also abroad

. Discharged in December 1971, . VN lonchenko returned to his native Song and Dance Ensemble im.V.S.Lokteva and simultaneously began to play in the orchestra of Russian folk instruments of Soviet radio and television under the leadership of the Central VI Fedoseev,
. In 1972. the contest entered the State Russian Folk Orchestra. Ossipov Executive domra and worked there for almost 20 years. At this time began to show versatile abilities, fond of journalism. For many years he was a freelance correspondent for the central station ( "Youth", "Mayak" Radio Moscow). Written several telestsenariev. Since May 1974. to May 1975. Vladimir lonchenko was a soloist of the Moscow Youth Orchestra of Russian folk instruments running N. Kalinina, helped organize a tour guide as the leading programs and musicologist. Held series of creative meetings, concerts in several cities in Russia, not only with the youth team, but with the orchestra im.N.P.Osipova. Over 1976. was the chief administrator of the State Russian Orchestra.

In 1978. together with the leading soloists of the orchestra im.Osipova A. Gorbachev, A. Kornetov and I. Konovalov created a quartet of soloists from the orchestra and became im.Osipova it manager, organizer of tours and concerts. In 1992, when the quartet in a separate creative unit, V. lonchenko in Rossiyskom Patent Office to register the new name of the group - "Quartet" Moscow Balalaika ", which he called the students of South America back in 1982. In honor of the "Moscow Balalaika" ambassadors of many countries, prominent politicians, officials of various ranks gave parties at the highest level. Activity group received the blessing of Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II

. The overwhelming urge to travel, . learning and the creation of a new, . reluctance to mark time, . prompted the artist to work closely with other musicians, . creating new and interesting repertoire, . same tireless enthusiasts as well as in,
. Lonchenko. When the core composition / A. Gorbachev and. Konovalov, S. Exchange / 'tired', the head drawn in collaboration with 'Moscow balalaika' their like-minded Soloists Orchestra. Osipov Balalaika Igor Senin, Alexei Filippov, Sergei Morozov, Dmitry SHELUDYAKOVA, accordionist Ilya Kurteva, double bass Nicholas Kostakova, Anatoly Marchuk, Alexandra Chetoeva ... The most fruitful was his friendship with accordionist Sergei Chrome with that produced and recorded several records, . CD, . number of works at the All radio, . manifested themselves not only as a virtuoso performer, . subtly feel the music, . but also as capable by arrangements of classical works, . number of folk melodies for Russian folk instruments,
. Thus was born another highly professional staff - Sputnik Moscow Balalaika '. With the new programs 'Satellite' successfully made in the cities of Komi, in the Crimea, in Omsk, Krasnoyarsk, as well as in Germany, Mongolia ...

. The team has gained academic status, received a certain image and is widely known among musicians.

. VN lonchenko represented Russian instrumental art in more than 60 countries
. But wherever he went on tour, as it did not change the composition of the ensemble, remained unchanged its head, creative credo, his face and high professional standards he set up the quartet.

. V. lonchenko - known manager, . Producer, . initiator, . founder and artistic director of several music festivals with the participation of outstanding figures of culture, . by ideas, . founder and artistic director of the first four festivals in the fall musical "Tushino" with the giants of vocal art, . held in 1995-1998., . Festival you veterans "(2000), . Lemeshevskii memorial concerts in the area in the Silver forest, . where in the early years almost all the soloists of the Bolshoi Theater were accompanied by the quartet "Moscow Balalaika", . Concert Quartet "Moscow Balalaika" accompanied by the Presidential Symphony Orchestra of the Bolshoi in Ankara,
. For the first time in the history of Russian art of instrumental quartet Russian naprodnyh instruments made to the accompaniment of BSO. With great success in Lithuania, Egypt, Norway, shows programs on the 200 anniversary of Alexander Pushkin. In the summer of 1999 in the Norwegian city Trenthayme very prestigious traditional music festival called "From Prayer to balalaika" is through participation in major holiday concerts quartet "Moscow Balalaika".

In. Ionchenkovu managed to organize a successful tour and concerts by famous artists, including foreign ones, for example, Boris Roubachkina (Austria) on the Volga Region and Urals. In the quartet recorded 13 records, released in the U.S. magnitoalbom. At the All-Union record company "Melodia" recording accompaniment of popular songs in the ensemble under the direction. Ionchenkova opened a new series of "Minus One". In his record collection of about 30 CDs that were released over the past 5 years. This is instrumental music, accompaniments such soloists as A. Eisen, A. Vedernikov, A. Solovyanenko, V. Ponomarev, B. Kirov, E. Shkolnikov, L. Illarionov, B. Mihailova, V. Shostya, L. We in. Hertz etc.. At the All-Union radio musician has recorded several works on the rare instrument - domra mezzo-soprano - accompanied by Y. Yevtushenko (harp zvonchatye)

. VN lonchenko is an academician, . Vice-President of the Academy of folk music, . member of the Center for the spiritual and moral associations "Future", . member of the Fund for Support of the creative person (FPTL), . member of the public council of the cultural center of the MIA of Russia, . a member of the memory Marshal Zhukov, . and Honorary Fellow of the Moscow Rotary Club "Capital",

For high performing arts and the promotion of Russian folk music among the youth he was awarded the prize and the title of laureate of the Moscow Young Communist League (1985). In 1988. for achievements in the field of Soviet culture and many years of fruitful work he was awarded the title "Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR, and in 1998. VN, Ionchenkovu conferred the honorary title "Honored Artist of Russia".

Successful fruitful activity VN Ionchenkova awarded commemorative medals "In memory of the 850 th anniversary of Mr.. Moscow "and" Marshal "GK. Zhukov ", . commemorative medals to commemorate the 80 th anniversary of the Great October Revolution ", . "To celebrate the 80 th anniversary of the Soviet Army and Navy", . "In memory of 200-anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin", . sign CC unions "Excellent cultural patronage in the Armed Forces of the USSR, . sign of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR "Excellent cultural patronage over the village", . sign of the Komsomol Central Committee "For a great part in the preparation and conduct of the 12 th World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow, . sign Interior Ministry's "For the noble thoughts and deeds", . Certificates of Honor of the Central Committee of Komsomol (1981, . 1987.), . Minister of Defense of the USSR (1988), . Diploma of the 3rd All-Russia competition of Russian folk instruments (Tula, . 1986) and 2-nd All-Russia teleradiokonkursa Voice of Russia "(1994), . Diploma Laureate VVC (VDNKh, . 1994), . number of other awards,

. VN lonchenko is the author of numerous articles on the history of Russian folk instruments, . about the tour and the life of the orchestra im.N.P.Osipova, . of meetings with interesting people, . about music, . published in the journal "Musical Life", . "Culture and Life", . "Worker", . "Same age", . newspapers "Soviet Culture", . Pravda, . "Soviet Russia", . Evening Moscow, . Moskovsky Komsomolets, . "Teacher's Newspaper", . "Whistle" etc.,

Almost no free time: concerts, tours, talks, meetings with interesting people. But in rare moments of leisure engaged photos, film videos. Contains unique material on the history of Russian art. In different years, attracted many - was the instructor for sawing and burning, the radio. It is the second level of swimming, skiing, shooting. He likes good music in various genres, as it believes that "every time - its own music". The meaning of life sees that "to live - to help people" or "at least - no one hurt".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Lonchenko Vladimir, photo, biography
Lonchenko Vladimir, photo, biography Lonchenko Vladimir  Honored Artist of Russia, head of the Moscow Balalaika Quartet ``, vice president of the Academy of folk music., photo, biography
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