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Hetfield James (James Alan Hetfield)

( Musician)

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Biography Hetfield James (James Alan Hetfield)
photo Hetfield James (James Alan Hetfield)
Born August 3, 1963, Mr.. Los Angeles, California, USA
. Height 185 cm
. Weight 82 kg
. Marital status Married (August 1997)
. Wife: Francesca Hetfield
. Daughter: Cali Tee Hetfield
. Son: Castor Virgil Hetfield
. Cars and motorcycles Dodge Ram
. 1955 Chevy BelAir
. Chevy Blazer
. Harley Davidson
. Movies The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
. Easy Rider
. Sling Blade
. Pulp Fiction
. Vanishing Point
. Eating Mexican food, meat and potatoes, barbecue, oysters

. Drinking Coors light
. Pacifico
. Bombay Sapphire Martinis

. Arms Remington 30-06
. Weatherby 7mm
. Browning 300 Magnum
. Team Sports Oakland Raiders
. San Jose Sharks
. DC
. United
. Hobby Hunting
. Horseback snow board and surf
. Cigars
. Shotguns
. Music Black Sabbath
. Motorhead
. Lynyrd Skynyrd
. Thin Lizzy
. Tom Waits
. Nick Cave
. Ted Nugent
. The first concert was Aerosmith and AC / DC, 1978

. James Hetfield - Metallica's voice, but not always planned that will happen ..
. In the beginning, Metallica tried a few different vocal / guitar. Some of the experiments included adding another guitar player. Was even asked John Bush from Armored Saint.
James was born to a truck driver and light opera singer on August 3rd, 1963 in Los Angeles. Christianity is his family and religious beliefs are often mentioned as the root of James - lyrics "tortured soul" in his poems and texts. Musically, he began at age 9 with piano lessons, then banging away on drums his brother David, and finally moved to the guitar.
The first attempt to climb up on a musical Olympus with his guitar in his hands, James in the band, Obsession. The group was made up of the Veloz brothers on bass and drums and Jim Arnold on guitar. A pair of friends, Ron McGovney and Dave Marrs, were too close to the group. This meant sitting in the attic of the garage Veloz-s and click on the remote control lighting effects. After the collapse of Obsession trio Marrs-Hetfield-McGovney continued to play together.
Phantom Lord - the second group of James Hetfield. After moving to La Brea, James went to school Brea Olinda and met with drummer Jim Mulliganom. Soon came Hugh Tanner ... and then appeared Phantom Lord. With Hugh on guitar and Jim on drums, James sang and played guitar. The group went through several bass players until the moment when James left school and moved back to Downey.
. In Downey, James moved into a house owned by Ron McGovney's parents, who had to be demolished due to expansion of the highway
. This house was the perfect place for James and Ron to crash, light, and play. James talked Ron playing bass, and even promised to teach him ... Thus was Leather Charm.
Third group of James - Laether Charm - composed of former members of Phantom Lord. In addition to James and Ron, her joined Hugh Tanner and Jim Mulligan.
Leather Charm was a successful attempt. The band played originals and covers, for example, Quiet Riot "Slick Black Cadillac" and "Remember Tomorrow" Iron Maiden. The band managed to play a few concerts and recorded a demo, but then began to fall apart.
The first group left Tanner - was replaced by Troy James. Then Mulligan left for a more progressive, Rush-like band. Ultimately Leather Charm collapsed, James met Lars Ulrich and they formed a new band - Metallica.
From the beginning, James was the main songwriter in Metallica - from reef to the lyrics. When he's not writing, singing or playing, James baluetsya hunting. He was not so long ago took up snowboarding, as he threw his skateboard after a series of injuries.
Guitars - an important part of his life, and he began to collect old guitars that were released in 1963 - the year of his birth. Also, it can be found in the garage. Currently he has Chevy BelAir, which he built himself.

What tools used DzheymsN
Guitars ESP Explorer and Flying V with Ernie Ball strings, and lotions EMG; Amplifiers Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis and the Roland Jazz Chorus. The studio used by many other guitars and amps. Full list of instruments used here

. Which projects except METALLICA participated DzheymsN
. James Hetfield helped with recording the first album Danzig (back-vocals in the songs "Twist of Cain" and "Am I DemonN"), and also participated in the recording of the song "Man Or Ash" of Corrosion of Conformity (album "Wiseblood") and solo Album Jim Martin

What is the first thing rehearsed DzheymsN
"Flight of the Bumblebee".

Where did James's ring with a skull and "wolf" sergaN
The ring formerly belonged to Cliff Burton, who bought it in the store The Great Frog in London. Ibid, James bought a earring.

What happened at a concert in Montreal on August 8, 1992 godaN
Before the concert pyrotechnics informed the group that will use the new special effects: during the Fade To Black at the edges of the scene will be fireworks. However, pyrotechnics forgot to warn that the old special effects also remain. Being sure that the fireworks will not be old, James stood next to the old fireworks plant and a sheaf of flame height of 12 feet set him on fire with the left side.

What groups other than METALLICA played DzheymsN
Before METALLICA been Obsession, Phantom Lord and Leather Charm. Later, he was the drummer in Spastic Children Project.

Why, instead of Flying V, James began to play ExplorerN
Explorer has always been a spare guitar James, but he played on it very rarely. But one day Flying V broke down and James found that the Explorer sounds perfectly suited for him. But during the speeches are often used and Flying V.

James is still riding his skeyteN
Not any more, but just in case the concert contract contains the item "NO SKATEBOARDING". Now he rides a snowboard - snow falling not so painful and difficult to break the arm.

He actually tied with spirtnymN
Yes. Now he is drinking non-alcoholic beer and mineral water.

What kind of music James listens seychasN
Rocket From The Crypt, Gov't Mule, Corrosion Of Conformity.

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Photos of Hetfield James (James Alan Hetfield)
Hetfield James (James Alan Hetfield)Hetfield James (James Alan Hetfield)

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    Hetfield James (James Alan Hetfield), photo, biography
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