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Kormiltsev Ilya

( Musician)

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Biography Kormiltsev Ilya
photo Kormiltsev Ilya
__Odin Of the oldest members of the NP, by most of the texts at the moment is also actively involved in producing the collective. Born September 26, 1959 in Sverdlovsk. In Sverdlovsk, Ilya graduated from good English special school and in 1976 entered the University of Leningrad himfak. Leningrad, he fell in love with the very first visit there, still a schoolboy when the "northern capital" in all its splendor of the White Nights seemed magical vision. Also in 1976 then-unknown Boris Grebenshchikov ends the same University with a degree in applied mathematics and entered the graduate. Two future poet walking on a corridor, without being more familiar with - even though their names would be near ten years.

. __Leningradsky Period in the life of Ilya Kormiltsev quickly came to an end - almost immediately he starts to miss his native city and had a second-year translated into himfak Ural University, who successfully graduated in 1981
. Houses in Sverdlovsk Ilya communicates with the intellectual and creative elite - artists, scientists, writers such as Alexander Korotich, Leonid Porohnya, Alexander Pantykin. The name of the first experiments related Pantykin Ilya Kormiltsev in rock-poetry - the first of his poems were made from the stage in the performance of the legendary group "Urfin Dzhyus". In addition to "UD" texts Kormiltsev used Nastia Field and Group Yegor Belkin ".

__ In 1983, the Sverdlovsk regional committee of Komsomol suits large workshop for "leaders of youth culture" Sverdlovsk, invited to participate in it all more or less well-known non-conformists. There Alexander Pantykin introduced Kormiltsev with Butusova and Umetsky. "And then - says Ilya - we have to assign each other goodbye and meet more and more". Getting back to 1985, becoming a permanent co-operation, which began during the recording of the album "Invisible". Thus began a new phase in the history of the group "Nautilus Pompilius".
In the mid-eighties Kormiltsev became a prominent figure in the Sverdlovsk music and okolomuzykalnyh circles. He traveled a lot in the Urals and Siberia, communicates with the musicians from different cities, together with Grahovo, Kaluga, Pantykin and other "patriarch" is involved in the creation of the Sverdlovsk rock club, wrote a samizdat "Sverdlovsk Rock Review". Since 1986, more and more time he begins to give "Nautilus", who began their star running start - in addition to creating text, helping with organizational matters, influence policy NR.

__Posle Collapse of the "star of the NP in 1988, and the way Kormiltsev Butusova for some time apart. The latter tries to resume cooperation with Dmitry Umetsky and Kormiltsev, in his own words, "is fond of affairs, more interesting than writing songs"

. __S 1990 Ilya Kormiltsev involved in publishing a new edition of the Sverdlovsk Mining - magazine "Mix", . which, . unfortunately, . after some time ceased to exist due to financial difficulties and began a "brain drain" from the Sverdlovsk,
. In 1990 comes a collection of poems Kormiltsev "chain gang" with drawings Vyacheslav Butusov. The book immediately became a rare.

__ At the end of 1992, resumed active cooperation with the "Nautilus". Kormiltsev moved to Moscow, is included as a producer to work on the project "Nautilus," Report for 10 years "(a collection of cover versions of hits" Naw "), begins to travel with the group in the country.

. __Ilya Providers - the most erudite member of the team: there is no theme, in which he would not have understood - from chemistry to space technology
. Like any great Russian poet, emotional, vulnerable and unbalanced. All my life I sought to escape on a desert island and there to write poetry. But even on the island, he will know how many CDs the band has sold to date.

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Kormiltsev Ilya

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Kormiltsev Ilya, photo, biography
Kormiltsev Ilya, photo, biography Kormiltsev Ilya  Musician, photo, biography
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