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Oleg Kireev

( Caksofonist)

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Biography Oleg Kireev
On the jazz scene name saxophonist Oleg Kireev known since 1984. For his jazz band "Orlan" He traveled all over the Soviet Union from Novosibirsk to Riga, participated in many jazz festivals in the country, as abroad.
In 1989. All-Union record label Melodiya album "Ensemble Oleg Kireev" Eagle "with his own compositions. This is followed by a series of foreign trips. In Poland, Oleg delayed for quite a long time, working with the leading Polish jazzmen.
In 1994, on returning to Russia, he recorded a new solo album "Romantic". In the same year, at the invitation of the famous American saxophonist Bud Shenka, Oleg leaving to study in the United States, where he participated in a jazz festival in g. Seattle, speaking with Hal Galperom, Dave Paik, Steve Ellington and others.
Spring 1995. on firms Arton and Govi Records (Poland), Oleg Kireev writes CD "Song for Sonny" in conjunction with well-known Polish musicians Joachim Menzel (piano) and Kazimierz Yonkishem (drums). The fourth member was bassist Arkady Ovrutsky from Moscow.
In July 1996, Mr.. Quartet Oleg Kireev, speaking at the XXX International Jazz Festival in Montreux (Switzerland), was awarded the diploma "For outstanding performance."
In 1997. created a new musical program "Love Letters", consisting of new original compositions Oleg Kireev. In the summer of that year he received an invitation to Britain for "Birmingham Jazz Festival, where he acts in ensembles Ray Alexander (USA), Andy F. Hamilton (England) and the group" Happy Seals "(France).
At the end of the festival Oleg was invited to London for the "Ealing Jazz Festival", while speaking at the jazz scenes of other cities in the UK. Groups with which Oleg works as a soloist include such names as Jean Tuasson, Dick Pierce, Harry Boludin and other British jazz stars. During this tour, written by a concert of "Life in England."
. Over the years, Oleg Kireev is also actively cooperating with such leading jazz musicians in Russia, as Daniel Kramer, Lev Kushnir, Eugene Ryabov, Gregory Fain, Alexander Vinitsky and other
. He appears in jazz clubs in Russia, Poland, Finland, USA, England. Musician's repertoire covers almost all genres of jazz music. Currently, Oleg Kireev works mainly in the style of traditional jazz.
In August 1998, Mr.. Oleg with his musical partner, guitarist Alexander Vinitsky got in a serious car accident in Moscow. Few months on a hospital bed, then - a heavy long recovery period brought Oleg failure. However, in February, 1999 till he was able to return to Ufa, where he spent the next Jazz Festival, on 20 May 1999. celebrated his return to order creative evening Oleg Kireev and real friends "in the Central House of Artists (Moscow).
Autumn 1999. Oleg toured Russia with the American saxophonist Mike Ellis (Mordvinov). Moscow concert of the tour was preceded by a chat with Oleg and Mike on the server "Jazz in Russia."
Since January 2000. Oleg constantly involved in the presentations of "second approximation" pianist Andrei Razin.
Fall 2000. Oleg released in Russia a number of albums: his new job in the manner of ethno-fusion "Love Letters" - on the label Landy Star, . reissued on the label Jazzland / Russian Series album "Song For Sonny" and on the same label released his new job with guitarist Alexander Vinitsky.,
. "Russian saxophonist gained a reputation as a powerful, svingueschego musician with high energy."

. The Express Star, United Kingdom

. "Revolutionary Russian musician Oleg Kireev - surprise Birmingham Jazz Festival, an extraordinary tenor."

. The Evening Mail, UK

. "In the game Oleg Kireev heard surprisingly harmonious combination of styles ranging from jazz, 20's, to music of John Coltrane."

. Bad Shenk, Arts and Entertainment

. tel. / fax: (095) 342-8027
. Ensemble Orlan
. Head Oleg Kireev (LP)

Bashkir legends
1. Abdarahman
2. Karabai
3. Singing cane
4. Bashkir country blues
5. Sabantui
6. Snow in April

. Oleg Kireev - tenor saxophone, keyboards
. Rustem Galliulin - trumpet, kubyz
. Igor Suchkov - piano
. Oleg Yangurov - double bass, bass guitar
. Rustam Karimov - drums, percussion
. Robert Yuldashev - Kura
. Record 1989, VTPO "Firm Melody"
. Romantic (tape)
. 1
. The Days Of Win And Roses (G. Mancini)
2. Meditation (A. C. Jobim)
3. Sweet Woman (O. Kirejev)
4. Love For Sale (C. Porter)
5. I Love You (C. Porter)
6. Romantic (O. Kirejev)
7. Autumn Leaves (J. Kosma)
8. My Secret Love (S. Fain)
9. Beautiful Love (V. Young)
10.Au Privave (Ch. Parker)

. Oleg Kirejev - tenor saxophone
. Alexander Sokolov - guitar
. Sergei Oskin - bass
. Staniclav Touleshov - drums

. Recorded: 15-17 February 1994, studio "Wave"
. Song For Sonny (CD)
. Landy Star / Jazzland-Russian Series, 2000
. 1
. Polka Dots And Moonbeams (Jimmy Van Heusen)
2. As Time Goes By (Hermann Hupfeld)
3. Wave (Antonio Carlos Jobin)
4. You Don't Know What Love Is (Dan Raye & Gene de Paul)
5. Secret Love (Fain / Webster)
6. I Thought About You (Johnny Mercer / Jimmy Van Heusen)
7. Tenor Madness (Sonny Rollins)
8. Song For Sonny (Oleg Kirejev)

. Oleg Kirejev - tenor sax, soprano sax
. Joachim Mencel - piano
. Arkadi Ovrutski - bass guitar
. Kazimierz Jonkiesz - drums
. Recorded: March 14-15, 1995, Studio Buffo, Warsaw, Poland
. Love Letters (CD)
. Landy Star, 2000
. 1
. Prelude
2. Night Flights
3. Dance Under The Water
4. Where Are You
5. O Mama Mia
6. Love
7. Somewhere
8. Every Day We Say Goodbye

Oleg Kireyev - saxes, keyboards
Vladimir Belov - vocal (1)
Andrey Vashkevich - keyboards
Alexander Vinitsky - guitar
Recorded: 2000, Moscow

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Oleg Kireev, photo, biography
Oleg Kireev, photo, biography Oleg Kireev  Caksofonist, photo, biography
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