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Alex Batashev

( historian and popularizer of jazz, musical and public figure)

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Biography Alex Batashev
photo Alex Batashev
PhD (1972), Chevalier of the Order of Cultural Merit (Poland, 1977), Honored Artist of Russia (1995), Honorary Doctor of International East-European University (1999).

. Among other awards - Medal 200 years of U.S. (1978), . Badge of Honor of the Polish Jazz Association (1994), . Medal Krzysztof Comedy (1994), . Award of the President of the College Kuinnipiak (USA) for his outstanding contribution to international cultural exchange by means of music and art (1988),

Born on September 7, 1934, Mr.. in Nizhny Novgorod. Graduated from the Moscow Physical-Technical Institute (1957). While still a student independently mastered the clarinet and saxophone, . basis of harmony, . arrangements and improvisation, and from 1954 to 1959, played in orchestras and ensembles of Moscow (Variety Orchestra Foreign Nicholas Artamonova, . Jazz Orchestra IISH Victor Zelchenko, . Jazz Quintet Gennady Gladkov), . served as a member of vocal quartet and vocalist, soloist,
. Under the influence of Leonid Pereverzev since 1958 has published articles about jazz, first in Polish (in the magazine "Jazz"), and since 1962 - in Russian in the national periodicals. In 1960, organized in Moscow's first jazz club, where he announced the creation of national policy directions in jazz, joining the musical heritage of national and international jazz technique ".

Collected a large music library and the library of jazz and subjected to scientific analysis of this music. The result is a teaching activity and the first monograph "The Soviet jazz" (Moscow, 1972) on the history of the domestic jazz. Its use as a textbook for pop-jazz music departments of educational institutions and its fragments have been translated into many languages, based on it was put well-known feature film "We of jazz" (dir. Karen Shakhnazarov, 1982)

. In the 70-80-ies Alex Batashev led classes designed his own course in the history of jazz, . jazz style, . Theoretical Aesthetics, . harmonic orientation (jazz solfege and auditory analysis), . on a unique course of world history of musical improvisation,

. Alex Batashev - organizer and presenter of jazz festivals in the USSR and abroad: "The World Jazz Festival, and folklore" in Abakan (1989), "Soviet-American jazz initiative in San Francisco (1989)," Jazz in the ocean "in Vladivostok ( 1991-93)
He is one of the founders (1966) and member of the International Jazz Federation to UNESCO, the permanent correspondent of the magazine "Jazz Forum", a member of the Council of New Orleans jazz archives, a permanent member of the Berlin Jazz Fest. In the 70-80's dean and lecturer in the Department of jazz culture of the University Society for the Blind. In the 80-90-e lectured on jazz at 20 U.S. universities - to State of Idaho (Moscow), . To State of Alaska (Fairbanks), . Brigham Young (Provo), . Kolgeyt (New York), . Kuinnipiak (Hamden), . Sonoma (San Francisco), . Stanford (Palo Alto), . Tulane (New Orleans), . Howard (Washington), . Berklee College (Boston), etc.,

With 60-s to the mid 90's he was the author and presenter of popular television and radio programs - "Metronome" (Radio "Youth"), "Jazz-Kurier" (Moscow TV), "Jazz with Alexei Batashev" (fifth channel, 1995, over one hundred programs), and other. In 1991, started cooperation with the radio station Ekho Moskvy.

In the 80 years Alex Batashev - a member of the artistic council of the firm "Melody", the author of the introductory articles to more than one hundred plates. In 1981-87 conducted a series of concerts in the Olympic village he had invented the genre of "Jazz Plus Jazz". Conducted concerts Dave Brubeck, Dizzy Gillespie, Pat Metin, Marlboro Superbenda "during their tour in Russia.

Alex Batashev - author and host of subscription "Jazz for all" in the Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory (1998), the concert series "Jazz from Russia in Rossiyskom Cultural Foundation (since 1998), jazz concerts in the Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky Concert Hall in DC FEI (r. Obninsk, 1981), as well as party advocacy Music Salon "Accord".

In the 90 years Alex Batashev - Chairman Rossiyskogo union of professional writers, a member of the Public Chamber of the President of Russia, a member of the Coordinating Council of the creative unions of Russia. Russia President guild jazz critics.

Brief bibliography:
"Soviet jazz". Moscow, 1972;
"The Art of Jazz Music" / / "Soviet jazz". Moscow, 1987;
"The phenomenon of improvisation". - "Soviet Music", 1987, N 2;
"Egyptian twist". - "Theater", 1991, N 10;
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Jazz Afro-Yiddish - that for fenomenN "-" Russian Jew, 2000

TV Movies series "Jazz from Russia:" Yuri Markin, Vladimir Danilin, Alexei Kuznetsov. (NTV, 1998, 1999)

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Alex Batashev, photo, biography
Alex Batashev, photo, biography Alex Batashev  historian and popularizer of jazz, musical and public figure, photo, biography
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