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Arkady Shilkloper

( Musician)

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Biography Arkady Shilkloper
photo Arkady Shilkloper
Born in Moscow 17.10.1956.
In childhood (six years old) learned to play altgorne. In 1967 he entered the Moscow Military Music School, which was switched to horn. Graduated in 1974.
A graduate of the State Music Pedagogical Institute. Gnesinyh (now Russia Music Academy. Gnesinyh) 1981. While still a student, in 1978, joined the orchestra of the Bolshoi Theater, where he worked until 1985 as part of a brass quintet of the Bolshoi Theater (Bolshoy Brass Quintet). In 1985-89 he worked in the Moscow Philharmonic and the Moscow Quartet horns (Moscow Horn Quartet).
In 1976-78 in parallel with studies in Gnessin Institute studied at the Moscow Experimental Studio musical improvisation (now - Moscow improvisational College). The first serious jazz experience - a duet with bassist Michael Karetnikova in 1984-86 he. In 1985 came the first of the "Three O" with Sergei Letov (saxophones, flute) and Arkady Kirichenko (tuba, vocals), where he played until 1989.
Since 1988, played in a duo with pianist Mikhail Alperin, now living in Norway. Album of the duo's "Wave of Sorrow" was in 1989. produced by the legendary West-label ECM. In 1997. Arkady participated in recording another album Mikhail Alperin for ECM - North Story. In 1991, in addition to the duo, have even one entity - a trio of Alperin, Shilkloper and enthusiast of Russian "root" folklore Sergei Starostin (vocals, clarinet, ethnic instruments). Ensemble was called Moscow Art Trio. Trio tours regularly, making it one of the most famous in the world novodzhazovyh teams from Russia. Albums Moscow Art Trio go to Russia's label Boheme Music, as well as a West Jaro Records.
Since 1992, Mr.. Arkady began playing solo concerts. The development of his solo program led to a recording of the album "Hornology" (RDM, 1996), where he played one. The success of the album naturally increased the number of performances with a solo program. In 1998. This album was reissued by Boheme Music
. In May 2000, Arkady Boheme Music released on another solo album - "Pilatus", which sounds not only the horn, as in "Hornology", but the rest of his arsenal of instruments.
. Review of "Pilatus"
. Since 1995 Shilkloper also participates in the international composition of Pago Libre
. In Russia, regularly plays in a trio with Sergei Starostin and St. Petersburg bassist Vladimir Volkov, . with ensemble Volkov "Volkovtrio", . with its own "acoustic-quartet (plus Yekaterinburg Sergei Pron (trumpet, . flugelhorn) and Igor Parashchuk (clarinet, . alto saxophone, . bass clarinet) and drummer from Novosibirsk Sergei Belichenko) and with other musicians.,
. He played with Lionel Hampton, Stevie Wonder, Lew Soloffom, Elvin Jones, Herbie Ellis, Howard Levy, Louis Sklavisom, Rabih Abou-Khalil, Pierre Favre, Enrico Rava, Bob Stewart and others
. Since January 1998. regularly collaborates with Austrian Vienna Art Orchestra.
. Since 1998, Arkady increasingly used in solo concerts and performances in various projects for the rarest of improvised music instrument - Alpine horn, becoming one of the world's finest improvising performers on this instrument
. In late 1999. Swiss government, in gratitude for the popularization of this folk instrument of the Swiss in the world at a special evening at the Swiss Embassy in Moscow gave him it is "alpenhorn" - the third in his collection.

. In Russia's discography Arcadia Shilkloper - nine CD, released its official label - Boheme Music
. If you live in Russia, you can order all these discs in the online shop of "La Boheme". If you live outside Russia, you can order them in the international department of "La Boheme", located in the Czech Republic.

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Arkady Shilkloper, photo, biography
Arkady Shilkloper, photo, biography Arkady Shilkloper  Musician, photo, biography
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