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Necheporenko Pavel Ivanovich

( People's Artist of the USSR.)

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Biography Necheporenko Pavel Ivanovich
photo Necheporenko Pavel Ivanovich
Born August 31, 1916, Mr.

. Name of Pavel Ivanovich Necheporenko, . famous balalaika player and teacher well known in Russia and abroad, . inscribed in golden letters in the history of Russian performance art of the twentieth century, together with such renowned musicians, . as E. Gilels, . D. Oistrakh, . S. Lemeshev, . L. Ruslanova ..,
. Performing arts PI Netcheporenko - is unforgettable pages of musical history of our country, embodied in the records on the radio, records, video tapes, articles and monographs. Pavel Ivanovich refers to the brilliant musicians, talent and skills which determine the development of musical art. He comes from a galaxy of those artists who are always looking for new, still unexplored, and therefore other incomprehensible and unattainable. It can rightly be called a genius, a genius kind of balalaika. After all, this musical instrument, he has devoted his long life in art.
Dedication to her chosen cause, an obsession - that's the main thing that has always been inherent Paul Necheporenko.

'Great, who firmly seized
One, all the rest amendment ...
Perverse to limit
Almost always the human '.

These lines from a poem by renowned poet Yevgeny Vinokurov is the best defined image of a man who has dedicated himself to the beloved, stubbornly and passionately reaching their goal.
The whole life of PI Netcheporenko riddled music. From early childhood he remembers himself singing and playing musical instruments. The first lessons balalaika he received from his father, . then classes in the amateur orchestra of folk instruments, under the leadership of AA Nikolaenko in Kerch, . and, . Finally, . studies in Leningrad, . the music college in im.M.P.Musorgskogo VI Dombrowski,

Here in Leningrad in 1936, took his acquaintance with Boris S. Troyanovsky, who treated him in a fatherly. 'Communicating with Troyanovsky, I learned from him. - Remembers Paul I.. - At my request to take me to the disciples, Troyanovsky, unfortunately, answered that he had never taught and never will be: Come, see how to play and learn ... ' It is well done Paul. Was witnessing the creation of many well-known treatments Boris Troyanovsky, and a lifetime to remember flight, . clear voice balalaika Troyanovsky, . ease of his playing, . convexity of the dynamics and the perfection of musical form of the works executed,
. When he came across another remarkable record balalaika player Nikolay Osipov, Pavel learned all the works, sounded on it, and repeating them after his idol, admiring the skill of its execution.

In 1939, Mr.. Paul Necheporenko graduated from music college, enters the conductor's department of the Leningrad Conservatory and gives concerts as a soloist-balalaika Lenkontserta. After one of the concerts he was approached by a famous Russian composer and close collaborator of Andreev Nikolai Fomin, who exclaimed with admiration: 'I heard the game Troyanovsky, I know Osipova ... You, no doubt, a great future! " And the old professor was right. In 1939, Mr.. All-Union review-competition of folk music Paul Necheporenko won first prize and the title winner, dividing it with his recent idol Nikolai Petrovich Osipov.

Winning the competition was opened before the young musician of great promise. He has toured extensively in Russia, speaking on radio, records records. During the Great Patriotic War, Paul Necheporenko remained in besieged Leningrad, as soloist of the Naval Forces of the USSR stands in front of the defenders of the city, travels to the Northern Front. His selfless service to the terrible war years marked the orders' Red Star ',' World War ', with medals "For defense of Leningrad', 'For the victory over Germany'. Remembering the war years, veterans of the Red Banner of Ladoga flotilla in its commemorative address at the occasion of 60 anniversary of the musician, wrote: 'The ring of the strings of your balalaika was able to give us warmth, joy, relaxation and inspiration to new feats of seafarers'.

After the war resumed an active and creative life of PI Necheporenko, and in 1949. Orchestra on tour name Ossipov on Central Asia for the remote got a young conductor, who had just graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory - Paul Necheporenko. He successfully conducted a tour, received rave reviews from the Bolshoi Theater soloist singer VV Barsova, earned the approval of the artistic director of the orchestra DP Osipova, and two years later, in 1951. was invited to the orchestra for the post of deputy artistic director and conductor of the celebrated team. With the success he conducted works that require special virtuosity of the orchestra: the 'Flight of the Bumblebee "from the opera' The Tale of Tsar Saltan ',' Dance of the buffoons' from the opera 'The Snow Maiden' Rimsky-Korsakov, works of N. Budashkin, P. Barchunova, P . Kulikova. Necheporenko subtly accompanies many famous instrumental soloists - accordionist Sergei Kolobkova, guslar Vsevolod Belyaev, Nikolai Havroshinu balalaika, domra-player Anatoly Alexandrov. It is accompanied with pleasure singing soloists of the Bolshoi Theater AV Autograph, M. Maksakova, M. Mikhailov, S. Khomchenko.

In 1952, Mr.. Orchestra im.N.P.Osipova traveled around the good news: Pavel Ivanovich was awarded the Stalin Prize (USSR State Prize) for outstanding achievement in musical performance. This event determined the fate of the artist. He became a soloist Gosconcert ever leaves conductor and starts a lot of concerts abroad. But the relationship of PI Necheporenko with the orchestra over the years did not end. All this time, he remains an Honorary Fellow of the Art Council of the National Academic Orchestra of Folk Instruments Russia im.N.P.Osipova. In the 75-year anniversary of the Orchestra PI Netcheporenko was awarded the Order of the 'Peoples' Friendship'.

In the 50-60-ies of the balalaika abroad knew little. Moreover, the triumphal tour of the St. Andrew's orchestra began to forget. Because balalaika to foreigners seemed something exotic, akin to the samovar, or sandals. The program of foreign tours Paul Necheporenko were such 'pearls' of world classics, . as the Second Hungarian Rhapsody Liszt, . Fantasia on themes of the opera 'Carmen' P. Sarasate, . Spanish Dance M. De Falla, . Humoresque A. Dvorak, . 'Dance of Death' C.Saint-Saens, . works of Soviet composers: Vasilenko, . P. Kulikova, . N. Budashkin,

. Seriously preparing for a foreign tour, and constantly feeling the lack of repertoire, . Paul Necheporenko composed several concert works - it is now well-known variation on a theme by Paganini, . Concert piece on the theme of Ukrainian folk song 'From village to village', . A variation on the theme of Russian folk song 'Hour, . yes for an hour ',
. The audience waited on Russian balalaika unpretentious tunes, and hearing the virtuoso passages, brilliant melodies favorite composers in a peculiar arrangement of Paul Necheporenko, could not resist the delight. 'As in the Andersen, . when the ugly duckling becomes a beautiful swan, . - Recalls professor Necheporenko, . - Balalaika in the eyes of foreigners was transformed into a musical instrument, . endowed with its unique sound, . rich variety of techniques of sound production and strokes, . technically and deeply national ',

Is no accident, after the performance of the musicians, reviews appeared in newspapers such as this: 'Paul Necheporenko - master the game on a Russian balalaika. He is 'saber-toothed tiger' in their business. Power performance Fantasies' Carmen ', he was able to win' red bull ', which fought Hercules'.
For Necheporenko every performance - is not only a full commitment, the dissolution of the music, the joy of possessing an artistic way, and the search for a perfect sound works, fear not endure to the desired traits. On stage he is not hasty and serious. He is equally abhorrent to vanity and flirting with the audience. From the look of the actor breathes calm and confidence. He masterfully leads listeners in the world with his music.

Sound balalaika Necheporenko - strong, tembristy - has a hypnotic power that fascinates hall, making it subservient to the will actor. In his hands, she lives 'his' life is 'his' face, its timbre and tone. You can talk about special, 'necheporenkovskoy' style game with its distinctive, well-fixed, very expressive, bright in all registers, '-metal' sound. In his concert musician widely applied in practice developed and implemented them into everyday balalaika various tricks and strokes. With particular brilliance can be heard in his performance of Mendelssohn, Franz Schubert, J. Haydn, J. Strauss, P. Sarasate. In a new, fresh and festive heard in his treatment works Andreeva, S. Vasilenko, B. Troyanovsky, Yu Shishakov, P. Kulikova, N. Budashkin.

PI Netcheporenko also known as a talented teacher. After all, he never refers to pedagogy, as something of minor importance, than fill the pause between tours. Paul Ivanovitch never aimed for the simple tasks, and because in one of his notes, the 60-ies he wrote: 'to create professional-performing school, . expand the repertoire of concert-pedagogical, . go to 'global standards' performance art - this is an urgent task of instrumentalists Populist',
. Pavel Ivanovich can not imagine his life without work in the classroom with students. In 1936. He began teaching at the Music School named after Mussorgsky, where his students included Shitenkov, Samsonov-Rogovitski, Shalov - now well-known musicians. After moving to Moscow PI Netcheporenko continuing educational activities within the walls of a music school named after the October Revolution, and then at the Institute Gnesin, which works to this day. Among his students prominent balalaika, Vladimir Boldyrev, Valery Zazhigin, Alexander Danilov. Each new issue in the class Necheporenko gives new outstanding performers on balalaika, who are proud to say: 'I am a student Necheporenko'. Analyzing the current status of the genre, you can come to the conclusion that much of what Paul Necheporenko dream come true. In Russia, established a vocational school play the balalaika.

In the year of its 80 th anniversary in 1996. Presidential Decree for the great achievements in the development of national music art musician was awarded Russia's Order of Merit to the Fatherland 'IV degree.

People's Artist of USSR, USSR State Prize Laureate, Professor Paul Necheporenko - a unique phenomenon in Russian musical culture. His art is a virtuoso performer and teacher, not yet fully realized by his contemporaries and is directed to the future.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Necheporenko Pavel Ivanovich, photo, biography
Necheporenko Pavel Ivanovich, photo, biography Necheporenko Pavel Ivanovich  People's Artist of the USSR., photo, biography
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