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Nazareth Kim Avedikovich

( bandleader, bendlider, pianist, arranger, conductor, composer)

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Biography Nazareth Kim Avedikovich
photo Nazareth Kim Avedikovich
Rostov-na-Donu: 24.06 1936 - 18.07.1993
Bandleader, bendlider, pianist, arranger, conductor, composer, teacher, Honored Artist of Russia (1985). The country's first professor of pop and jazz music (1989). One of the founders and creators of pop-jazz education in Russia. The first head of the department of pop and jazz music of the Rostov College of Arts (1982-1985), the first head of the department of pop and jazz music in the Rostov State Conservatoire. Sergei Rachmaninov (1982-1993).
Member of the Coordinating Council of variety of education at the Central Scientific-methodical study on educational institutions of culture and art (1984-1993).
Founder Rostov Jazz Orchestra (1963-1993). Winner of the International and local jazz festivals. Chairman of the jury of international and national jazz competitions. Author methodical works and textbooks on piano and orchestral class for pop-jazz music schools and offices, universities. Teacher who trained many winners of international and domestic competitions and festivals, working in Russia, Europe and America.
"Elegant, extravagant conductor, Knight Big Band ... He somehow perfect blend of intelligence, gentleness, and a grand principle. He understood. But he was so talented man, he knew how this principle and its determination to express in some very good form. "(YS Saulsky).
. "His efficiency, combined with humor, combined with his personal charm enabled in Rostov very hard to put on my feet pop-jazz education ..." (VB Feyertag).
. "I was shocked by his performance of the orchestra
. It was a live jazz. All his energies Kim handed musicians. He literally blew his temperament Orchestra. It was a "live" drive, "live" swing. Big Band Kim Nazaretova become a "university orchestra for musicians." (AN Batashev).

. Few incomprehensible to today's generation, the name "Kim" in 1936 was quite frequent and stood for is very simple: the Communist Youth International
. And so it happened that such a good Soviet name is closely linked to the bad old bourgeois word "jazz".
. Kim took all appropriate steps complete musical education (school, college, university), and at all stages was accompanied by his love for a foreign art
. He instituted a teacher - a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory (class of Professor L. Oborina) MI Katz - did not recognize any of jazz and saw a brilliant classical pianist Kim. But theorist GM Barseghyan very loyal to the harmonic Exercise your students and even allowed to play the modulation jazz harmonies.
. In 1956, Kim graduated with honors from Nazareth College and received in Moscow not to LN Oborin, and Kharkiv Conservatory: so be circumstances
. In Kharkov, Kim makes his first band "Friendship". It is a kind of professional evaluation of this internationalist (it played a student in Germany, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania), the team gave Alexander Bronevitsky: a Leningrad ensemble he called the same way - "Friendship". Repertoire drawn from broadcasts of Willis Conover "Hour of Jazz" and captured movies - such as "Sun Valley Serenade" and "George of the Dinka-jazz".
Since October 1960. Kim Nazareth starts cooperation with Kharkiv TYuZom: first as a conductor of the orchestra, then - musical director of the. For three years he wrote the music for eight performances.
The end of the Conservatory (1961) coincided with piano competitions graduate conservatories, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus, where Kim took first place. But perhaps the most striking event of the Kharkov period was meeting with Eddie Rosner. During a tour of Ukraine in the orchestra fell ill pianist. Kim agreed to replace. He explained that the play, and gave a concert costume almost three sizes smaller. But this did not prevent the first great success Nazaretova.
Kharkiv at the time was quite a major cultural center of the country with a very intense concert life. So many knew about Kim and even tried to "lure" to himself: Constantine Orbelian persuaded to go to the State Orchestra of Armenia, Eddie Rosner - in his own orchestra of Belarus. But Kim's parents insisted on returning to Rostov-na-Donu. Especially since Kim and his wife lived in the apartment, and three Petya - his grandmother in g. Slavic.
In August 63rd Nazaretovyh family moved to Rostov. Kim works in the Rostov school of arts and gives concerts in the Philharmonic. But jazz it still "does not let go". And the dream of a jazz orchestra in Rostov suddenly seemed very real. Already in September, with the help of a friend - saxophonist Vladimir Popov - was formed by the first part, . that six weeks later proved to be a small program in the cinema "Russia" came on tour in the Rostov-on-Don, Oleg Lundstrem Orchestra,
. Here's how it all began.
In the summer of 64-th band began to play in the park they. October Revolution on the dance floor "Melody" and under that name lived long enough. The team did not have a "permanent residence", tramping through all kinds of DC, which, however, did not stop to make new programs and regularly show them in the city.
At the same time, Kim worked in the theater Nazareth (preserved music for the play "Warsaw Melody", "Abduction of bulbs," "Twenty years later," "A good man out Sezuana). I want a little delayed on the play by Bertolt Brecht, all the musical numbers which resolved in different jazz forms, genres, styles. "Song of the day of the holy Never" - jazz-rock, "Song of the eighth elephant" prinizana rhythms of boogie-woogie, "Song of a water-carrier" entirely in the style of swing, and the beautiful ballad "Song of smoke" - a lyrical performance center.
In the early 70's jazz Russia shocked the two events. In 1971 the country came to the legendary Duke Ellington with his unique orchestra of soloists, and a year later - Orchestra directed by trumpeter and composer Ted Jones and drummer Mel Louis. "Live" performance of idols, of course, stirred up the creative potential of the Rostov jazz orchestra Kim Nazaretova. The musicians began to look for his sound, his individual style of execution. Enriched and expanded the repertoire.
Has come to the fateful history of the national jazz 74-th year: the decision of the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR in the music schools of twenty cities in Russia have been opened pop and jazz Office (EDO). Unlike other schools, in which EDI was attached to the piano or spirits offices in Rostov-on-Don, it immediately became independent, and therefore is officially "the first in Russia". Open the new director Rui AI Bezrodny, pianist K. Nazareth and trombonist V. Kutov (later - artistic director of Rostov jazz orchestra K. Nazaretova).
. The first teachers EDI: KA Nazareth (head of department, . piano, . Orchestration, . bandleader Rui), . VI Popov (saxophone, . ensemble), . EI Gnezdilov (saxophone), . VG Kutov (trombone, . arrangement), . MO Radin (trumpet), . G. Krylov and VI Kastylenka (guitar), . IK Egorov (bass), . LD Tyurin (bass), . NA Ioannisyan (p-p, . jazz improvisation), . M. Levin (drums), . AP Morozov (accordion),
. At the lecture on the history of jazz styles came from Voronezh YT Vermenich (who was later replaced by G. Kinus - today's artistic director jazz orchestra K. Nazaretova). These teachers created the Rostov school jazz virtually from scratch, and in 79 th year EDI Rui already included in the catalog of European jazz school
. In 1974, the year of the orchestra (to be precise - his "Swedish" part) Kim Avedikovicha "moves" in the concert hall Rui, . at its base, a new - the student - team, . that as early as May 76 th the first time travels to the jazz festival in Kuibyshev (now - Samara) and then becomes a permanent member of all jazz events Russia,
In the 77-m band Rui invited to a decade of studio "Moskvorechye Yuri Kozyrev, (nowadays - the Moscow College of Improvised Music - ed.). That first visit Rostov Big Band in Moscow and became the first acquaintance with Vladimir Feyertagom, as a result of this acquaintance began touring and in Leningrad.
The 78 rd year EDI Rui produced the fifth set and can accommodate about 60 people. The question arose about the second student orchestra, whose leadership Kim Avedikovich laid on Michael Radin
. In 1982, the rector of Rostov State Musical and Pedagogical Institute (RGMPI) Anatoly Kusyak (now - Honored Artist of Russia, . professor of composition) suggested that Kim Avedikovichu create the country's first pop-jazz Office (EDO) in the university,
. Course, . Department pedsostav overlap Uchilischnaya, . but gradually emerged and new names: amazing concertmaster LN Shabanyants, . A. Berdnikov (guitar), . A. Teratsuyan (double bass), . Winners of the country's leading musicians of international and national jazz competitions professors V. Budarin (trombone), . Vladimir Kolesnikov (trumpet), . In,
. Borilov (guitar). In RGMPI a Student Jazz Orchestra / Yuri Kinusa.
. In 1983, the Rostov Big Band Kim Nazaretova together with the creative team of cinematographers studio "Vladikavkaz-TV movie" make a great concert tour of Russia and the North Caucasus, . which culminated in the Moscow State Theater stage,
. Most of the repertoire took pop and jazz music Murad Kazhlaeva, which became rostovchan performance in the film "Murad Kazhlaev - rhythms and years" and the disc "Only You". In April 1984, Kim holds Avedikovich I Don festival big bands of the country, which, in addition to groups, came the greatest authorities on the national jazz: AM Kotlyarovsky, VE Terletskii, YS Saulsky, VN Lyudvikovsky, GA Garanyan.
In May we celebrated the decade of jazz education in the country, which led to the Moscow show-contest EDI Russia. At this competition, Kim Avedikovich going as a member of the jury. 1 st place divided orchestras Rui n / a Michael Radin, and the Moscow School Gnesinyh n / a Anatoly Kroll. In the same year, Kim Nazareth becomes a member of the Coordinating Council of variety of education at the Central Scientific-methodical study on educational institutions of culture and art.
. In 1985 Moscow hosted the IX Moscow Jazz Festival
. Performance at its Big Band K. Nazaretova was recorded on a plate. And on May 17 for his services in the field of musical art Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR awarded KA Nazaretovu title of "Honored Artist of the RSFSR.
1986 - 50 birthday with Maestro and 30 birthday with a creative activity. Complete full house at the Great Hall of the Rostov Oblast Philharmonic. Send or at least partially to retell all that was this grand celebration is impossible. I will mention only one gift veteran national jazz Kotlyarevsky. He handed Kim Avedikovichu great embossing medal with the inscription: "Charming man, great musician, a connoisseur of jazz, swing fighter, creator of the Big Band". That says it all.
. In the spring of 87-th of the initiative of K. Nazaretova in Rostov-on-Don hosted the All-Russia contest of pop-jazz vocalists (the members of the jury: Saulsky, . Igor Bril, . Larisa Dolina, . Helena Velikanova, . Kim Nazareth), . then - II Donskoy jazz festival big-band, . which this time was already international (were groups in Germany, . France, . Poland).,
. In December 87 th as a member of the jury KA Nazareth with students and alumni RGMPI going to Poland in the city of Kalisz in the XIV International Jazz Festival and the VII International Competition of Jazz Piano Mstislav Kosza
. Already in Kalisz Kim Avedikovicha chosen chairman of the jury at the Piano. Rostov musicians IM injections (Issue 1985) and the student 3rd year Mikhail Ivanov became the laureate of the prestigious competition. In the 88 th year the orchestra was invited to a tour in Scotland in the twin city of Glasgow. In the same year in the Philharmonic Kim Avedikovich begins to conduct a series of concerts under the rubric of "Jazz + Jazz. In the first part played Mikhail Ivanov and his ensemble, the second - the newcomers on tour.
III Don festival big band (April 1989) led Vladimir Borisovich Feyertag. Jazz music expert said: "The orchestra Nazaretova pleases us with his persistence, careful attitude to the instrument is Jazz". Feyertag absolutely brilliant "treats" festival and it seems that's when Kim aptly remarked: "Feyertag - it Andronicus in jazz". That same evening Nazareth very much on the piano soloist. Tool literally sang. It was a physical and power, and at the same time, filigree, polished every sound. In the preferred arrangement "In the soft colors, Duke Ellington, Kim was especially inimitable, playing with her wonderful beautiful sound, the musicians called him" Kimovsk, velvet ".
In September in Belgium held the II International competition of jazz ensembles. Of the 96 participants in the final was only ten, among them - the only team from Russia, graduates RGMPI "Rostov-trio" (Ivanov brothers and drummer Gideon Peisakhov), received the Grand Prix. By the way, there was born a pun: "Rostov-trio from Nazareth".
In 1990, Kim Nazareth is included in the work of organizing the All-Russia competition of jazz musicians and holds it in April (the chairman of jury - Igor Bril). The winners are essentially two schools: the Moscow and Rostov. In the autumn of that year, the Department of pop and jazz music RGMPI joined the International Association of Jazz Schools (Glasgow), . activities which unfolded under the slogan: "The future of jazz is associated with the future of jazz education and the International Association of Jazz Schools.,
. Since 1991, Kim Avedikovich offers a monthly subscription of "Jazz at Noon, which he helped lead YG Kinus
. In January of 1992, the year Kim Avedikovichu Nazaretovu first time in Russia given the academic rank of professor in the Department of pop and jazz music. In the same year on July 15 was approved by the Municipal Music Center, and the Big Band Kim Nazaretova finally got the status of professional staff. Immediately stipulated that the Center will be in the cinema "Russia", but the premises were not given and the orchestra continued to wander. As usual in Russia, "not in name, but in spite of" Rostov jazz band has prepared a new program and presented it at the International Jazz Festival in g.Koblents (Germany). The festival program was called "tour of the history of jazz, the piano was the maestro himself. Speech rostovchan received widespread coverage in the press, as one article so simple and so called - "Glenn Miller with Don".
I'm an old school - not once said Kim Avedikovich. - And for me, an idol - it's a real good sound of mainstream contemporary Swinging Orchestra.
. 93rd year - countless concerts, . the May Festival of big bands in Moscow, . Preparations for the October set in post-graduate assistantship at the Department of pop and jazz music GDH, . serious rehearsals before trips to the festival in Bulgaria and the tour of Germany, . from 9 to 15 July the entrance exams for EDI ..,
. December 21, 1993 municipal jazz orchestra Kim Nazaretova finally and officially moved into its own premises, but ... without Kim.

"I do not know the man who would not love Kim. One fact. When elected board of jazz federation, elected individually by secret ballot jazz politburo. When elected the Politburo, in the first place of the 101 th vote - 101 votes were cast for Kim. Already been filed for the next 99, 95 votes. For me, too, was somewhere in 90. That is, someone was against someone. And Kim - unqualified people. "(Vladimir Feyertag in an interview with music editor of Radio 103 Helen Cherepantsevoy, Sochi, 1995).

. U "unqualified person" Kim Avedikovicha Nazaretova completely unique talent combines stunning great musician and a great man
. Here's just one example. 30 п+п¦я-я-п¦ 93rd year at a concert in Rostov Municipal big band unforeseen happened. At the scene came vocalist Edward Krylov. Leading announces: "Eddie Rosner, the song" I do not know "(a song written Henryk Vars, but Orchestra performed Rosner). The orchestra plays an introduction and a singer ... forgets the words. Instead, it begins to sing Kim Avedikovich. Light star:
Pages of life Maestro. Rostov-na-Donu, 1996)

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Nazareth Kim Avedikovich, photo, biography
Nazareth Kim Avedikovich, photo, biography Nazareth Kim Avedikovich  bandleader, bendlider, pianist, arranger, conductor, composer, photo, biography
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