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( Head - artistic director and chief conductor of the Presidential Orchestra of Russia, People's Artist of Russia,)

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Biography OVSIANNIKOV Paul B.
Born September 2, 1951 in Moscow. Father - Ovsyannikov Boris Vladimirovich (1924g.rozhd.). Mother - Ovsyannikova Evgenia (1929g.rozhd.). Wife - Ovsyannikova Marina (1955g.rozhd.), The police colonel, deputy chief of the Legal Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs. Son - Ovsyannikov, Dmitri Pavlovich (1987g.rozhd.).

He graduated from the theoretical composition faculty of the Moscow State Conservatory named after P. Tchaikovsky (1972-1977), studied in the class of Karen Khachaturian. In 1977-1978 worked as musical director of the conductor experimental theater studio Soyuzkontserta USSR Ministry of Culture. In 1978 he transferred to the exemplary orchestra commandant of the Moscow Kremlin (then - Kremlin Orchestra, now - Presidential Orchestra), which held the post of concertmaster, conductor of the military, senior military conductor. At the present time - head-artistic director and chief conductor of the Presidential Orchestra of Russia.

Presidential orchestra is a major music groups, participating in the conduct of official events in the Kremlin. The venue of his concerts at this time are George and Vladimir halls of the Grand Kremlin Palace, and the State Kremlin Palace.

PB Ovsyannikov significantly expanded range of creative orchestra. With the advent of its composition string group markedly increased the capacity to perform classical music. Especially noted the work of the orchestra in a television version of "Stars in the Kremlin", . carried Rossiyskim Cultural Foundation, . where the performances of outstanding masters of opera and symphonic music side by side with talented young soloists of the Bolshoi Theater and the State Academic Mariinsky Theater,

. The repertoire of the Presidential Orchestra of more than 100 symphonic and vocal works by such composers, . as A. Alyabyev, . Borodin, . A. Glazunov, . M. Glinka, . A. Dargomyzhsky, . Modest Mussorgsky, . Prokofiev, . Rachmaninov, . Rimsky-Korsakov, . G. Sviridov, . Khachaturian, . I. Khrennikov, . PITchaikovsky, . Shostakovich, . Bach, . Bizet, . Brahms, . Verdi, . A. Vivaldi, . E. Grieg, . Gounod, . Leoncavallo, . WAMozart, . L. Minkus, . Puccini, . Rossini, . F. Chopin, . J. Strauss; popular works of M. Blanter, . V.Soloveva-Sedogo, . S. Wonder, . G. Miller, . F. Kreisler, . V. Vlavianasa, . Leonard Bernstein, . F. Low, . as well as Russian folk songs,

Presidential Orchestra, led by PB Ovsyannikov, combines work with opera star (Z. Sotkilava, I. Arkhipova, E. Nesterenko, M. Hammarby, L. Kazarnovskaya), with the performance of symphonic and ballet music. Together with the theater "Kremlin Ballet" at the stage of the Kremlin Palace implemented successfully staging the ballets of Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake "(1997) and" The Nutcracker "(1995), . Minkus "Don Quixote" (1995), . T. Khrennikov "Napoleon" (1999), . Glinka and B. Agafonnikov "Ruslan and Ludmila" (1995), . D. Arapisa "Zeus" (1996) and others,
. In 1998, the premiere of the ballet "Tom Sawyer" to the music PB Ovsyannikov

. Presidential orchestra - a permanent participant of many festivals: "Song of the Year" (1991-1998), . "Yalta-92", . "Slavic Bazaar", . "Moscow Autumn", . as well as the author shows such outstanding composers and entertainers, . as A. Pakhmutova, . N. Theological, . O. Feltsman, . E. eha, . V. Tolkunova, . L. Leshchenko, . Philip Kirkorov, and many others,

The orchestra has recorded music to 40 films, dramatic performances, sports events, including the Olympic Games in Moscow (1980) and 5-th All Africa Olympic Games in Cairo (1991).

With the success of the team have been touring in the U.S., Germany, Cyprus and other countries.

PB Ovsyannikov - People's Artist of Russia (1994), Honored Artist of Russia (1986), a member of the Composers' Union. Has the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • OVSIANNIKOV Pavel Borisovich

Photos of OVSIANNIKOV Paul B.

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  • Tet for OVSIANNIKOV Paul B.
  • Pavel Borisovich I wrote to you a few posts, but did not know whether you read ih.My meet you during a concert in Yekaterinburg, perhaps you remember me. It will be grateful to you for your reply. Tet.
  • Tet for OVSIANNIKOV Paul B.
  • Dear Pavel Borisovich Congratulations, . Your wife and son a Happy New Year! Happiness, . Love, . Well being of your family! Creates for us-your aficionados ! Good Luck! Good luck! Your Tet. (In the forum for some reason you do not go and I stopped to write to you),
  • Tet for OVSIANNIKOV Paul B.
  • Dear Pavel Borisovich Pozdralyayu you, your spouse and son a Happy New Year! Happiness! Love! Good luck! Health! Raduyte us-your fans with his creativity. Come to the CEB. (You do not go to the forum and I stopped to write to you). Tet.
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    OVSIANNIKOV Paul B., photo, biography
    OVSIANNIKOV Paul B., photo, biography OVSIANNIKOV Paul B.  Head - artistic director and chief conductor of the Presidential Orchestra of Russia, People's Artist of Russia,, photo, biography
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