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Daniel Kramer

( Musician)

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Biography Daniel Kramer
photo Daniel Kramer
Daniel Kramer was born in 1960 in Mr.. Kharkov (Ukraine). He studied at the Kharkov Special Music School (HSSMSH), specializing in piano. In 15 years, became a winner of national competitions: Piano (1 prize) and composers (2 bonus).
Graduated in 1978 and immediately entered the Moscow Music and Pedagogical Institute. Gnesinyh (now Russia Academy of Music) in the class of Professor E. YA. Lieberman, one of the best students and followers of Heinrich Neuhaus. E. Lieberman tried to pass secrets to Daniel magnificent piano school Neuhaus. Learning from the second year, Daniel took part in the selection of International Competition. P. I. Tchaikovsky, but this time interest in jazz music caused him to abruptly change their fate by turning right from the contest in the direction of jazz. This was facilitated by creative passion of musicians such as Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea, Keith Jarrett, Art Teytum, as well as concert Leonid Siskin - the first live concert of improvisational jazz music, heard by them.
. In 1982, Daniel gets 1 prize in piano jazz improvisers in Vilnius
. During this period his jazz mentor becomes Leonid Siskin.
After graduating in 1983, the Institute, Daniel becomes the teacher of the State Music College named. Gnesinyh, and soloist of the Moscow State Philharmonic.
Since 1984, Daniel Kramer participated in virtually all jazz festivals of the USSR, the CIS and Russia. His solo concerts and performances with various domestic and foreign musicians were held in many countries - in Spain, . France, . United States, . Finland, . Czechoslovakia, . Italy, . Germany, . Sweden, . Australia, . China, . in Africa and Central America,
. Daniel is involved in many major international jazz festivals, is becoming an Honorary Member of the Sydney Premier Jazz Club, a member of the jazz club g. Happaranda (Sweden).
Daniel Kramer works hard as a teacher and composer. In 1994, the first time in the history of the Moscow Conservatory, he opened a jazz improvisation class. Daniel pischet music for professional musicians, and for beginners to learn jazz. In many music schools in Russia, students involved in jazz, enjoy his practical methods, exercises, playing his works. Became popular in Russia compilations of jazz pieces and arrangements of jazz to Daniel Kramer, issued by various publishers. At the ORT television channel was shown a series of lessons Daniel Kramer, is preparing to release videotape of these lessons.
Since 1996, Daniel became the music editor at a series of audio cassettes under the title "Modern jazz Russia". Producer of the series - a singer and composer Stanislaw Korenblit. The purpose of the series - perhaps a more complete picture of Russia's jazz late XX - early XXI century. By early 1998, has already released 10 titles in this series.
. Daniel constantly collaborating with various radio and television broadcasters, taking part in various projects.
. Daniel plays in virtually all jazz styles - from classical and traditional jazz to avant-garde
. In his solo concerts, he also tries to play in different styles, both traditional and modern. A special place in his work is music "third flow". No walking on the path of simple improvisation on the themes of classical music, . He tries for each individual product to create your own special, . special language, . organically combines both jazz, . and classic turn of speech and form-building elements.,
. Daniel Kramer seeks to develop in Russia, a concert of jazz, he is the author of such projects as "Evening of Jazz with Daniel Kramer" in the Concert Hall
. Tchaikovsky's "Jazz music in the academic halls in the Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory, in the Small Hall of Moscow Conservatory, in the Oval Hall of non-repertory of the Moscow Union of Musicians. He embodies the idea of a jazz concert list philharmonic halls in many cities of Russia.
In 1997, Daniel Kramer was awarded the title of "Honored Artist of Russia".

In December 1999,. in Moscow label Boheme Music released the album "Imagine", recorded by Daniel Kramer, together with the renowned string quartet of. Mikhail Glinka.

Fragments of the album format Real Audio:

Seve Come Eleven
My Little Suede Shoes
Lester Leaps In

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Daniel Kramer, photo, biography
Daniel Kramer, photo, biography Daniel Kramer  Musician, photo, biography
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