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Feyertag Vladimir Borisovich

( Musician)

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Biography Feyertag Vladimir Borisovich
photo Feyertag Vladimir Borisovich
born December 27, 1931, Mr.. Leningrad. He graduated from the Philological Faculty of Leningrad State University (1954) and theoretical and composing music department of the College. Rimsky-Korsakov (1960). While still a university student, has collected jazz band, played piano and wrote arrangements. In 1960, together with the drummer of his band, Valery Mysovskikh at the request of the Leningrad branch of the publishing house "music" has published a brochure entitled "Jazz", which became the first book on jazz in Russian. After that, all activities associated only with jazz.

Concert Tours:
In the 60-ies was a jury of nearly all the jazz festivals and competitions (except Moscow) and began to give lectures about jazz. Since 1965, received the official status of the lecturer, musicologist Lenkontserta and later organized the first in the USSR philharmonic tickets, . devoted to jazz (in Leningrad, . Riga, . Yaroslavl, . Odessa, . Donetsk, . Veliky Novgorod, . Nizhny Novgorod), . allowing many jazz musicians to receive the status of the concert performers and appear on the Philharmonic stage.,
. Having the right to concerts, many Soviet jazz bands
. being invited Feyertaga as veduschego.On constantly accompanied by his comments, statements Leonid Siskin (trio and solo programs), . ensemble "Allegro", . and in Leningrad has always cooperated with all groups (orchestra Joseph Weinstein, . Ensemble David Goloshekin, . "Leningrad Dixieland", . Dixieland Alexei Kanunnikova, . Ensembles Anatolia Vapirova, etc.).,
. From 1978 to 1992 was artistic director and a leading international Leningrad (1986) jazz festival "Autumn Rhythms"
. In 1990 the Association established jazz musicians and managers "Interdzhaz". with which also conducted the Leningrad festivals "Open Music", organized festivals in other cities (Kaliningrad, Murmansk, Vitebsk) and individual concerts foreign musicians. For 15 years, leads Philharmonic subscription "In the world of jazz" in the Concert Hall. Tchaikovsky in Moscow.
. Thanks to his activity in Leningrad launched a trio of John McLaughlin (1994) and the Dave Brubeck Quartet (1997), in Sochi, Krasnodar and Moscow - Count Basie Orchestra (joint action with the Moscow jazz engagements, 1995), the band, Benny Golson (1997).
. He was leading in many festivals of the former Soviet Union (Riga, Tbilisi, Moscow, Yerevan, Volgograd, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Novosibirsk, etc.).
. Since 1978 he has collaborated with Gosconcert represented many foreign groups - "Ragtime Band Gunther Schuller, Dave Brubeck Quartet, Billy Taylor's trio, quartet, Paul Horn, Preservation Hall Band (USA)," Datch Swing College Band "(Netherlands) etc.
. In 1987-1997 he gave lectures on jazz in Germany
. In the 90 years he has become a successful manager with a series of touring in Europe and America domestic musicians (duo and quartet Kondakova, Ryabova, children's big band from Krivoy Rog, vocal group, "Digest" and others).
. In 1997, held in St. Petersburg-week festival of George Gershwin and his time "in 1998 - the festival of" We Remember "Ellington.

. Publicist activity:
. Author of many articles in periodicals
. He published articles on jazz performance in the magazines "Musical Life", "Soviet Music", "Ogonyok," "Melody", "Music in the USSR", "п?я?пЄп?пЎп?п°пЁп°пЇп?пҐ". In 1972-77 was a Fellow of the Institute of Art in Moscow, wrote two chapters on jazz for the three-volume "History of Soviet music", published by the publishing house "Art" ( "Singers Soviet music", "Estrada. ChtoN GdeN ZachemN "). A research fellow at the publishing house "Soviet Encyclopedia". Author of articles on local musicians in a 6-volume "Encyclopedia of Music," author "Jazz" musical encyclopaedia ". The author of texts on the envelopes LPs. Presented papers at symposia and scientific conferences in Leningrad, Riga, Dilijan, Yerevan, Tbilisi. Abroad, published in many German-jazz magazines).
In 1999 published a book "Jazz from Leningrad to St. Petersburg."
He was the author and presenter of television cycles in Moscow and Leningrad. Currently has two weekly column for the St. Petersburg Radio - "Half an hour with the classic jazz" and "The gramophone Vladimir Feyertag.
In November 2001,. released the first in the history of Russia's Jazz Encyclopedia bibliography - Jazz. XX Century ".

Educational activity:
In 1961 he began teaching the history of jazz in the Leningrad School of People's Music. Accumulated Pedagogical helped make (along with the Moscow musicologist Arkady Petrov) program on the history of styles for music schools of the country, when in 1974, were officially opened offices jazz specialization. He was a member Metodkabineta RSFSR Ministry of Culture and the author of a number of methodological developments. Currently, he teaches in the music school named. Mussorgsky and the University of Culture and Arts in Leningrad (Associate Professor).

Member of the Union of Composers (1989)
Honored Artist of Russia (1991)
Winner of the Prix Willis Conover (Voice of America)

"Feyertag - a fifty percent success of any concert" ( "Evening Kazan")
"Best lead. than B. Feyertag to jazz concerts and festivals can not come up "(" Evening Perm)
. Vladimir Feyertag - people broadest erudition, great charm "(" Onezhets)

. Vladimir Feyertagu - 70

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Feyertag Vladimir Borisovich, photo, biography
Feyertag Vladimir Borisovich, photo, biography Feyertag Vladimir Borisovich  Musician, photo, biography
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