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Smetannikov Leonid A.

( People's Artist of USSR)

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Biography Smetannikov Leonid A.
photo Smetannikov Leonid A.
Born August 12, 1943, Mr.. in the village Fershampenuaz Nagaybakskogo region Chelyabinsk region. Father - Smetannikov Anatoly Pavlovich. Mother - Smetannikova Helena.

Early Childhood L. Smetannikova passed in the South Urals. Return during the war was evacuated to her mother, and later came to his father - after the hospital where he lay with severe injuries in the summer of 1942.

After the war the family returned to Ukraine in the field Dneprodzerzhinsk. In 1957. Leonid Smetannikov graduated seven high school and enrolled in the Industrial Technical. In 1961. entered Dneprodzerzhinsk Metallurgical Combine, he worked as an electrician.

Fracture of fate may have seemed sudden and unexpected, but at the same time, it was logical. Leonid Smetannikov singing since childhood - in kindergarten, in school, where he was recognized Zapevalov. Still remembers the first two songs, in which the soloist for the first time: "March of young naturalists" and "Flying White-winged Wood gull". At the same time he was noticed and invited into City Children's Choir. After mutation rates once again sang the youth, now an adult, known to the whole area of academic choir factory Palace of Culture. There has been a vocal and a circle. In my soul grew stronger Leonid decision: I want to sing, sing.

In 1962, Leonid Smetannikov arrived in Dnepropetrovsk to enter the School of Music. Was adopted at the first year of the vocal department. To survive, we had four years of training a penny - a radio operator illuminator at the Palace of Culture Students. Day - school, almost every evening - work. We had difficult. But the main thing - it struggles with a voice against voice and the voice '. Much time was spent searching tone. Initially, he sang bass, then a dramatic baritone, and only then, very slowly, his voice was determined as a lyrical baritone.

After graduating from college in 1966, Leonid Smetannikov went to Saratov, Saratov Conservatory act in behalf Sobinov. Leonid took to his class, Alexander Ivanovich Bystrov, brought up a lot of talented students, who sang at various opera houses of the country, successfully worked in the Philharmonic.

And again started all over again, only at a higher and more complex level. First of all, it was necessary to develop the middle and upper section baritonovogo register, align the sound of voices from across the range, to achieve the brightness, strength and flight of sound, the vocal line to make a smooth and continuous. How to breathe, which form a sound, where to send it - hundreds of vocal problems and exercises, dozens of options for the execution of one piece ... But this is only the sound. And the word! And yet the scene and the so-called scenic freedom! All these, he is mainly involved in the class of opera training, learned a lot from director Victor Nikiforovich Volumes.

From the outset, Leonid Smetannikov lot and carefully worked on mastering the full range of subjects studied in high school, and everywhere sought to be among the best. Throughout the five years of study was the owner of scholarships in the names Sobinova. In his thirst for knowledge is not shunned and fairly in-depth scientific research, especially if they are helped to learn acting skills. This is how his theoretical work "aesthetic principles of Stanislavsky on the modern opera, which was performed in his third year and won second place at the All-Union contest for students of social sciences.

And the time when the conservatory works have begun to bear fruit long-awaited. Leonid Smetannikov first felt it when, in December 8, 1968 he received an invitation to the Saratov Opera and Ballet Theater im.N.G.Chernyshevskogo become opera singers, and a year later performed the first installment (Yeletsky in Queen of Spades "by Tchaikovsky). This was the sole responsibility required to raise a maximum.

Performed for two and a half years, many small and big parties, including the Jura and in "Sorceress" by Tchaikovsky, and Ataman Ignatiev in "Jacob Shibalke" Lenski, and even a hedgehog in the children's opera "Teremok". Finally, L. Smetannikov approached the party of Figaro, The Barber of Seville "by Rossini. For the party that has for Leonid Smetannikova most crucial test. This was a test and in a literal sense: in the premiere attended by the State Commission of the conservatory, which assessed the work of graduates in "excellent".

Leonid Smetannikov systematically seek to perform live. He constantly looks for contact with the audience, learn to feel the breath of the hall, picks up the program in such a way that easy and accessible in reasonable proportions, mingled with a cognitive and complex, with romance and aria. And now the first results: now increasingly bisiruyut his speech, but organizers of the concerts begin, as a rule, hold Smetannikova to "finish". The singer gained momentum rapidly growing quality of its performances and is allowed to make another quantum leap - while still a fourth-year student he won the right to recitals. The first took place in spring 1970 and included arias, songs, songs. In the spring of 1971 along with the best artists of the Opera, he performed several works on Central TV. That was some recognition of the young singer.

Truly stellar year for Leonid Smetannikova began in 1973. He became a laureate of several competitions and festivals: the All-Union competition of professional artists of Soviet Song (Minsk), X World Youth Festival (Berlin), VI All-Union competition of vocalists Glinka (Chisinau). For him, opened the road to union and international concert stage. Increasingly, there are publications in the press, is asked about the tour.

However, whatever did not undergo metamorphosis artistic career of Leonid Smetannikova, the main thing for him - the opera, and above all, he - opera singer. This is his first and principal Role. Among the crown roles L. Smetannikova Party Valentine ( "Faust" by Gounod), . Germon) "La Traviata" by Verdi), . Onegin (Eugene Onegin "by Tchaikovsky), . Eletski ( "The Queen of Spades' PN Tchaikovsky), . Figaro (Barber of Seville "by Rossini), . Don Juan ( "Don Giovanni" by Mozart),
. After years of work on stage, he created a gallery of characters rich characteristic: Tobias Mill ( "marriage bill Rossini), Ferdinand (Duenna Prokofiev), Petruchio (The Taming of the Shrew" Shabalin) and many others.

As the nature of the lyric baritone, he has repeatedly appealed to the parties a dramatic baritone, thereby significantly expanding the field of application of his vocal and theatrical opportunities. So there Silvio (Pagliacci Leoncavallo), Henry Ashton (Lucia di Lammermoor "by Donizetti), Escamillo (Bizet's Carmen) and other characters. One of the most striking successes of the singer in the parties of the dramatic plan was the demon in the opera of Rubinstein. Here, as never before, in its entirety appeared typical for L. Smetanikova method of work on the opera party. Artist carefully studied all associated with the new for a hero, especially a poem Lermontov, Rubinstein's music, pictures Vrubel. Characteristically, in painstaking grinding role, in addition to the conductor and director, has helped him ballet master, with whom managed to create a "cosmetic score" the image. Thus arose his unique kind of demon. In appearance and stage figure he is - truly a stranger from the other worlds, and the internal order, as expressed through the voice - deeply suffering people.

Features voices allow Leonid Smetannikova easily find contact with connoisseurs of romance poetry, as well as admirers of Soviet and Russian folk songs. In chamber music performance is especially notable is a very important quality of his overall manner - thoughtful study of the work, the desire to penetrate into its essence, to interpret in their own way, fresh and modern. In orbit creative interests Smetannikova constantly present ballads and songs Alyabiev, . Varlamov, . Gurilev, . Dargomyzhsky, . Balakirev, . Mussorgsky, . Borodin, . Rimsky-Korsakov, . Tchaikovsky, . Rachmaninoff, . Rubinstein, . Cui, . Arensky, . Medtner, . Listova, . Shishkin, . Feldman, . Abaza, . Shostakovich, . Sviridov, . Mozart, . Schubert, . Brahms, . Mahler, . Beethoven, . as well as contemporary composers Babajanian, . Tuhmanova, . Pahmutova, . Shainsky, . Hanka, . Khrennikov and many,

. For more than 25-year period of his artistic career, LA Smetannikov sang about 30 roles in operas and operettas, . sang in more than nine hundred performances, . participated in the thousands and thousands of concerts across the country and abroad, . released 5 solo LPs with recordings of arias, . romance, . Russian and Soviet songs, . starred in three music films, . is a regular guest on radio and television,

And as a result deserved - recognition both at home and abroad. He was awarded the honorary title of People's Artist of USSR (1987) and Russia (1976), . Honored Artist of Russia (1976), . Honored Artist of the Kara-Kalpak Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic (1974), . title of Laureate of the RSFSR Glinka (1982), . awarded the Order of Honor "(1980),

In 1977, Leonid Smetannikov was invited to the Saratov Conservatory named Sobinov as a teacher of solo singing department, and in 1989 approved the rank of professor.

Creativity singer devoted to tens and hundreds of publications in domestic and foreign press. At home LA Smetannikova in Fershampenuaz, there is a museum, where a large section devoted to his life and work, and in Saratov there club admirers of his talent.

Lives and works in Saratov.

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Smetannikov Leonid A., photo, biography
Smetannikov Leonid A., photo, biography Smetannikov Leonid A.  People's Artist of USSR, photo, biography
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