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Gasan Bagirov

( Musician)

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Biography Gasan Bagirov
Gasan Bagirov was born May 16, 1967 in St. Petersburg. He graduated with honors from the Choral School at St. Petersburg Orchestra, and then in 1986, College of. Mussorgsky class jazz guitar Alexander Starostenko.

. Before coming to the jazz scene, Hasan has worked in the group "Collected Works", a rock-theater "The Secret", as well as take part in the First Youth Festival rock 'n' roll in Switzerland.

. In 1993, Gasan Bagirov won the title of winner of the contest named after Ellington Jazz in St. Petersburg and became one of the leading jazz guitarists of the city.

. Since 1994 he has been actively cooperating with coryphaeus jazz scene David Goloshchekin
. The first joint project was a concert entitled "An Evening of jazz violin". The duo of violin-guitar, known since the days of Grappelli and Reinhardt, got a new reading in the performance Goloshekin-Bagirov. Collaboration has become so successful that in 1995 was recorded a CD, depicting one of these concerts.

In 1996, Hasan briefly comes into permanent ensemble Goloshekin as second soloist, but after a while leaves the group, preferring to pursue a solo career. However, their cooperation does not end. Hassan continues to act as a quartet in the evenings of jazz violin, jazz evenings body (also in conjunction with Goloshchekin) and evenings bossa nova. It is in the bossa Nova Gasan Bagirov, first became a vocalist. With a not very strong, . but melodious voice, . He pointed to a concert honoring the great Brazilian composer Antonio Carlos Jobim their vocal interpretations of such well-known of his works, . as "One Note Samba", . "Once I Loved", . and sang his own dedication Jobim,
. His voice has found admirers among fans of jazz and St. Petersburg has become almost an integral part of his speeches. Above all, it turned out that Hassan good at improvisation scat: now its "crown room" - unison guitar-sketovaya improvisation.

His solo program Gasan Bagirov is usually in a trio, which is sometimes reduced to a duo. In April 1996, together with his permanent partner bassist Robert Pilyakalnisom he represented the St. Petersburg at the Arts Festival "Artgenda-96 in Copenhagen. And in January 1998, was a participant in the festival "Arctic Jazz" in Murmansk, where it took a solo program "From mainstream to modern, and also accompanied such jazz masters as George Garanian and David Goloshchekin. In Pilyakalnisa with Gasan Bagirov constantly cooperate two well-known drummer from St. Petersburg - Alexander Starosel'skii and Vadim Hawtin.

. To date, Gasan Bagirov is a leading jazz guitarist of St. Petersburg, the leading active concert
. You can hear it in both the St. Petersburg daily jazz clubs - Jazz Philharmonic Hall, and JFC. His repertoire includes the most diverse music: jazz standards and bossa nova, fusion and original compositions in the style of Joe Pass (one of the most favorite jazz guitarists).
In the summer of 1999 and 2000. Hasan has been actively involved in mobile festival "Jazz Province", which covers more than a dozen cities in central Russia and the Volga region.
In May 2000, Mr.. Moscow Jazz Journalists Association named her the winner Hasan Award Dzhaz'Uho-99 "in the category" Hope of the Year ". Diploma Hassan Prize is awarded in St. Petersburg Member of the Board Maj Michael Mitropolsky.

. His work as a professional musician Gasan Bagirov combines with the work of the teacher of St. Petersburg Academy of Culture, where is the class of jazz guitar.

. Gasan Bagirov: to become familiar face in St. Petersburg Jazz
. (interview, published in the journal "Jazz-square" in 1998)

. - Now I took my, albeit small, the position and started a movement
. Two years later I myself would be interested: I found my people, I remember my game.
. - Well, well, a year or two and talk ...

. ... This, in fact, could and finish: the idea is, and the plot intriguing, and said roomy, and 'wit' eyes happy
. Yes, that's bad luck: I want to talk, there is - of whom, rather, is - with whom.

In one of the festival booklets it attributed to 'the most striking representatives of the current generation of St. Petersburg jazz scene'. About him and his partner after the second joint statement with enthusiasm Garanyan George replied: 'Great musicians! Play in all genres, and people are nice - a successful combination '. And what about the fact that it invited him to record his second CD, David Goloshchekin.
. Generation of thirty musicians, which includes St. Petersburg and guitarist Gasan Bagirov - is not 'tomorrow', it is - our jazz 'today', it has already arrived, and it's time to know in person (see
. photo). However, . seems, . person is not yet become familiar even to Russia's expanse jazz, . and only the appearance of the duo Gasan Bagirov - Robert Pilyakalnisa in Vitebsk on stage jazz club festival "Slavic Bazaar" was a great and very pleasant surprise for the Belarusians.,
. What it was: magic, magic
. What 'exhaled' these fingers, under which the strings vibrating, aroma filled the room light, languid, elusive sounds. Hasan and Robert did just that, which makes the restaurant turn into a 'pub', which clears any space from the husk of the vain and shallow, that attracts attention and do not forget - they make music.
. And how to create a good jazz musician
. Talking to Gasan Bagirov, I thought that a set of components of this intriguing image is quite foreseeable and is simple, catch - in the presence of all the indispensable elements. Well, the talent and nothing to mention, because it is - an occasion to talk at all. Of course, education, without him in our time does. And be sure to be flash - enthusiasm: with a cool head no one in jazz did not come ...

- Starting from around 1983, I was carried away by his guitar - first rock music, then have heard J. Benson, J. Hall, Y. Montgomery. And, after finishing school choir, rather than enter the conservatory, began to prepare for exams in college named. Mussorgsky, which was the only branch of jazz guitar. They then taught Alexander Starostenko - winner of many All-Union competitions, a very talented young guitarist, with whom we are serious prozanimalis year, then he had a lot of touring, and I last year, spoke to the group 'Secret'.
. - And what did you do in 'The Secret'.
. - Then came the play 'King of Rock' n 'roll'
. I participated in it as a guitarist: played solo in the style of Chuck Berry.
. - Return to jazz.
. - In 1992 I was lucky to get into a nightclub hotel 'Baltic', which then played a great St. Petersburg jazzmen: Nicholas Amendment Alexander Berenson, Sergei Sokolov, Vladimir Tunick
. There I met my current partner Robert Pilyakalnisom it before I came to jazz, and he had very good teachers.
- And how to you 'out' D. Goloshchekin.
- He was a founder of Competition. D. Ellington, the winner of which I was, and I got out of his hands and literacy prize. I think D. Goloshekin his great friend, he gave me a business card into a professional jazz, because, having laureatsky status, I have already moved to another category. In 1996, Dr.. Goloshchekin suggested that I write with a laser compact disc, where he plays the violin. And 'evening of jazz violin' in the Jazz Philharmonic Hall - the most favorite shows, and his and mine.
- The fact that you perform regularly with the D. Goloshchekin, very revealing, because he does not like to raise, preferring that people played at once.
. - Yes, he does not like to rehearse a lot, his style - say a few words, discuss the little details, and - playing a spontaneous jazz, and this person should be prepared.

. (... By the way, is another important detail in the way of becoming a jazz musician: a meeting with a famous colleague who would be noticed and supported
. Not everyone, of course, lucky, at the very least you can do without luck, but it is easier to jump quickly to the next career step, but it is so inspiring ...)

. - And what you have recently entered the Academy of Culture - is a lack of knowledge
. What do you expect from this training.
- As an artist I do not need, but when carefully doing pedagogy, counting each step, it raises the professional level. Now there is a shortage of teachers guitarists, professional, knowledgeable bop, mainstream, modal jazz, even swing - but only swing is no longer enough. I know the rules and was not grossly confusions: if, say, sound fusion, and man is boperskim language.
- In Vitebsk you performed a duet with Robert Pilyakalnisom. But it's not only your staff.
- No, of course, there is a quartet, in which, except for us with Robert, are pianist Sergei Grigoryev, and drummer Alexander Starosel'skii. Unfortunately, we do not rehearse regularly, and this is not enough. Our duo with Robert and the remarkable fact that we played great for 3 years we have a rare day of not playing together, and why our music creates a special atmosphere, magic. And it is very nice, because many people do not understand what music we play, what harmony, they are only listening or watching, and our aura of their moves.
- But in the duet you have more options. However, voltage, as I noticed you are not a matter: you can throw the harmony, to support the bass, 'dispel' the melody, and - just enough.
- Yes, this is a special sound when there is no bolt drums and bass play the line that you want. I just can point out where the bass will go - we are with Robert and the workpiece, and spontaneous place.
- You talked about the programs, where you play in different styles. Tell us about detail.
- There is my program called "Evening of jazz guitar ', this is mainstream. There is a program of Robert - X. Hancock, J. Pastorius, its composition (I think, to their things, we shall return). There is a program with singer Anna Guzikov, this bossa nova, including one of mine - dedicated to Jobim. There is a program with saxophonist Mikhail Chernov, one department - the mainstream, and the second - closer to the fusion. M. Chernov is different saxophone, flute, he is the temperament, and so here - the sound of keys and guitar with special effects. So we are constantly 'freshened', changing the genre, but engaging, nonetheless, the fact that we like.
. - Is there something in you-musician, musician, that you do not ustraivaetN
. - Lack of a classical guitar school: I would like to raise the technical level
. And then, I'm still not speak of harmony, but to me it's interesting, and I do myself, because in schools, in the same school of. Mussorgsky, with this big problem.

(... I note parenthetically that these defects on the stage it is difficult to identify, but the ability to hold on and not get lost in the unexpected situation was observed with my own eyes. During his speech, Gasan Bagirov and Robert Pilyakalnisa in jazz club "Slavic Bazaar 'lights went out, all the building center of culture is not less than one half was immersed in darkness. Music cut short, and in the ensuing darkness immediately began chattering: the audience in the club - he is a restaurant - going to different. At that moment, that part of, . which is particularly 'different', . felt heady freedom, . in a dark room buzzing sounded triumphant: 'Oh, . frost, . frost ... ' Seemed, . then the enthusiasm of the fine music of the soul must come to naught, . but, . when the light is switched, . Hasan and Robert came on the scene lively and began again interrupted play, . Hasan has played with a long introductory solo ...),

. - That so constantly in the dark and - inspired.
. - The darkness, too, can be useful
. I have often before the show lacks a calm environment to disengage from the outside and think that I'll play. I'm just a problem with concentration.
- Are you open to other musical styles.
- You know, now I would have reacted with caution to such proposals. Here, in jazz, I fully disclose, in addition, there already have my name, it is not so easy to give, and I would not want to lose. A different genres and I have enough in jazz, what to look for ways of some simplification, primitivism. If my soul is so artful and multifaceted, I think it is - a gift from God and should be used, not to give people what I can do is unacceptable.
- You - St. Petersburg musician. Where would you like to expand.
- In terms of styles - I have them listed, they are many, and perhaps none of can not boast such a variety ...
- Even supermnogostoronny Andrei Kondakov.
- Maybe, but it. Andrew, of course, a phenomenal musician, a phenomenal composer and a very good man. Also it is hard to imagine a musician who would be as close to us in spirit. Only the talented Sergei Grigoryev could prompt us to cooperate with the keyboard.
- And what about the geographical expansion.
- I would like to expand further in Russia, CIS countries. While in Moscow I particularly do not know, because I very long swing. Only now I feel strong enough not only to play music, but also care about to know it outside of St. Petersburg.
- The most natural for the inhabitants of the CIS question: do not want to leave.
- No. I, in principle, Russia's man, a native Petersburger, is a special breed of people. We have here a very busy life: concerts, the fans, my teaching activities. Why should I go somewhere.

(... A few words about patriotism. In our country, this word sounds almost unseemly, though! We're already so many know that we may well believe: nothing wrong with the words 'patriotism' and 'homeland' No, if you do not overdo with the intonation. And the more talented people will understand, so we all better: that we are without them, we will do ....)

- It turns out, living jazz, you and the money you earn to live jazz.
- Yes, and Robert earns. I can not say that we are chic, but in life, we lack the tools. Of course, it is not easy, but people see that we are enthusiasts, and many help. Not only money is important and moral support: we have fans that are satisfied with our concerts, parties ...

. So what is the etymology of the image of the modern young dzhazmenaN Talent (more, . better), . education (how many survive), . work (often replaces Talent, . but sooner or later, jazz prints 'я┌я─я┐п╢я▐пЁ' to clean water), . a little luck (if many, . can replace everything else), . enthusiasm (if not sprayed on an active social life, . can successfully promote their own careers), . patriotism, . charm, . sure, . desirable, . but not as critical,
. Well, basically, it seems, everything.
. Imagine how interesting it would be with Gasan Bagirov, who possesses all these qualities, to talk a year or two.

. Anna Aladova
. JAZZ-square 11-12, 1998
. published with the permission of the publisher of the journal
. Fall 2000
. Hasan under its own label, released his first solo album "Quadrats". Most of his tracks are solo guitar performance in a very wide stylistic range. Of the twelve track album of seven - original compositions Hasan. Two of the tracks involved David Goloshchekin (on vibraphone and violin).
Yellow Circles
Night Blues (David Goloshchekin - vibraphone)
Hot Wind
Improvisation On The Blues
For Joe Pass
Lady Be Good (David Goloshchekin - violin)

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Gasan Bagirov, photo, biography
Gasan Bagirov, photo, biography Gasan Bagirov  Musician, photo, biography
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