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Saulsky Yuri

( People's Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of Russia, Academician of the Academy of 'Nike'.)

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Biography Saulsky Yuri
photo Saulsky Yuri
October 23, 1928. Moscow. Father - Sergei Vasilevich (1889 g.rozhd.). Mother - Katherina (1904 g.rozhd.). Wife - Karev Tatiana (1945 g.rozhd.). Children: Igor (1952 g.rozhd.), Andrei (1960 g.rozhd.), Roman Yu (1975 g.rozhd.), Anna (1975 g.rozhd.).

He graduated with honors from the Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory (1949-1954 gg.). Since 1954, Mr.. worked as music director of the pops orchestra of the Central House of Culture of Railway running Dmitry Pokrass, . then Variety Orchestra conducted by Eddie Rosner (1955-1956 gg.), . supervised Youth Orchestra of the Central House of Artists (1957), . of which was awarded the winner VI World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow,
. From 1960 to 1962. - Chief conductor of the Moscow Music Hall. In 1966, Mr.. becomes the artistic director and principal conductor of the first in our country, jazz orchestra with a vocal group - VIO-66 ", with whom he worked until 1970, 1962. - Member of the Union of Soviet Composers.

YS Saulsky - author of many songs, compositions for jazz and symphonic jazz. Widely known and popular of his songs "Poplar fluff", . "Snowflake", . "Tatyana's Day", . "Nichej", . Recognition ", . "I'm sorry", . "Ordinary story", . "The children are sleeping", . "Black Cat", . "Autumn Melody", . "Happiness to you, . My Land, . Stara sorrow ", . "Do not leave us Spring, . "In the day time limit" (WHC) and several other, . created in collaboration with poets L. Zavalniuk, . Evtushenko, . I. Shaferanom, . M. Tanichev, . Orlov, . N. Olev and sung by such popular singers, . as Kobzon, . L. Leshchenko, . LA Valley, . S. Rotaru, . A. Gradskij, . L. Kandalova, . duet S.Tayushev-T.Ruzavina, . ensembles "Sunday", . "Ariel" and "Gems",
. Among the works are best known for jazz suite "All the King's Men" and "Jazz Kaleidoscope", . ballad "Mirror", . composition "Dialogues", . "Premonition", . "In meditation", . "Getting Started with Orchestra, . "Elegy", . performed and recorded the best jazz musicians and orchestras of the country,
. Among the many pieces for symphonic jazz ought to be called a very popular and very often sounding "Memoirs" and a composition for four saxophones and orchestra Capriccio

. Many fruitful and composer working in the field of musical theater: he wrote a ballet "Senora from Valencia (1981), . successfully staged in theaters, . musicals mysterious beggar "(1974), . Tale of Lost Time "(1976), . "Little Cahes" (1993),
. Among the many works for Drama Theater should be called music for the performances: "The Clown", . "The Elder Son, . Shadow, . "Last summer in Chulimsk", . "How are, . young man ", . Pat or the game of kings ", . "My life, . Or you dreamed of me ", . "Great Catherine" and many others,
. Composer wrote music for many movies: "Girl with a Guitar" (1958), . "Trap" (1963), . "Everyone has his own way" (1965), . kinomyuzikl The Sun, . again the sun "(1975), . "Glass of Water" (1979), . "Full-time rate", . "Children's World", . "The mistress of the orphanage", . Women's Day ", . "The House on Christmas Boulevard", . "Pathfinder", . "Without the sun" ( "The Lower Depths"), . "If I'd known" ( "Three Sisters"), . "The Kremlin secrets XVI century", . "Mechsherskie", . music to 7-mi serial film "Joy of the earth",
. Yu Saulsky written music for many popular cartoons and documentaries.

He published several works in the field of jazz and pop art, including "Arranged for Big Band" (manual for secondary and higher music education). Published author of five collections of songs the composer and five of his LPs Copyright. In 1998 came two copyright CD-ROM and CD-cassettes of the same name. Saulsky - the author of numerous articles published in music periodicals. Including in the magazines "Musical Life" and "Soviet Music", as well as in the newspapers "Culture", "Moskovsky Komsomolets" and many others.

From 1987 to 1991. YS Saulsky served as Secretary of the Union of Soviet Composers. Since 1995, Mr.. works at ORT: since 1995. as a producer of music programs, since 1996. is the musical advisor of the TV. Since 1996. - Artistic director of music school of pop and jazz.

For services in the field of musical art YS Saulsky in 1978. conferred the honorary title "Honored Artist of Russia". In 1988. awarded the "People's Artist of Russia". In 1986. he was awarded the Order of Friendship of Peoples ". In connection with the 70 anniversary of the birth YS Saulsky awarded the winner of the President of Russia and was awarded the Order of Merit to the Fatherland IV degree ".

Along with the creative activity YS Saulsky is a major public work. For many years he headed the Commission Jazz Composers' Union in Moscow, since 1990. is president of the Moscow jazz Engagement "- MDA. He is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the Moscow English Club, a member of the Presidium of the Committee on the State Prize of Russia, member of the Academy Awards "Nika".

He loves theater, books about the theater, deep and talented classical Russian and Western literature. Remember to read the analytical reviews of Russia and world politics, published in the periodical press, watching television news. He loves spending time with friends and a good meal - "life is beautiful in all its manifestations ...".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Saulsky Yuri, photo, biography
Saulsky Yuri, photo, biography Saulsky Yuri  People's Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of Russia, Academician of the Academy of 'Nike'., photo, biography
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