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Uletova Galina Mikhailovna

( Honored Artist of Russia)

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Biography Uletova Galina Mikhailovna
photo Uletova Galina Mikhailovna
She was born in Arzamas region of Nizhny Novgorod Region in the family of workers. At home and among family often sounded Russian songs. Especially mentally, they were sung in the festive tables of. Father - Michael N. - was always the first accordionist in the village. Not a festival or a wedding without him dispense. Pins driver so fervently ran over the keys that you can not sing and to dance it was impossible to. Often mother - Lyubov - along with her husband took part in the auditions of amateur, which has always been the first. All childhood Galina went close with an amazing folk art. And even then crept into her dream - to be a real professional singer.

There are many twists, turns, there was a girl from the village Motovilov before she got to Moscow and entered the Music College at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory in the vocal department. Claudia Andreyevna Fortunatova - her teacher - very sensitively reacted to his pupil, has invested in the ability of a student all his knowledge, and the result is not long in coming. In 1974. Galina takes part in the All-Russia competition of entertainers, which receives a diploma, taking fourth place. The competent jury immediately noted pure, emotional response to wide-band singer song lyric. Particularly notorious was supported by professionals Yaunzem Irma, Vera Krasovitskaya and Helena Velikanova.

After the competition Galina went to work in Moskontsert. Galina appear first recordings on the radio, on records, appearances on television. Composed Murad Kazhlaev, Vladimir Miguli, Saulsky, Vyacheslav Dobrynin trust her own songs. Tours, demonstrations of arts councils, the Union of Composers allow the singer to collect interesting repertory, and once again take part in the competition for the best performance of Soviet Song in 1976 in Sochi

. First prize Galina Uletovoy gives her the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience in the concert halls of Moscow's central, . abroad, . participate in international competition in the GDR, . where she again received the award with the song Yu Saulsky "Recognition" on verses Evtushenko,
. Live performances have acquired a wide territorial range: Sakhalin, Krasnodar, BAM, Siberia, Afghanistan, Czechoslovakia, Mongolia, Finland, Japan, Laos, Vietnam, Egypt, etc.. In 80-ies. G. Uletova gained popularity in Germany, on television and radio of the GDR, she sang songs of German composers in the German language, and the audience appeared favorite hits performed by her. In 1983 she was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of Russia.

In 1985, Mr.. Galina Uletova decides to acquire a profession directed by stage and enters GITIS im.V.P.Lunacharskogo. Studying at the Institute allows the singer delve deeper into the material of singing and acting skills. The repertoire includes Russian songs, a cappella performance of ballads and. Synthesis performed her vocal works is extensive: lyrics and modern rhythms, Russian songs and romances. In each of these genres, the singer is just an image, and the content of the texts truly reflects its views on the surrounding world and the reality. Galina Uletova never allows himself to sing a song with "cheap" needful audience, words, for the sake of applause. Authors of music is not chosen only for fame, to choose for themselves the songs close to her voice and soul. She was never afraid and not afraid to take the repertoire of unknown songs - just close it. "Individuality - above all - says Galina. - It depends on how ispolnitN And the audience always understands where the revelation, and where - for the sake of success ".

Great influence on the work of Galina Uletovoy had a master songwriter, composer Mark Fradkin. With all the rigor demanded Fradkin professional singers performing his songs. Composers Diamond Monasypova Galina learned understanding of musical nuances in the song.

Numerous records were left in the fund radio, now they are called "songs of time" Retro ". But Galina Uletova constantly in. In 1987. she released a CD titled "No not fallen out of love", which included songs from the collections of radio and the latest modern recording. There were songs and poems for the singer - "I look at the world", "No Heat", "Late Autumn", "Farewell dear". Not stop her friendship with the poets: Anatoly transverse, Ina Kashezheva, Vitali Tatarinov. Decade of work in a duet with the soloist of ensemble "good youth" George Meshcheryakov led to the release of new disc "Golden Mountain". In this work included Russian folk songs and ballads in duet performance.

Recently G. Uletova pays great attention to the romance genre. Constant search for colorful, lesser-known songs, the creation of concert Solo Performances with poetry classics - A. Fet, A. Pushkin, Anna Akhmatova, Boris Pasternak, - are of great interest to the public.

All 1998. Galina Uletova performed solo concerts - a report on the grounds of Moscow under the auspices of the 25 th anniversary of creative activity. Regularly speaks on the radio at every opportunity Stores audience their new songs. It is a constant participant of the annual composer festival "Moscow Autumn", which performs songs of the leading Russian composers. Media monitors the creative life of the singer, in newspapers and magazines in her statement recorded numerous articles and notes. About Galina and many have written before, but now the article became critical in the best sense of the word. Music critic Valentine Terek, journalist Tatyana Yamshchikova, Natalia Zaslavskaya, poet Inna Kashezheva reflect her creativity in the newspapers, The Age, "" Dignity "," Moskovskaya Pravda ", magazines" Lisa "," Club "," Army and Culture. Actress Galina Moskontserat Uletova included in the encyclopedia of pop art "Moscow Estrada faces"

. Currently, the singer is working on a repertoire of songs and dreams to release the disc with the romances of modern writers on the verses of poets of the classical, . and provide in the next year the audience a new program, "I whisper your name", . which will hear the songs Contemporaries,

Lives and works in Moscow.

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  • Aate for Uletova Galina Mikhailovna
  • Galina Mikhailovna just an amazing person, always ready to help. Valued friendship and never throws the word on the wind. A bow to you, Galina Mikhailovna.
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    Uletova Galina Mikhailovna, photo, biography
    Uletova Galina Mikhailovna, photo, biography Uletova Galina Mikhailovna  Honored Artist of Russia, photo, biography
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