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Constantine Orbelian Garrievich

( Art director and conductor of State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia, laureate of international competitions)

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Biography Constantine Orbelian Garrievich
photo Constantine Orbelian Garrievich
Born August 27, 1956 in San Francisco (USA). Father - Harry Orbelian Agaparonovich (1920g.rozhd.) Vice President for External Economic Relations of the Chamber of Commerce San Francisco, head of the Council on International Trade in San Francisco. Mother - Orbelian (Ascension) Vera (1918g.rozhd.). Uncle - Constantine Orbelian Agaparonovich (1928g.rozhd.), Musician, composer, artistic director of the State Variety Orchestra of Armenia, People's Artist of the USSR. Wife - Mary Safaryants Sarkisovna (1955g.rozhd.), Violinist. Son - Orbelian Gevorg K. (1993g.rozhd.).

Constantine Orbelian "born pianist". Already in the first 4 years of taking piano lessons in the children's department of the Conservatory of San Francisco in the class Claire James, who was an assistant of the legendary pianist Egon Petri. Inborn talent and diligence of the young Orbelian did their job. At 6 years - win the piano competition of Bach! At 9 years old - the first in the life of a solo concert! Two years later, 11-year-old boy made his debut at the famous Opera House San Francisco Symphony Orchestra San Francisco. World press explodes feedback on runaway success little prodigy ...

At this time, Constantine continued his studies with renowned teacher, a pupil of Felix Blumenfeld, Alexander Liberman. In 1971 he entered the Yerevan State Conservatory as a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia. In parallel, 15-year-old boy goes to consult the Central Music School at the Moscow Conservatory to Anaid Sumbatyan, learn in their time of Vladimir Ashkenazy. In 1975, a young pianist, goes to New York and brilliantly held the contest in the Juilliard Conservatory. Becomes an honorary scholarship in piano Nadia Reisenberg, pupils of the Imperial Conservatory in St. Petersburg and pupil Glazunov, and LG Nikolaev, and in addition attend classes Nina Svetlanov, a pupil of Heinrich Neuhaus. After 4 years Constantine Orbelian received a bachelor's degree and a year later, in 1980 - Master's degree.

Before a long concert and recital of the creative life of a musician. During the period from 1980 to 1991, was played 750 concerts around the world: in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia. There is no continent, where the public is greeted with applause would be a talented pianist. Constantine Orbelian vying invite world's leading orchestras: Boston Symphony, . Detroit Symphony, . Finnish Radio, . State Symphony Orchestra of the USSR, . Leningrad Symphony, . State Academic Orchestra of the Moscow Philharmonic, . Scottish National, . Korean "KVS", . "Moscow Virtuosi", etc.,
. With him working such conductors as Valery Gergiev, Nemi Jarvi, Vasily Sinai, Alexander Dmitriev, Vladimir Spivakov. Constantine became a frequent guest of the festival in Newport, California, San Antonio, Helsinki

. Especially for passing the 1988 North American concerts Constantine Orbelian with a chamber orchestra "Auvergne" under the leadership of Jean-Jacques Cantor he plays one of the earliest piano concertos of Mendelssohn, . never performed in America, . - Piano Concerto in A minor,
. The repertoire of the pianist, except for works of Liszt, Rachmaninoff, Bach, Scarlatti, Beethoven, necessarily present music of Armenian composer: Khachaturian, A. Harutyunyan, A. Babajanian.

Constantine frequently participates in chamber music ensembles. In 1981, together with the famous young performers Mischa Maisky (cello) and Dmitry Sitkovetsky (violin) was first performed by Trio Arno Babajanian. Since 1979, Konstantin Orbelian becomes known as a singer throughout his solo piano music of the Broadway productions of the play "Amadeus" ... Every statement is accompanied by piano squall of feedback: "In his performance of music ... scatters sparks of light ... He retrieves them with ease, decent Horowitz ... "(" Stereo Review ");" His technique is great! .. "(" FenFea ");" His game is extremely deep in strength ... "(" Oveyshn "). ..

In 1987, Konstantin, with the Scottish Symphony Orchestra under Jarvi Nemi writes Khachaturian's Piano Concerto at the firm "SNANDOS". In 1988, the album receives prestigious award in the UK "Best Record of the Year". Following the album's release with the recording of the Concerto N 1 for Piano and Orchestra Tchaikovsky - with the orchestra "Philharmonic Hall", Concerto for piano and orchestra: N1 Shostakovich, . in F minor by JS Bach and minor K414 Mozart - with the State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia; N1 Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, LV Beethoven - with the Leningrad Philharmonic, Piano Quintet of Shostakovich and Alfred Schnittke with the Moscow String Quartet,

In 1991, Andrew was not Korsakov, artistic director and conductor of the Moscow Chamber Orchestra, one of the legendary orchestras of the world, created in 1956 by Rudolf Barshay. Before the Ministry of Culture of Russia faced a difficult task to find a talented and energetic musician, able to lead the already established team. The choice fell on the pianist of world renown - Constantine Orbelian. For the first time in Russia for the post of artistic director and conductor of the orchestra was invited to a foreigner!.. Never in the past 10 years the staff of the orchestra did not regret the decision.

Moscow Chamber Orchestra, now - the State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia, to this day retains its reputation as one of the best chamber orchestras in the world. By the time when Constantine took the leadership of the orchestra, the financing of culture in Russia has practically ceased, and only foreign tour helped the team survive. Now every year the orchestra gives over 140 performances, . more than 80 concerts a year - abroad, . the most prestigious concert stages around the world: the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, . "Alte Oper" in Frankfurt, . "Shaushpilhaus" in Berlin, . Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, . "Sally Pliel in Paris, . Carnegie Hall in New York, . "Suntory Hall in Tokyo, . "Kravitz Center in West Palm Beach, . "Herbst Theater in San Francisco, . "Cheng Senter Fort perfoming Arts in Vancouver, etc.,
. Significantly expanded the geography of the tour: from the U.S. and Canada, Scandinavia, Holland, France, Germany, Italy to Japan and cities of South East Asia. In October 1995 the first Russian orchestra team managed to. Orbelian went on tour in South Africa. In February 1996, the orchestra was invited to speak at a charity concert of the annual World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland). In 1998, . the first time after 20-year hiatus, . within 3 months, . orchestra has performed in more than 30 U.S. cities, . Having received the warmest reception from the audience and great reviews: "... in their music you hear all, . only can expect: lyricism, . Russian dance and soulful feel ... "(Vancouver Sun),

Without the State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia is impossible to imagine any one season of concert halls in Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other Russian cities. There is still cooperating with the orchestra world celebrities: James Galway (flute), . Patrick Galois (flute), . Nicolai Gedda (tenor), . Susanna Mildonyan (harp), . Boris Pergamenschikov (cello), . Ilya Grubert (violin), . Philip Hirschhorn (Violin), . Araks Davtyan (soprano), . Eva Adjoining (coloratura contralto), . Love Kazarnovskaya (soprano), . Federico Mondelci (saxophone),

. During this time the State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia under Constantine Orbelian were recorded completely different in genre and the spirit of the music works together with the outstanding masters instrumentalists of our time
. At the British firm "Shandos were issued: in 1996 - N. Paganini's violin concertos with Ilya Grubert (violin) in 1997 - works of A. Harutyunyan performed the composer's daughter Narine Harutyunyan (piano) and Ilya Grubert (violin); orchestral works of Prokofiev, in 1999 - works for trumpet M. Weinberg, . A. Arutyunyan and Pahmutowa with the famous American woman Bibi Black (trumpet); overtures from operas by Rossini,

. The firm has "Philips" were issued: in 1996 - a complete collection of piano works by Mendelssohn with the Brazilian, Jean-Louis Shtoermanom (piano) in 1999 - music for cello and a young talented singer Nina Kotova (cello),
. Since 1998, the orchestra is actively cooperating with the prestigious American firm "Delos" and writes the famous Adagio of Mozart in a new interpretation, the disk "Russian soul" with works by Russian composers, "Seasons," "Serenade for Strings" PI. Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich Waltzes collection of film music and ballet suite; Astor Piazzolla's Tango in the transcription for saxophone with the legendary saxophonist Federico Mondelci; works by Alfred Schnittke, D. Shostakovich; opera "Aleko" by Rachmaninov. The project - write two more operas by Sergei Rachmaninov and more.

. Fair assessment of creativity of the State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia under the leadership of Constantine Orbelian was the fact, . that the May 8, 1995 the orchestra represented Russia at the grand, . lasted two months in San Francisco (the "Deviz Hall), . International Festival to mark the 50 anniversary of the UN,
. Among the guests were such creative teams, as the London Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Ashkenazy, Lyon Opera and others. Konstantin performed Piano Concerto by Alfred Schnittke and, with the orchestra - Shostakovich's Chamber Symphony, dedicated to all fallen on the fields of World War II - "music of the harmony of the new world - a world without weapons" ( "Moscow's Magazine). The best compliment the musicians were the welcome words from former U.S. president Jimmy Carter at the opening celebration of the festival: "Music has tremendous power of transfiguration. It opens the best in our hearts, and the performance of the State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia is an excellent proof of this here at the festival ... The success of the orchestra and unprecedented in the history of the appointment of its conductor and artistic director who was born in San Francisco maestro Constantine Orbelian shows the highest artistic achievements between the two great powers ... ".

Constantine Orbelian is the founder and music director of two music festivals in Russia. Since 1991, under Constantine annually hosts international chamber music festival "Palaces of St. Petersburg", . which brings together musicians and chamber musician around the world and act in the magnificent palaces of St. Petersburg and suburbs,
. In 1996, the Armory in the Moscow Kremlin hosted the first concert of the series "Musical treasures in the museums of the Kremlin", also headed by Constantine Orbelyan and received the support of the Mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. In addition, Constantine Orbelian a guest conductor and member of the Board of Trustees of Russo-American Youth Orchestra, and also teaches the history of Russian music at Stanford University. He is fluent in English and Russian languages, equally to his family, as the two countries which have become home to Constantine - America and Russia.

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    Constantine Orbelian Garrievich, photo, biography
    Constantine Orbelian Garrievich, photo, biography Constantine Orbelian Garrievich  Art director and conductor of State Academic Chamber Orchestra of Russia, laureate of international competitions, photo, biography
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