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Garanian Georgy

( Alt-saxophonist, conductor, bendlider, Narodny actor RF)

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Biography Garanian Georgy
photo Garanian Georgy
Born August 15, 1934, Mr.. Headed Garanyanom in mid 50-ies "Zolotaya Eight" (except him there played And. Zubov K. Bakholdin, I. Berukshtis, V. Zelchenko) in full composition rejoined in youth orchestra Central House of Arts whom supervised Yury Saulsky.

Since 1958 he sounded Garanian saxophone in the orchestra of Oleg Lundstrem, and then a pop concert in the All-Union Radio Orchestra, directed by Vadim Lyudvikovsky. Simultaneously Garanyan plays in small groups, mainly in quartet with guitarist Nikolai GROMIN. Kvartet existed several years, during which successfully spoke at jazz-festivals in Tallinn, Prague and Moscow, gave many concerts in country and abroad, repeatedly recorded on radio.

In the mid-60's jazz plays in the modern style, unheard of in the waves of All-Union Radio, brought Garanyanu and perform with him popular among the musicians of the broadest masses.

In 1973 many musicians former orchestra Gosteleradio invited work on firm gramzapisi "Melodia". Leader eponymous ensemble became Georgy Garanyan. Thus was born a truly stellar structure, which is still remembered in every corner of Russia. Ensemble with equal brilliance accompanied singers, recorded dance music and jazz compositions from swing to jazz-rock.

At the same time Garanyan serves as conductor of the symphony orchestra of the Cinematography Committee. In the credits of many films of that time we see his name. He not only conducts. He wrote for film.
In 1991 Garanyan implements its old dream and creates Moskovskii Big Bend, in who invites most venerable jazzmen professionals country. Specialists and privates spectators celebrated unique sound this orchestra, magnificent arrangements of created its leader.

One experienced jazzmen supreme league, Garanyan - real idol audience. Many call it the expression of the ideas of a generation.

Throughout the creative activity Garanyan actively concerts, and all his concerts are taking place with the full house. It serves both as a soloist, improviser, and as a conductor.

In the trio "Garanyan-Kramer-Kuznetsov" He traveled all over Russia and CIS. Together with guitarist Alexei Kuznetsov Garanyan gave many concerts across the country, many of whom - Charities. He often performs with local musicians - the St. Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Ufa.

At the 1998th Garanyan became the head of the Krasnodar Municipal big band, which is recognized as a unique jazz bands Russia. Orchestra triumphantly concluded International Jazz Festival to the 100 th anniversary of George Gershwin (1998, . Moscow), . International Jazz Festival to the 100 th anniversary of Ellington (1999, . Moscow), . conquered most snobbish in a jazz for city - Saint-Petersburg and other cities in Russia,
. The young band already has an invitation to jazz festivals in other countries of the world where they know saxophonist Garanian.

George Garanian - winner of many international jazz festivals - in Prague, Bombay, Havana, Warsaw, Finland, Israel.
George Garanian - the only jazz musician, who subscribe to one of the most prestigious halls of the world - the Great Hall of the Conservatory. His cycle he called: "Jazz: Theme and Variations" and this name is justified. Each concert poses some surprises. The first - "Jazz and Poetry" - Garanyan held together with folk artists, State Prize winner Olga Ostroumova, Valentin Nikulin and Adolf Shapiro. On the second - in the star of the festival "Russian Winter" - its festive program showed Krasnodar Big - Band. On the third Garanyan invited David Goloshekin - St. Petersburg multi-instrumentalist - and the capital stars.

Maestro indefatigable. He continues write music, engage concert activity and create. In Moscow during Days city on Poklonnaya woe spectators applauded orchestra "Olymp" led Georgy Garanian. New kollektivN possible. No official announcements have yet been. But the only saxophone player who wears the title "People's Artist of Russia", many plans. Began the second forty years of jazz.
In the summer of 1999. George Garanian conducted Rossiyskim Symphony Orchestra held in Moscow in recording a new album of the famous American jazz group Oregon (producer of the album played Pat Metheny Group bassist Steve Rodbi). Photos from these sessions can be seen in "Full Jazz, # 25-99. The same work can find a reprint of an interview with George Aramovich, on this record.


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Garanian Georgy, photo, biography
Garanian Georgy, photo, biography Garanian Georgy  Alt-saxophonist, conductor, bendlider, Narodny actor RF, photo, biography
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