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Vyacheslav BUTUSOV

( Musician)

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Biography Vyacheslav BUTUSOV
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Founder Group, the author of Music, part of the lyrics, vocals, guitar. Born October 15, 1961 in the village Bugach Krasnoyarsk Krai. Since it is a father's profession family moved from place to place. Prior to the ninth grade Glory Butusov lived and studied in different Siberian cities - Krasnoyarsk, Surgut, Khanty-Mansiysk. In ninth grade, first arrived in Sverdlovsk.

At this time he was fond of music - listening to everything, that to fall ... mostly radio, and "Youth" and "Voice" ... In seventh grade, my father bought me a tape ... what nonsense I just did not write! But most of the others liked "Led Zeppelin".

In 1978, the glory goes to the Sverdlovsk Institute of Architecture and fall acquainted with another freshman - Dima Umetsky. Slava was a good voice, Dima - good English and many scarce records. They played, they knew and what they could pick. Preference was given to "Led Zeppelin", "Kridens Rivayval Water", from the National Rock - Konstantin Nikolsky and "Sunday", "Time Machine". His songs were written closer to release, when in 1983, with the help of Alexander Pantykin appeared first epic and helpless album "Moving". Then, in February 1983 was an acquaintance with Ilya Kormiltsev, but the birth of tandem Butusov - Kormiltsev "occurs only in 1985 while recording the album" Invisible ".

Despite the all-consuming passion for music, the institute was completed. Work began on the specialty - an architect in the design institute. Vyacheslav Butusov designed Sverdlovsk underground (that impact on patient appearance of some interior stations, "- he comments).

Life would go on quite dreary and routine - every morning to work in the evening from work - if not free time, which Umetskaya and Butusov performed in Sverdlovsk rock club. In the spring of 1985 recorded the album "Invisible", in August 1986 - "Separation", which was destined soon to thunder across the country. After the "Separation" has become clear: the music can no longer be "run", it must make the profession. Dima Umetskaya recalled several years later that the choice of the way in 1986 was quite easy: "Of course, it was scary. The word "rock" is still considered indecent, they both have kids, and they want to eat. But we had no choice. "Thus, their resignations from their jobs on their own were written, the choice is made, the die is cast.

And already in 1987 began a boom around the "Separation" and soon "nautilusomaniya" covers the entire country. After two years of continuous touring marathon (1987-1988), November 10, Vyacheslav Butusov officially "disband" the group, deciding to resume cooperation with Umetsky fleeing "Nautilus Pompilius" in February 1988. During 1989 we are working on a project the movie "The Man Without a Name, recorded the soundtrack, after which the" founding fathers "" Naw "for the second time terminate the cooperation. All this time Butusov lives between Moscow and Leningrad.

During 1990, Vyacheslav Butusov collects new composition "Nautilus", begins touring activity. It turns out the new album "Born in the night". In 1991 Butusov married a second time at the Angelica Leningradsky Estoevoy and moved to the northern capital. He now has a second daughter - Xenia, born July 31, 1991 - in one day with her elder sister, Anne with an interval of 11 years.

In "St.-Petersburg" period Butusova are songs that are included in the albums "Alien Land" (1992), "Titanic" (1994) and "Wings" (1995), which form the shape of modern musical.

Vyacheslav Butusov lives in St. Petersburg on the outskirts of that, it claims, it is very easy life and work: the random people rarely get to its distant regions. Most of the year carries on tour. Recently, more and more often recalled her "civilian occupation": draws, . when there is a mood or a good reason (as, . example, . publication of a book of poems Kormiltsev butusovskimi with illustrations), . says, . that "it would be nice to do animation or become the leader of a musical collective of very young children.",

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Photos of Vyacheslav BUTUSOV
Vyacheslav BUTUSOVVyacheslav BUTUSOV

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Vyacheslav BUTUSOV, photo, biography
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