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Andrej Kondakov

( Pianist, keyboard player, composer)

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Biography Andrej Kondakov
photo Andrej Kondakov
Andrej Kondakov was born on 14.09.1962 in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). He's been on the jazz scene since 1978. His first steps - participation in jazz concerts and urban jazz festival in the city of Dnepropetrovsk. First idols - Erroll Garner and Duke Ellington. Important role in the formation of the musician played the acquaintance in 1979 with Nikolai Levinovsky, the leader of Moscow's famous ensemble "Allegro", under whose influence Kondakov began to compose music. His stylistic guidelines gradually changed: Andrej began to focus on Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, McCoy Tyner and other contemporary musicians. His transfer from the theoretical department of the Dnepropetrovsk College of Music to jazz faculty at the College of Petrozavodsk (Karelia, Russia) was not a surprise, as well as later studies in Petrozavodsk branch of the Leningrad Conservatory (ca. 1987) in the class of E.Patlaenko's composition.

Since 1981, A.Kondakov's ensemble begins to perform at local jazz festivals. Kondakov's composition on Gershwin's "Fascinating Rhythm", performed at the festival "Autumn Rhythms-85" in Leningrad, was included in the CD "Jazz From The USSR", released in the U.S. In 1987 first LP with unique jazz compositions "Night in the city" was released.

Acquaintance with the Leningrad guitarist Andrej Ryabov in 1988 (since 1989 jazz critics called him the best guitarist of the country) resulted in the creation of joint Quartet. Kondakov-Ryabov's ensemble, performing modern mainstream, existed until the summer of 1992, becoming, in the opinion of jazz critics, the best jazz group of the country. Kondakov-Ryabov's quartet performed with such famous musicians as American saxophonist Richie Cole (Moscow, Leningrad (1989) - the Leningrad concert was recorded and released by the company "Melodia"), Australian saxophonist Roger Frampton (Leningrad, 1989), Swiss trumpeter Franco Ambrosetti (Basel, 1991), Swedish musicians - a drummer and bassist Peter Danemo Hans Andersson (tour in Sweden, 1990, Festivals "Jazz & Blues" in Stockholm (1991), as well as in St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk (1991).

In 1992 A. Kondakov moved to St. Petersburg, and a new stage, a two-year collaboration with Victor Dvoskin, the famous Moscow contrabass player, began. The joint work resulted in the album "In the deserted park".

In 1994-97 Andrej Kondakov closely cooperates with the German drummer Christian Shoyber, performing in different combinations - from trio to quintet. Gradually such musicians as saxophonist Igor Butman (U.S. - Russia) and Reiner Witzel (Germany), mouth-organ player Olivier Ker-Orio (France) joined the project named "Interdzhaz". In 1995-98 the project regularly performed in Russia, Ukraine, Europe. With the participation of Christian Shoyber the album "Live in Norway" was also recorded (Arkady Shilkloper - horn, Andrej Kondakov - piano, Vladimir Volkov - contrabass, Christian Shoyber - drums), in autumn 1998 it was released by Moscow jazz label Boheme Music. This album won the prize of Moscow Association of Jazz Journalists "Dzhaz'Uho-98" in the category "Album of the Year".

In 1998-99 joint projects of Andrei Kondakov with Russian jazz masters such as Arkady Shilkloper, Sergey Manukyan were formed. The musician finds the joint tour in Russia and recording of two albums in quartet with Eddie Gomez (contrabass), Lenny White (drums) and Igor Butman (tenor sax) as the highest achievement.

One of the albums, recorded in Moscow in spring 1997 - "Jazz 4X4" - was released in winter 1997-98 branded "Prestige Records" of the Soyuz Studio. The second, recorded in New York in late 1996 ("Blues for Four"), has not been released yet (it includes mostly original compositions by Andrej Kondakov).

In 1997-98 Andrej actively cooperated with American singer Napua Davoy in Russia. It resulted in Andrej's participation Napua's CD recording and joint performance in the USA in 1999 (refer to Andrej's interview in magazine "Full Jazz").

Since 1995 Andrei Kondakov - art director of the St. Petersburg Jazz Club JFC. In St.Petersburg in 1998-99 Kondakov's main musical projects were fusion-band "No address" (St. Petersburg guitarist Valery Belinov, Parisian bassist Andrey Svetlov, Cuban percussionist Joel Gonzales and drummer Sergey Ostroumov) and "Kondakov-Belino Project" (Kondakov, Belinov, bassist Gregory Voskoboynik and drummer Alexander Mashin).

. Discography:
. NEW Andrei Kondakov, Sergio Brandao, Paulo Braga, Paul Bollenbek, Boris Kurganov - "Old And New Brazilian Tales"
. Landy Star / Jazzland-Russian Series, 2000

Recorded in April 2000 in St. Petersburg, this album was released by the September tour of Andrej Kondakov's Brazil All Stars Project in Russia. The percussionist Cafe, drummer Braga, bass player Brandao - three Brazilian musicians, living in New York, sound together in this project with New York guitarist Bollenbek, St.Petersburg and Moscow pianist Kondakov saxophonist Kurganov. There are no, as you might expect, Brazilian standards - only the original Kondakov's music, with distinctly Brazilian traits.

. Dance With Crocodile
. Brazilian Heart
. Moving With Windows Open
. Jazz 4x4 - Igor Butman / Andrej Kondakov / Eddie Gomez / Lenny White - SZCD 0772-97, Prestige Records / Soyuz, 1997
. Fairy Tale in the Rain Andrej Kondakov - p, Igor Butman - ts, Eddie Gomez - b, Lenny White
. Siberian Train Andrej Kondakov - p, Igor Butman - ts, Eddie Gomez - b, Lenny White - dr
. A Little Time For Me (Napua Davoy & A. Kondakov) BCW0001, 1999
. Live In Norway (Shilkloper, Kondakov, Volkov, Scheuber) CDBMR 809007, Boheme Music, 1998
. "Cobra"
. "Julius Blues
. Leningrad Alto Madness (Ritchie Cole with Kondakov-Ryabov Quartet) LP S-6030069 Melodia
. Deserted Park (Kondakov-Dvoskin Project) - Mercury Jazz
. Cassette
. On the Night Town (Kondakov jazz group) LP S-60 25159 Melodiya
. Jazz From USSR CD 21 00890 Mobile Fidelity
. "Jazz At The Old Fortress'97" CD Helicon Jazz Club
. Deserted Park Andrej Kondakov - p, Igor Butman - ts, Eddie Gomez - b, Lenny White - dr
. Love And Hope Andrej Kondakov - p, Igor Butman - ts, Eddie Gomez - b, Lenny White - dr
. "Jazz At The Old Fortress'96" CD Helicon Jazz Club
. First Words Of Love Andrej Kondakov - p, Igor Butman - ts, Olivier KerOurio - hca, Dmitry Averchenkov - b, Christian Scheuber - dr
. "Jazz At The Old Fortress '93" CD 6000957, "Melodia", 1994, Russia
. "Jazz At The Old Fortress '92" LP R60 0111479-82 "Melodia", l993, Russia
. LP C-60 24017, "Melodia", 1986, USSR

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