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Vyacheslav Gorsky

( piano, keyboards, composer, arranger)

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Biography Vyacheslav Gorsky
1972 - Music School,. Gnesinyh class of special piano.
1976 - the music faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. Lenin.
1973-83 - keyboardist and musical director of ensemble "Arsenal" (artistic director - Alexei Kozlov).
1983-90 - head of the group "Quadro"
. 1991 - rock-opera "Wandering Stars" (libretto by Pavel Grushko)
. 1992 - rock-opera "Bluebeard" (libretto by Pavel Grushko)
. 1995 - Children's musical "Jungle Show" (libretto by Pavel Grushko)
. 1995 - held two of the festival "Journey to the Jazzland" in the Moscow club Manhattan Express
1995-97 - in the rating of Music Box magazine named the best keyboardist Russia.
1995-98 - work with the new trains "Quad", as well as with his own trios, in duos with Alexei Kozlov, Sergey Manukyan and other projects. Musical Director Jazz Festival in Nikopol (Ukraine). Several times a year in Moscow club "show Keyboards Vyacheslav Gorsky".
1999 - 2000 - regular performances with Sergey Manukyan, Anatoly Gerasimov, Project New Romantic Jazz, etc.
. Festivals: Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Tallinn, Donetsk, Baku, Yerevan, Rostov-on-Don, Arkhangelsk, Warsaw (Jazz Jamboree), Bratislava, Berlin, Budapest, Istanbul, Paris.
. "Rock-Panorama-87" (Moscow) - a prize for professionalism.

. Discography:
. "His hands" - "Arsenal", 1982 (LP)
. "Night Dreams" - "Quad", 1989 (LP)
. "Quad-1" - "Quad", 1985 (MS)
. "Quadro-2" - "Quad", 1987 (MS)
. "Magic Castle" - 1994 (CD)
. "Jam on Two" (with Sergey Manukyan) - 1997 (CD)
. "Unknown Arsenal - 1995 (CD)
. "Ave Maria" (with A
. TOUMANYAN) - 1995 (CD)
. "Night Dreams" - "Quad", 1998 (CD)
. "Las Vegas" - "Quad", 1998 (CD)
. "New Romantic Jazz" - a trio of Vyacheslav Gorsky, 1998 (CD)
. Work in Applied music: music for commercials company Kodak, screensavers 2X2 TV (Channel 3 of the Moscow region in 1989-97), music for the program that do not play ", a number of documentaries.
. Author and presenter of "New Classics
. Versions Vyacheslav Gorsky "with" Radio Russia ".

"Immediately after his birth quartet" Quadro "began its triumphal procession through the cities and villages of the former USSR. In total, with 20 monthly concerts "Quadro" heard about three million people and their debut LP "Night Dreams" ( "Melody") sold 150,000 copies in circulation, and then another three times reprinted in Riga, Tashkent and Tbilisi. The recording was made at his own expense in one of the studios in Kiev, and the fee was only 350 rubles. For those who do not find the time of stable money and a stable low wages, explained that the above mentioned amount you could buy 175 kilograms of meat with bones, or about five tires for a Zhiguli ...
. ... Organizers of the concerts were forbidden "Quadro" to play live, because it was unimaginable contrast with the artists who worked under the "plywood"
. Most importantly, play under the "plywood" meant the impossibility of improvisation, the same component, without which there is no real jazz-rock. The Group ceased to exist, having gone from the scene at the peak of his popularity, not wanting to roll on down the line in pursuit of earnings ...
December 11, 1994 has forever inscribed in the history of Russia's jazz-rock. In a remarkable and, unfortunately, short lived club "Metro Express" the first concert of the revived "Quadro", resulting in mass, such natural disasters, the influx of people ... "

. Vadim Peresvetov, "Quadro: as it was"
. (Stereo & Video, 1-1997)

. "..." The Magic Castle "- is the first solo project, Gorsky, recently appeared on the shelves of music stores of the capital
. This music we can not. At no one targeting, an outstanding keyboard player plays with the classic chords. Gorski is not fond of complex forms in his music is dominated by melodies that create a light meditative atmosphere of the romantic Middle Ages. By technology - a computer music, in sound - acoustic ... "

. Yulia Aleksandrova
. (Evening Moscow, 19.05.1994)

. Interview Vyacheslav Gorsky magazine Jazz-square (1998)
. Review of new album Vyacheslav Gorsky "New Romantic Jazz" (the magazine "Jazz-square", 1998)

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Vyacheslav Gorsky, photo, biography
Vyacheslav Gorsky, photo, biography Vyacheslav Gorsky  piano, keyboards, composer, arranger, photo, biography
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