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Nekrasov, Nikolai Nikolaevich

( People's Artist of USSR, State Prize Laureate, Professor)

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Biography Nekrasov, Nikolai Nikolaevich
photo Nekrasov, Nikolai Nikolaevich
Born June 30, 1932 in Moscow. Father - Nikolai Nekrasov (1910-1948). Mother - Nekrasov Natalia Ivanovna (1911g.rozhd.). Wife - Nekrasov Lyudmila (1935g.rozhd.). Son - Nekrasov, Aleksey Nikolayevich (1960g.rozhd.).

Since childhood, Nicholas was a gifted child, many were interested, the school attracted mineralogy, he studied the works of Academician Fersmana very fond of chemistry, for the 7 th class passed the entire course of secondary school on the subject. But his musical future was predetermined, because he was born into a family of musicians. His mother sang and played well on the cello. My father was the conductor of the orchestra of Russian folk choir at All-Union Radio. With his orchestra famous soloists such as M. Reisen, AND. Kozlovsky C. Lemeshev etc.. Hospitable, hospitable house Nekrasov in Tikhvinsky Lane loved and often visited by many famous musicians. It always was music, there was talk about music.

. In 1947, Nicholas, following the advice of his father, who asked him about this, believing that music education must be useful in life, entered the music school named after the October Revolution (now - College of Music named after A. Schnittke)
. First he enrolled in the class domras to DP Aleksandrov, and then carried away by a balalaika, and continued his studies at AS Ilyin. In 1952, after graduating from college and graduated with honors, at the final concert Nekrasov led the orchestra in the Hall of Columns.

Then came a serious break. From 1952 to 1954, Nikolai Nekrasov studied at the Military School of fighter pilots in the town of Uman in the Ukraine.

In 1954 he entered the Rossiyskuyu Academy of Music on a class of conducting G.F. Zimin and SS. Sakharov. In 1960 graduated from it with the specialty conductor and concert artist on balalaika. From 1957 to 1960, he was - the chief conductor of State Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Choir Pyatnitsky, from 1960 to 1973 - chief conductor of State Academic Folk Dance Ensemble of the USSR.

Since then, Nikolai Nekrasov, working as chief conductor and artistic director of the Academic Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments of the USSR Radio and Television. Since 1997, the orchestra is run by the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. During these years the band performed more than 8 thousand works, given many concerts, made a lot of radio, carried a tour around the world, accompanied by a huge success.

Concert program with participation and. Arkhipova, E. Obraztsova, E. Nesterenko, A. Eyzena, W. Sotkilava, A. Dnishev has become a landmark in the artistic life of the collective and shown on television and engaged millions of listeners to the high art of great performers. Tours of the cities of the United States, Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Japan have successfully promoted the achievement of Russian folk instrumental music in our country. Under the direction of NN. Nekrasov, a talented master, the true connoisseurs of folk art wide range of artistic Rossiyskogo Orchestra of Radio and Television has achieved brilliant results. In regard to performing, he stood up in one of the best symphony orchestras in Russia. The repertoire of folk orchestra often plays music by Glinka, . Varlamov, . Gurilev, . Bulakhov, . Tchaikovsky, . Rachmaninoff, . Prokofiev, . Shostakovich, . Sviridov, . Gorodovskaya, . Vasilenko, . Budashkin, . as well as works by Schubert, . Ravel, . Sibelius, . Albeniz, . De Fali, . Britten, . Coates and others,
. Professional level of the orchestra is so high that allows him to perform the works of any genre. Particularly impressive performance for piano and symphonic works. Often these works, without losing its substance, find a new, full life in the repertoire of folk orchestra and the audience enthusiastically perceived. An example of this can serve as "Magic Lake" and "Kikimora" Liadov, "Serenade" Schubert, "The Great Gate" by Mussorgsky and others. With much love and gratitude speak about the orchestra and its conductor recognized by the world public famous singers. Moreover, each emphasizes a deep penetration into the author's intent and ability to support the soloist, to help him more clearly express thoughts and feelings inherent in this work.

During work in the orchestra Nekrasov recorded in the fund more than 500 radio music, "Tune" produced about 50 long-playing discs with recordings of various music forms and genres. Thus, by the orchestra sounded as amended Nekrasov Symphony Fantasy "P. Glier, "Italian Symphony" From. Vasilenko, oratorio "To the glory of the Motherland" in. Pikul (together with the Bolshoi chorus running to. Birds), "Sinfonia Concertante" S. Shishakov and many others. Rare work was a record spring tales A. Ostrovsky's "Snow Maiden" A. Grechaninov. Even in 1905 in Moscow's theaters were also three "Snow Maiden": Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky and Grechaninov. Critics of the time most organic and appropriate to the spirit of the play recognize music Grechaninov. Nikolai Nikolaevich able to find the score grechaninovskoy "Snow Maiden" in VNTITsentre in Moscow. In conjunction with. Shuyakovym was made arrangement for orchestra of Russian folk instruments.

NN. Nekrasov is a frequent speaker on radio, television and in print about the problems of orchestras of folk instruments. Now on Radio Russia is a series of programs "Nikolai Nekrasov presents.

From 1985 to 1998 N. Nekrasov headed the department of orchestra conducting Russia Academy of Music. Has the rank of professor.

NN. Nekrasov - The People's Artist of USSR (1988), . People's Artist of the RSFSR (1980), . Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1971), . USSR State Prize Laureate in the Arts (1991), . a gold medal and the title of laureate of the International Competition VI World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow (1957),
. Awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland "IV degree (1995). He is a board member of the Central House of artists, vice-president of the International Union of Musicians, a board member of the Irina Arkhipova Foundation.

The main passion - music, she owns all the aspirations of the whole life NN. Nekrasov. In the field of professional music, he has more than 50 years old and still full of energy and creative plans.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Nekrasov, Nikolai Nikolaevich, photo, biography
Nekrasov, Nikolai Nikolaevich, photo, biography Nekrasov, Nikolai Nikolaevich  People's Artist of USSR, State Prize Laureate, Professor, photo, biography
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