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Suhorado Valeriy

( Director General of Corporations 'Submit'.)

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Biography Suhorado Valeriy
photo Suhorado Valeriy
Born January 28, 1941, Mr.. in Moscow. Mother - Kiritseva Alexander Alekseevna (1915 g.rozhd.). Wife - Suhorado Tatyana (1946 g.rozhd.). Daughter - Suhorado Ekaterina V..

In early childhood, little Valery gave captured German accordion, and by 6 years he learned to play by ear. Young musicians are often invited to weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. At this time, his life as a forked: on the one hand Valery felt himself a man of creative, emotional, on the other hand - the need to assist the family in the difficult postwar years.

It so happened that at the beginning of life flowed in the technical line. After grade 7 Valery entered Khimkinskiy Mechanical College (1955-1959 gg.). But here, the creative beginning to haunt. While studying in college, he created a small orchestra. Musicians had to rehearse in the basement, knee-deep in water, but: neither do for creativity.

In 1962. V. Suhorado entered the Moscow Aviation Technology Institute. Learning in the mother, mastering the technical knowledge, he was in parallel to the creative center of student life. Already in the first year B. Suhorado together with fellow, . now known writer and satirist A. Trushkin, . and V. Alekseenko and E. Koshanovym, . created the Student Theater pop miniatures, . who has actively promoted, . participated in various contests, . including the All-Union, . where the chairman of the jury was AI Raikin,
. B. Suhorado was the author of the 1 st student KVN, participated in the International Festival "Red Carnation" in Sochi, has written several miniatures for the Moscow Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. During these years he met many famous masters of the stage, . Arts, . cultural figures: the president of the International Union of KVN A. Maslyakova, . famous bard S. Nikitin, . composer Pahmutowa, . poet N. Dobronravov and other, . which it still has long term friendship,

Arriving after graduation in 1966. the factory in Khimki, V. Suhorado and there continued to be engaged in creativity. He created a satirical pop group "Eureka", which then enjoyed huge popularity in the city. Valeria noticed Komsomol workers and offered him a job in the structures of the Komsomol. Giving consent, . V. Suhorado for 15 years threw in his lot with the youth organization: initially worked as a second, . Khimkinsky first secretary of the Komsomol City Committee (1967-1969 gg.), . then secretary, . Second Secretary, . first secretary of the Moscow Regional Committee of the Komsomol (1969-1976 gg.),

In parallel with the work of the Moscow Regional Committee B. Suhorado graduated from directing department of the Moscow State Institute of Culture in 1972. was admitted to the Union of Journalists of the USSR, and in 1975. published the book "Education from an early age".

Since 1976, Mr.. professional lives V. Suhorada finally connected with the culture. In 1976. He was elected head of the department of culture of the Komsomol Central Committee (1976-1982 gg.). From the first days of study, . in which he worked, . become a "mother house" for only then emerging artists: V. Tolkunova, . V. Vinokur, . L. Leshchenko, . A. Zeromski, . D. Tuhmanova, . GM Movsesian, . LA Valley, . OA Ivanova, . L. Rumin, . E. Martynov, . N. Karachentsov, . many other famous people now,
. V. Suhorado proud of is the fact that in his office with his new works often visited Kobzon, Pahmutowa, N. Dobronravov, R. Christmas, E. Dolmatovsky, L. Derbenev, R. Gamzatov, K. Lavrov O. Tabakov, L. Kuravlev, M. Tariverdiev.

Specific life of an office functionary did not prevent the implementation of a purely creative tasks. VV Suhorado acted as a script writer and producer of concerts in honor of 17 and 18 Congresses of the Komsomol, concerts dedicated to the 60 th anniversary and 80 th anniversary of the Komsomol. He had the opportunity to conduct international festivals of song "Red Carnation", to take part in organizing the International Festival of Youth and Students. Especially memorable V. Suhoradu Festival in Havana, where he was lucky to be directed by a gala concert and carnival of the Soviet delegation.

Working in the Komsomol Central Committee he had to take part in political rallies. For example, during a trip to the U.S., he headed a group of young political leaders in a meeting with the young politicians of America. Then organized complex meetings with Governor Wallace of Alabama, Senator Edward Kennedy, as well as Henry Kissinger and other authoritative figures of the U.S..

Work in the League gave an unforgettable meeting with prominent military leaders, war heroes, astronauts, athletes ...

In 1982, Mr.. Valery Suhorado was appointed General Director of "Melody". State Enterprise "Firm" Melody ", which noted in 1999. his 35-year anniversary, a special company, a kind of natural monopoly. For many years the company 'Melody' has provided nearly 100% of the output record. For VV Suhorado appointment as head of the company has become so specific and high honor, and a considerable responsibility with all the ensuing consequences.

Over 17 years of work, Melodia "her manager had to participate in the radical transformation of technology in music production and construction of the country's first plant for the production of laser discs. His great contribution made VV Suhorado and preserving the world's artistic heritage. After all, "Melody" - is not only a home recording studio in the country, but also holds a unique archive records of outstanding masters of domestic and foreign performing arts. Here are just some of them: the legendary artists Evgeny Mravinsky, . Sviatoslav Richter, . David Oistrakh, . Mstislav Rostropovich, . Emil Gilels, . Innocent Smoktunovsky; world-famous bands: Quartet im.A.Borodina, . Red Banner of A. Alexandrov Song and Dance Ensemble of the Soviet Army, . State Orchestra of Russian Folk Instruments of the N. Osipova, pop stars: Claudia Shulzhenko, . Leonid Utesov, . Alla Pugacheva, . Edita eha, . Valery Leontiev ..,
. Together with the great Russian conductor Evgeny Svetlanov the unprecedented publication of the "Anthology of Russian Symphony Music, . covering almost all the symphonic works of Russian composers of pre-revolutionary era and occupies nearly 200 CDs,
. Unique are also issued "Melody" Complete Collected Works of Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Prokofiev.

The fate and are presented VV Suhorado friendships with remarkable people, businessmen V. Trifonov, A. Orlov, V. Mishin, G. Venhlynsky, Panchenko, N. rubble

. VV Suhorado awarded the Labor Red Banner (1976), . Friendship of Peoples (1980), . medals "For Valiant Labor" (1971), . "To commemorate the 1500 anniversary of Kiev" (1982), . as well as a diploma of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR (1983),
. In 1982, Mr.. awarded the honorary title "Honored Worker of Culture of the RSFSR".

Lives and works in Moscow.

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Suhorado Valeriy, photo, biography
Suhorado Valeriy, photo, biography Suhorado Valeriy  Director General of Corporations 'Submit'., photo, biography
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